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Posted by ServoCity | Aug 01, 2014 @ 02:33 PM | 12,179 Views
Recently we had the opportunity to share a story in Robot Magazine, about a company we find inspiring and are honored to have worked with on different projects.

It’s always encouraging to learn about companies that are harnessing robotic technology to better the lives of others. Richardson Products, Inc. is a medical equipment company that is going above and beyond to serve their customers, and we’ve been honored to work with them over the last several years. The company is a family owned and operated business that manufactures and distributes high quality home medical equipment. The owner, Richard Richardson, is described by his employees as a man of extreme integrity – and their company mission is a reflection of his core values.

Robert Rossi is the head of the electrical engineering department at Richardson Products and he is supported by Chris Daley and John Reinbold. Together they design and build innovative products that have a significant positive impact on the assistive technology field. They manufacture a variety of different robots, trays, seats, electronics, and specialized powered devices.

One of the robots manufactured by Richardson Products is a device called the Meal Buddy – a robotic arm feeding system (pictured above). The base of the system is a ServoCity bottom mount gearbox (SPG785A-BM) with full metal gears and 915 oz-in of torque. This robust base unit provides a panning motion allowing the...Continue Reading