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Posted by verticalspark | Jan 20, 2011 @ 12:24 AM | 5,259 Views
So in the last 20ish days a lot of things have happened but most of them happened in the last week. As some of you know I keep a healthy stock of random parts/motors/ESCs and other things that I have upgraded or bought really cheap to have around just in case. Well at work my boss traded me a Traxxas Nitro Sport, 2 tool boxes full of parts, 2 extra motors and a couple of bodies for a 18amp E-flite ESC. It just need a little TLC and about $30 worth of parts that I am currently awaiting. When it gets back together I plan on selling it for around $90 RTR just need fuel.

And today somebody brought in a S-Maxx, nitro rustler and a box full of parts that he wanted to sell for $100. Apparently he got them last year, ran them once and put them up and now wanted to get rid of them. I looked them over to check his story and sure enough not a scratch on them apart from a little rust on the S-Maxx. As the engines were "frozen" I offered him $80 and he took it and left me with 2 more vehicles that I shouldn't have. Two hours of work later and both of them are running and ready to sell

A while back I destroyed a E-flite extra 260 foamie and have been looking for a replacement airplane. At work we had a Electrifly Pluma and I decided to pull the trigger and buy it. I stripped the Extra 260 and am waiting to build the pluma. I want to fly inside mostly and outside some so I'm gonna stick with the park 370 (slightly larger then the recommended 300). To compensate a little for the added weight I'm going to go with a Thunder Power Pro-Lite V2 480mAh 3s so the final weight will be just a tad heavier than the recommended weight for indoors so it will handle outdoors as well.

And for anyone keeping count other than myself, 27 days and counting before Im boxed up and shipped to basic training. But until then I will be doing my best to lose weight, build muscle and have some fun.