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Posted by RacerPaul | Jan 05, 2012 @ 06:49 PM | 37,948 Views
Clipped Wing Cub - Possibly The World's Greatest Airplane!

This article and much more can be viewed at www.paulshobbyhangar.blogspot.com
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Updated Cub Blog Post:

This article and much more can be viewed at www.paulshobbyhangar.blogspot.com

Piper Cub... The Worlds Best Airplane! AND Some Piper Cub Swag!
From AirPigz.com

Click this Piper Cub screenshot to see an awesome video of aviation perfection
I got an email today from a friend with a link to this Piper Cub video from Sleeping Dog Productions... wow, these guys have done a really great job capturing the essence of the Cub. So it was an easy decision to let y'all know about their work. Click either of these two screenshots to go directly to the video on their website. (lots of other great vids there too)
This video does a lot to help explain the kinds of things I've shared over the last two years about what makes the Cub so special. All of my Cub time is actually in a 90hp Clip Wing version, but everything that makes a full span Cub so fabulous is still there in the short wing conversion... and then some in my estimation.
Seeing the joy that people experience in the Cub is exactly why I think we need a real Cub revolution in America. We need lots of flight schools all over the country teaching people to fly in simple, cheap-to-operate original J-3 Cubs that cost $50,000 or less, and that's in good enough shape to work their tail off. With super-low operating costs and more smiles-to-the-hour than any Cessna 150 could ever deliver, a Cub revolution could inject the big missing element in modern General Aviation... pure passion for the simple beauty of flight.
Maybe it's just me, but modern LSA's just can't inspire the same love for flying that a 1940's yellow Cub can. So I'm still hoping someone will spark a nostalgic revolution of authentic Cubs that are affordable, beautiful, and most of all - a perfect joy to fly.