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it has bee an age since a blog idea has struck me
and it aint getting any better

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found this list of pics and military Secrets

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Electric Flight Rules of Thumb

July 1, 2004 for QuietFlyer Magazine

( Stefan Vorkoetter ) I’ve been writing this column since late 1999, and over the years, have mentioned many rules of thumb. A reader recently asked if these were all written down in one place, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do exactly that, revise some of the older ones, and see how they work together. None of these rules, used by themselves, will guarantee a good performing airplane, but taken together, they almost ensure it.
Power Systems

Probably the most used rule in the history of electric flight is one originated by well known electric flight guru Keith Shaw. The rule states that for reasonable sport performance, a plane’s power system should draw at least 40 to 50 Watts per pound (W/lb) of airplane. For good aerobatics capabilities, 70 Watts per pound is more suitable. These figures are in terms of motor input power (Watts = Volts x Amps), and assume a motor efficiency of about 75%, which was typical of a good cobalt motor when this rule was suggested. With a modern brushless motor operating at 85% or better, this can be changed to 35 to 45 W/lb for sport performance, and 60 W/lb for aerobatics.

Rules of Thumb:

Another early electric flight rule is that the power system (propeller, gearbox, motor, speed control, and battery) should account for about 50% of the total ready-to-fly weight of the aircraft. This rule, based on...Continue Reading


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FPV goggles are way pricey
trying to do a diy box to use with a remote truck to start with
then get it on a plane ..

got the boscam 200mw system vtx vrx and a cheap camera
hope its not a total waste of time
anyone in the mpls area playing with fpv?
that would let me come over and see how things should work let me know>>
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a mess of photos I took while at the Duth MN AirShow


Hope you can Enjoy

notice some odd planes ...Gannet...F15...T34... T45 variant..B25 C47
PBY others
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The story goes like this ...
as a kid on the farm in s.e. mn we heard the few occasional sonic booms
this was in the early to late 60s
I was young but still had chores and a BB gun...
one of the Jobs I was to do was kill /trap some of the Rats that plagued the
chicken coup ... a not so small building that housed the couple of horses we had and
a few chickens ... now we had one of the tallest silos in the county and
it had stark white lip around the top ...
we had seen more than a few f86 jets come from west to east
at moderately low level swing around and head N.E. from our general area...

now that day( spring 66 perhaps )
I had decided to stake out the roof of the coup and shoot rats as they tried to go from the
small hog feeder building to the east of the chicken coup into the coup as the day got hot...
so sitting quiet I see movement but then nothing............
but I can hear /feel a rumble ...turning around I see a large spec E.S.E of me
coming fast .......

OMG its tree top level I see it thru the trees on our property line
I move to the very top of the coup ...its coming right at me !!!
It dips in near wing I can see a guy wearing what looks like a hose into a helmet
( I had no idea pilots wore those back then)

I was so excited I lifted my BB gun over my head and started to jump up and down
and wave ......
I saw that he saw me as his head moved just a bit to his left as he flew by...
he could not have been more than 80 yards perhaps 50 as...Continue Reading
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The three best things in life are a good landing, a good orgnism,
and a good bowel movement.

The night carrier landing is one of the few opportunities in life where you get to experience all three at the same time.

just caught me as funny
and stirred a faint memory of my first successful RC solo Flight


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Find the Mig .....


flown at the MN ANG
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Dakota Park 1st Flight (3 min 47 sec)

got an #808 key chain camera first try to use it above...

not sure what version not from approved sites ..10$ payed
good enough just wanted to try it not spending 45$ for a lark ...
dog was funny, watched intently until I was ready to fly then left.......
how does he know when to leave ?
how does he know to go under the tree?
the flight was lots calmer and better than the vid would lead one to believe.
( dog not with standing)
this could be fun ...as larks go ...

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So just got this boat ....50 bucks in good shape and less esc only
sooo ... wheres the hop ups????????
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Imagine my surprise ......

