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Posted by Mark Wood | Feb 14, 2011 @ 11:15 AM | 84,430 Views
Those of you that use our original products are aware of the 9x12 inch original LipoSack, the 13x18 inch Large LipoSack and the 13x18 Storage and Transport models. Since the micro revolution, we have gotten numerous requests for what we now call the MicroSack. It's the familiar 9x12 inch LipoSack that has been redesigned with a closure at each end and has six 3x4 inch compartments. It is designed for storing up to 600mah single-cell batteries. Hopefully the usual LipoSack dealers will soon be carrying them such as Tower Hobbies and MaxAmps and whomever else we can talk into carrying them. Suggested retail price is $30. They really are pretty cool and would help in having a safe place to keep all those dinky batteries so many of us have lying around all over the place!

Thanks for lookin'!

Posted by Mark Wood | Dec 28, 2009 @ 08:29 PM | 86,531 Views
I really have to get my blogging under control. is still cruising along with some great distributors (Tower Hobbies, MaxAmps, Diversity Model Aircraft, Hobby Lobby and others) supporting our vision of battery safety. We've morphed into "flexible thermal protection" services with much more than the bags being manufactured and sold for other specific purposes where this type of material can be used...many of which have nothing to do with R/C. We have three products for the hobby now in the small 9x12, large 13x18 and a storage/transportation idea all of which available through your favorite dealers. Once we get through the holidays it'll be time for the AMA Expo where I get to invite a bunch of friends to fly and show off their favorite products for three days. Gotta love it! Otherwise, I've been bit by the edf bug all over again and this time I'm giving in. A foamy F-18 is on the table and I just fixed the SkyVak with a 70mm Hobby Lobby A-7 Corsair (sadly discontinued already) sitting on a shelf in the garage waiting for the Wemo Midi/2w20/4s 3300 to be installed in its turn.

Here's to 2010, a great year guaranteed for the hobby and my impending retirement as a Navy Civilian employee after 34 years. WooHoo!!

Posted by Mark Wood | Sep 09, 2007 @ 12:34 PM | 90,625 Views
A year and a half between posts. I need to be more careful with blog addiction, I guess.
There's always something going on around the Wood neighborhood and I'll share a few items...well, the ones I can remember.

The LipoSack thing is still plenty healthy in the face of copies coming from various sources. We were picked up by Hobbico a couple of months ago and Hobby Lobby also picked us up just last week. We continue to get larger orders from far and wide just as the most recent from a distributor wannabe in Warswaw, Poland. Amazing.

We sent a couple of designs to the Federal Aviation Administration recently for inclusion in their search testing for a battery risk mitigation program they are developing. Aftermarket laptop and cell phone batteries are still an issue albeit quietly.
Speaking of lipos...
I had a near miss with a cell phone battery a couple of days ago. The battery wasn't holding capacity at all so I took the battery out to inspect it. When I unsnapped the back of the phone, the cover popped off under pressure. The pack's hardcase was swollen tight with a noticable bulge front and back! I took a picture of it before I disposed of it. The store upgraded my phone (which we also found had been recalled) for nada so all's well.

The 25e UltraStick project finally turned out well. Full lighting has been used at Chula Vista and a trip to Rosarito, BC for a fly-in. It's fairly easy to keep track of but I'm dropping it from 4s to 3s with the same 12x6 prop....Continue Reading
Posted by Mark Wood | Feb 04, 2006 @ 11:13 AM | 96,333 Views
I've thought for some time to write a blog. I don't know why. Maybe for the therapy value. Maybe because I think some others might be interested in the oddball things that happen to me in my waking hours. I can't take responsibility for much between the hours of say 11pm to 5am however so don't ask and don't expect this blog to be just about flying either. There IS life after R/C, I think. In any case,

I was an Ezone moderator for around five years and had a lot of fun with it. Had to make room for health reasons so I had to resign my commission and turn in my keys to the executive washroom. That's ok. I have more time to build, fly and generally have more of a life away from the computer which is a good thing. I also got collared as the air traffic controller for the AMA convention for the forseeable future which is cool because I get a front row seat to watch the likes of Shuman, Leseberg and other fly like I wish I could, I get free admission all three days and the AMA picks up the hotel tab for me and those that help with the job. This year I had Pete Rissman (PGR) and my buddy Jason from work along and we had a great time. Not bad for giving the organizer such a hard time about safety, flight area and so on in 2004 when they first moved the event to Ontario. Something about a squeaky wheel, I suppose.

As far as the hobby is concerned I enjoy slope soaring and parkflyers which gives me pretty much unlimited opportunities to go flying especially since I live in San...Continue Reading