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Posted by verticalspark | Dec 26, 2016 @ 04:19 PM | 5,858 Views
So for christmas my wonder wife bought me a Radian XL. I was very excited to get to fly it and I miss my original radian very much. So today I decided to go flying and have a bit of fun. I got to my flying spot and it was windy, very very windy but I was going to try anyway. I started to try to fly the Fokker DR1 first. It was getting enough lift on the ground with no power that it wanted to take off without power. So I throttled up, it made it all of about 15 feet off the ground before the wind took it, the wing stalled and it hit the ground. So I tried again with the same result so I gave up and went to the radian.

So I found the problem with flying a large wingspan bird after flying small wingspan birds for so long, depth of view. I was coming in for another landing and I though I was significantly closer than I was and I ended up in the top of a tree at Holmes. The wind started to pick up and the whole bird started to lift out of the tree top so I went full throttle and as it was coming out the tail caught and proceeded to slam the radian back in and broke the whole nose off. After climbing the tree I managed to get it out and it slammed into the ground fracturing the entire fuselage all the way back to wing saddle. And to top it off I fell out of the last 10 feet of the tree. Been a hell of a day, going to drink a few beers.

Posted by verticalspark | Dec 24, 2016 @ 08:56 PM | 6,634 Views
So the other day I wasnt thinking and I put my Accucel-6 on top of my field battery. Wouldnt have been so bad except that it touched both battery posts and fried the dang thing. Still starts up but now it wont charge so I swapped over to my other Accucel-6 and am currently planning on how to make it a little more "Less failure prone."

I finished building the FliteTest Fokker DR1 the other day and its pretty fun build. Its not overly complicated but I did manage to burn myself only one time . Looks somewhat decent and I imagine it flies great but as for now its benched till I get some free time. Only real thing it needs is a black prop to make me happy. I plan on seeing if I can get some guns 3D printed and install some FPV gear to make it a little more fun.