Blog entry 10-1-11 12.45 am
I'm on my way to do some errands and after that stop in at one of the
local fields **ACRC 2011 Fall Fly & 2nd Annual Pig Roast**
************Open Flying to All AMA Members. No Landing Fees for Pilots All RC Aircraft types are welcome. Warbirds, Aerobatic, Helis, Combat, etc... ACRC is located just north of County Rd. 22 and Hwy 65 (east side of 65).Mpls MN Pilots meeting at 10 AM********

I Look up as I sit at the light and think I see a mig15
now Im 10 miles from the field and know that there are non other in the area
and the only air field is Anoka airport ......But that looks like a mig or perhaps a f86 ( its a longways off ) but as it turns and burns
the swept wings are clearly visible...................wtfrak..............
ok must be sleeping behind the wheel its noonish time for a nap.
no,,,, go to pig roast nothing says wakeup like a grease soaked
bun of pig junk......ok,, full and awake.... nice bunch of warbirds
but no jets.....head home.....Oh look there is the anoka airport entrance .
its open ... wave at the guard... go on in .....
find a groupe of guys talking over by the gas and fbo....
Ask the following question.......Hey, I'm trying to assure myself Im not crazy,
but did any of you guys see a Mig 15 fly by about an hour or two ago?
{long pause} ...............................
Really long Pause.....................................
You mean Joe lgynpoiujtb and his mig?
yeah he was out....landed a bit ago and was not looking happy......
why ?

long pause ........................uh ....
no reason, just wanted to get a better look at the plane ...thanks

Who Knew ??????????? and Im not crazy .......yet
end blog entry 10-10 -11
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3 for 1 against RC FPV


two identical planes for some perspective...
note antennas on right wing for video to pilot .


Chicken or Black Sheep (3 min 32 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Fun R/C quotes

Hobby rationalization lesson 1 - $5.25 for a burger king combo
meal is a “rip off”;
$399.99 for a GY601 is “worth every penny”.

A heli’s worst enemy…..the occasional burst of gravity.

The difference between an experienced pilot and a beginner is that the experienced pilot
knows how much the crash is going to cost him 3 feet before impact,
but the beginner doesn’t know till he gets home and adds it all up.

If God wanted us to fly, He would have given us more money!

“Clear the runway.. I have an idea!”

If your not crashing, your not trying hard enough.

I’d rather be a lucky pilot than a good pilot!

When failure is not an option, success can get expensive.

Planes are for people who can’t fly helicopters…

You start with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of experience,
hopefully you fill up the experience bag before running the bag of luck empty.

Helicopter pilots are broad eyed introverts, anticipators of trouble…
They know if something bad hasn’t happened, it’s about to.

There I was, out of altitude, airspeed, and ideas…

Sure you can try it, for a nominal deposit of $2500.

It can fly as fast as your wallet is deep.

I spend half my salary on R/C Helicopters. The remaining i waste.

The best pilot…… is the one that is having the most fun.

I think cocaine would have been a cheaper hobby.

If it flies backwards inverted AND mows the lawn… it must be an RC helicopter.

Why panic? It’s going to crash...Continue Reading
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- Airplane Stories -
The McGregor Episode: Here's a true story about airplanes. By the way, jokes about airplanes are called Airplane Stories. (pilots aren't that great at making up names for stuff).

This story wasn't at all amusing to me, but I was so desperate to think of something funny to fill my Jokes 'n' FunStuff e-zine sections, I was willing to open up some personal pain and suffering in the hopes it would cause a giggle or two. So here it comes.
~ ~ ~
Along the South Shore of Maui is a place marked on the chart as McGregor Point. On approach or departure, pilots often radio Maui Tower that they're over McGregor. To local pilots, this is not a much-loved place...and certainly less so by me! Here's why...

At about 3000 feet, apparently an air mass rolling down the mountains crashes into an air mass coming up from the ocean causing a nasty thing called a wind shear--and it's in clear air so there's nothing visible to dodge. In a small plane (the only kind I'm allowed to fly) when you hit this place, an airplane will point in directions not recommended
by the manufacturer.

I was alone in a little Piper Cherokee bound for Honolulu and had just reported "McGregor." I was longing for a cup of the steamy-hot coffee I had in a thermos, and since it was smooth as glass, I decided (stupidly) to pour a cup to slurp while I droned along. I let the little airplane fly itself and poured a steaming cup right to the brim.Suddenly...Crash!!! Bang!!!... the...Continue Reading
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Building an electrostreak with a scratch built wing
with 10-24sq inches more area. std wing also to be used.
trying to find the smallest/lightest possible motor / battery combo
to fly with and still have a good std flyable EStreak
zeroing in on 160 -220 watts with lipo and brushless.
( to be honest my friend builds I just fly and spend $ on the balsa)
I do buld but not w/balsa
plan std in wood only is 14oz
have light covering and ht 85 servos E6 futaba rx will build w 2 aileron svos
to take advantage of 6ch radio/ maybe only one for std and two for float???


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attempt at being funny failed