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Posted by VF-Alpha | Jan 15, 2016 @ 07:18 PM | 14,903 Views
So I want a long range plane like the twin star 2 , But bigger and more efficient. So i took a sketch from the side of a twinstar 2 i made some many months ago and decided to make it bigger. more glider like and have plenty f room.At the time of posting i've spent 3 days going from a sketch to the 3D model. the wings have yet to be designed and are just a basic representation. I designed the cockpit to be enclosed, it can be made with lexan glass much like plexi-glass completely transparent. it has very little curve to it so its easy to make. keeping the camera(s) out of the slipstream. I haven't gotten flow simulation down or how to use XFLR5 But I'm pretty sure this plane would fly wonderfully. since my CNC isnt big enough to make molds I think I will build the prototype from wood. The span is set to 3.5 meters and 1.650 long ( 137.97 inch span 64.96 long) There is still a lot of work to be done on it's design. I decided on a lower wing to be able to give it some more maneuverability, and that the roll and pitch would be exactly below the IMU sensors. it's also possible to design the wing or nacelle with retracts, a little added weight but much cleaner aerodynamics. which to me is more important since I'm designing this plane to be able to handle more than enough weight. there are many planes used for fpv but none that I like perfectly as they are, they all require some kind of modification. So that is the point of this project/idea, To make a perfect frame that...Continue Reading