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Posted by WoodyInMD | Nov 19, 2015 @ 07:58 PM | 9,113 Views
So a few months ago i crashed my Sport Cub S2. Classic case of dumb thumbs; there i was trying to fly inverted circuits of the flying field to learn a new skill and i pulled when i should have pushed.

Nett result, one detached nose (snapped right in front of the canopy), bent prop, busted spinner and cowl.

So, it's time for a rebuild. And that's always a good opportunity to upgrade....yay!

The nose was pretty easy to reattach with a good measure of FoamTac but the various crash-related wrinkles bugged me and, well, almost everyone has a red Sports Cub.

So, here's what i had laid out in my mind for the rebuild:

- repair the nose
- change the colour
- add DELight kit with custom strobes, landing lights and beacon
- add a Dr Mad Thrust 3A BEC with Rx switched 2A supply
- upgrade ESC to Castle Creation 36A
- replace prop with something a little beefier
- upgrade the landing gear to add rear 'legs'

First things first, get the fuselage back together and looking good.

First up was a few layers of 3/4oz glass cloth with minwax. Followed by a layer of medium CA (good tip from one of the builds over on the PZ Ka-8 thread). Next up some high build auto primer to try to disguise my amateur efforts with the glass cloth.

Now for the tricky decision; colour scheme. Pretty much as soon as i sketched out the standard scheme in yellow/silver and black i knew that was the direction i would be going. So let's start with the fuse first with a sport of masking.....