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Posted by Chris F | Jan 19, 2014 @ 04:01 AM | 32,668 Views
I really liked this model when it first came out but for some reason I never got it. I picked this up from a RCG'er off the "for sale" thread yesterday. It has been well put together but I was surprised it only has a 4S power system. It's a heavy model too but the guy I bought it off knows what he's doing so I'm keen to test it out.

I tested the power system and got these numbers on a 15X8 APC prop.

V - 13.67
A - 34.6
W - 473
Should give me 6 to 7 minutes motor run time.

I have put in a Rx and it's ready to go. I'll just have to find out the cg first
Posted by Chris F | Jan 17, 2014 @ 08:53 PM | 39,998 Views
This is reported to be one of the worst ARF models ever! It has even been described as a turd I've been sitting on this model for a long time now and watching the thread on it After other peoples tales of woe I have decided the time is right to make a start. With all the negative feedback about this model I haven't got high expectations, but this is surely a good thing!

Because I don't expect much from this model, and the design is obviously for a 28mm inrunner, and not an outrunner as stated by Hobby King (where I got it), I have been happy to hack away at the fuselage to route the wires outside to clear the motor. It went pretty smoothly and now I'll move onto the next problem.

Could I be the first person that's happy with the Trendy? I hope so but I won't bet money on it.

These are the components I used
Discontinued Turnigy 760kv 28mm outrunner but this one would be very similar
3 discontinued slim wing servos (one died soon after installation) and two HXT 900

The numbers for my setup with a 10X6 folding prop are:
Volts - 12.06
Amps - 21.7
Watts - 262
This should give me a safe motor run time of 2 minutes.

Flying weight is exactly 800grams.