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Posted by TheNightowl | Feb 09, 2008 @ 01:15 PM | 21,362 Views
I said something kind of in passing on a thread where the subject of collecting kits came up in a roundabout way, and I thought it sounded good enough I would blog it.

Now, I'm a bit of a kit collector myself. But I have no intention of selling any that I have. Not until I'm in the nursing home and they won't let me keep them under my bed, that is.

I don't buy a kit just for the collector's value; I have never bought a kit of a plane I didn't intend to build. But I will buy a kit, scratch build the plane from the plans and leave the kit whole to preserve it's value to collectors. Sometimes I think I get the best of both worlds this way, building and flying the plane as was intended, but also maybe it will appreciate in value and I can leave something that my kids or grandkids might get some benefit from. I know the sentiment of people who say "These were meant to be built and flown!" But I also think that if everyone who bought a kit built it, then those old, prized kits would be much more rare and we would have few to no examples of some of the older kits to see and look at and marvel about in the museums. (Now, there's a thought. Maybe a club can set a goal of buying a kit a year or something, whether it's a Peck-Polymers pre-laser cut peanut or finding an out-of-production kit somewhere for sale, and donate them to a museum for just that purpose. So that future generations CAN see how it "used to be done" before laser cutting, micro-printed...Continue Reading