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Posted by Atom1025 | Jul 20, 2008 @ 04:00 AM | 33,436 Views
So after everybody left a fellow named Jerry came and parked his rv next to the camper. Very nice older fellow.

He asked if I ever tried a tx tray, I said no, he says check this out and shows me this nifty little tray decked out with a Carbon Fiber decal.

I thought to myself ok that's cool but I cant afford this, He shows me how simple it is and locks it done, with that simple little velcro strap it wont budge. Ok impressive rite, it will hold most tx on the market, however there's another version for the radios with modules....

So he says go give it a shot, So I burn a few packs and I am digging this thing! First thing I notice is the super soft padded leather neck strap, Its wide but not to wide that its annoying, its perfect. As I fly I notice I am more relaxed and comfortable, I am holding the sticks not the transmitter. It feels good, I am digging it! But the whole time I am thinking man I am going to have to tell this guy how great it is then say thanks for the demo but I am broke!

So I bring it back to the table and say wow its awesome bla bla bla. Then he says glad you like it, its yours! I'm like wow!Really! He says just show your buddies and let them know where to get them. Not a problem!

So here I am showing you a very awesome product handcrafted in the good old USA by a friendly man who's trying to make peoples flying experience better. And of course to make a buck! Lets face it this hobby aint cheap!

Anyways if you fly with a neck strap the change is easy, it feels way more natural. If you hate neck straps, you'll hate this, its still a neck strap.

Oh yeah its very compact for a tray and fits neatly in my case still.

Contact Jerry, its in the last pic.
Posted by Atom1025 | Aug 03, 2007 @ 04:12 PM | 34,094 Views
So I guess each post has a "100 pictures" max limit. This is good news and bad news for me. The good news is that means I have built over 50 fully glassed Ritewings. The true number is lost in my mind somewhere but I can only recall a handful that are not pictured.....

The bad news is I have to start this new post. Sure its easy sure its not a big deal but I just want all my pictures in one post!

This has been a great experience for me thus far, I have met most of my true friends because of Ritewing, I hope the years to come remain consistent....Continue Reading
Posted by Atom1025 | Jun 30, 2007 @ 12:40 PM | 36,649 Views
It all started in october of 2006, I had CK build me a wing and it was over! It was the fastest thing I have ever flown and handled like a dream! Since then, in less then a year I have become obsessed! I am addicted to building these things! The build is extremly fun and challenging, and I don't have to worry about crushing iot with my giant clumsy hands like I would balsa. So now I have 8 builds under my belt and 4 more in process. Here are the pics of my work I will add to it as the get finished.

Here is a link to my build report for the TL50.

I will pretty much sale any wing I have so if your looking to purchase one of them shoot me a pm.

I also will do a custom build for a price....Continue Reading