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Posted by verticalspark | Mar 31, 2010 @ 02:20 AM | 4,108 Views
Long story short my radio got turned off before my typhoon 2 was unplugged and it decided to take off into a fence. Broke the firewall, the cowl and bent the main shaft. Well my parts came in today as well as my new gorilla pod off of ebay . I can now take videos without having to have a camera man, they wont be as good but I can get some none the less.

I have been looking for a new plane to buy so I can have some fun and I think after some searching I have found one. I happened upon the ElectriFly Rifle, a sport pylon racer that hasnt come out yet but loos really good. Here is a link to the ElectriFly Rifle website and here is a link to Tower hobbies. It has a list price of $109.99 for a ARF but will break 90mph with the recommended hardware. Of course I plan on putting a little more then the recommended hardware on this thing if I get it
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 29, 2010 @ 04:12 PM | 3,463 Views
typhoon 2 compilation (3 min 16 sec)

Onboard Jato 3.3 (1 min 55 sec)
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Posted by verticalspark | Mar 22, 2010 @ 05:05 PM | 4,120 Views
Finally! my key chain camera arrived today in the mail straight from Hong Kong. I have to say its a little smaller then I though it was going to be, I was thinking regular key fob size but its a hair smaller than that. My first impression of this little camera is that it looks like its going to be a tough little camera. And I have to say that is a good thing because of the places I plan on putting it to take video. I dont have any picture of it yet because I got it on my way to work but I will post some when I home. I found the picture resolution isnt that great but its the video quality that really matters and its about if not better then my FlyCamOne2. Here is a sample video and pics that I took at work....Continue Reading
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 21, 2010 @ 08:50 PM | 3,495 Views
Like some of us out there I never had a hobby knife, I just used my old folding razor knife and it worked for a while. I didn't want to go out and buy a single hobby knife but I found a set at Ace Hardware down the street and I couldnt resist. It was $19.99 for this set including a nice wooden box that has a latch that will hold is close. It come with 3 knifes and a set of 10 assorted blades. Not a bad buy considering the price of buying all of them separately.
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 18, 2010 @ 01:47 AM | 3,721 Views
Finally Got a new user name for youtube so I can start to upload videos

Check back from time to time on my account because chances are there will be new videos. That is there will be lots more if I can get a decent upload speed.
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 16, 2010 @ 06:34 PM | 3,510 Views
The weather finally cleared up and I got over being sick so it was time to play! Travis fixed his Cybermaxx and I got the jato running, I got the Hyperion 240 batteries in the UM Sukhoi and I have all the batteries for the Typhoon 2.

Lets start with the trucks, The jato is NUTS! Its wayyy to fast for regular streets and the breaks suck. Travis can beat me with his Tmaxx in a race only because I cant slow down!

The sukhoi is now a heavy flier with the 240 instead of the little 120 and 160s. It doesent seem to be more powerful but it sounds just like a actual plane now at WOT. The Typhoon 2 is just strange to fly for me because I havent flown a 3D plane before and it is just different.

BTW, the Zippy Flightmax 1800mAh 20C 3s just took 2018mA so they are well worth waiting for from hobbyking.
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 12, 2010 @ 06:40 PM | 3,804 Views
well I just got my shipment of lipos from hobbyking. 3 1800 3s for my Typhoon 2, now for it to quit raining. I also ordered a key chain camera so I could get some video from the plane and jato. The pics are comparing a thunder power 2100 2s, Zippy FlightMax 1800 3s and a Mega Power 2100 3s
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 11, 2010 @ 01:43 PM | 3,615 Views
Why does the weather always seem to be the worst after you get a new toy to play with?
I think it has happened to everyone, you get all excited that you are going to get a new toy. You drive to the LHS knowing your getting something new, or a big package comes in the mail or you buy it from somebody you know. No matter how it happens you get excited to have a new toy and the day will be perfect. Most of the time you will get it and drive home to put it together and something will come up and you will have to put it off till the next day. Well you get up and finish whatever kinda toy it is only to find the weather has a different idea. If you have a new plane you will walk outside only to find that the wind blowing so hard it seems almost unnatural. Same goes with cars, trucks, and boats, you look out the window only to find that the 15% chance of rain was actually a inbound hurricane.
I have a solution, pack all your stuff (trucks, boats and planes) and go buy a sail boat. I have seen guys playing with their sail boats in water that has white caps and they were having fun. The worst thing that could happen to guys that have sail boats is a beautiful day with no wind. So what do you do when you get to the pond or lake and that happens? Unpack the back of your vehicle and play with all of your other toys
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 10, 2010 @ 03:32 PM | 3,622 Views
So I bought a Jato 3.3 off of craigslist yesterday for $200. I got a bunch of stuff that came with it like a new engine, extra sets of tires, tool box, manual, radio, EZ start wand, and lots of extra parts, not bad in my opinion. Well Got it home and tried to break in the engine and it wouldnt turn over. Did he put the one way in bss aackwards? yup. Changed that and it started with no problem. We noticed lots of slop in the front end steering and the rear right driveshaft was really wore out. Time for a trip to the LHS while it burns through the first tank of gas. $14.65 later I walked out with new bushings and a new rear drive shaft. Got back to my buddys house and it was time to eat so I let it run through tank 2 and 3 while eating. Replaced the rear diff fluid with some 50K, swapped out drive shafts, the front bushings and the sway bars. Today right before it started to rain I wanted to play with it so I did. Turns out that it launches good when the street is nice and dry, not so much when its wet . The dish of the day: Donuts! And this jato likes to do donuts so much that if you so much as touch the steering wheel when accelerating you just lost control of it. Well I tried to talk travis into going down to the park while it was wet and swapping a set of street tires for a set of pins so we could play in the sand at the baseball field. He said "No!", o well, I tried...
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 08, 2010 @ 06:04 PM | 4,812 Views
Several years ago I bought Revo 3.3 from my LHS and liked it so much that I started to work there. For several years I bought and traded used cars until I got tired of nitro. Then about a year ago I sold my Revo 3.3 to a guy that I had become friends with while working at my LHS so I could get started in helicopters. So I traded my revo for a CP pro and I loved my helicopter until I realized that there was a lot of radio interference where I live and that caused it to crash several times. So I fixed it and sold it to someone who was looking for one and bought my first plane. After building my Slow Stick and armed with my FM radio I flew bravely into world of planes, then a tree shortly thereafter. Despite several climbs into trees and crashes I continued to fly planes and was loving every minute of it. Then disaster stuck, the LHS I had worked at closed down and I was out of a job, so I to cheer myself up I went out bought a DX6i, some batteries and a Parkzone Radian and a Parkzone UM sukhoi. The Radian, now there is a plane that everyone could enjoy flying. Climb to a couple hundred feet, cut the motor and glide around for hours. I decided to put some LEDs on it and do some night flying. That was awesome until the wind decided to act like a little kid. It wanted it so it took it from me and never gave it back. After much searching and many phone calls it was not to be found. I am convinced somebody found it, but as long they are enjoying as much as I was I don't mind. The...Continue Reading
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 07, 2010 @ 02:40 AM | 3,411 Views
So I got my deans connectors on the typhoon 2 today between shifts. I got all my linkages set up as well as the Dual rates programed into the DX6i. Now I have to wait for some time off during the day where its calm for the maiden flight
Posted by verticalspark | Mar 05, 2010 @ 08:37 PM | 3,524 Views
So some of you know that I lost my radian in high winds just the other day Well the only way to get over losing one plane it to replace it with another

I bought a Parkzone Typhoon2. I have a micro sukhoi that I love doing aerobatic maneuvers with so I decided to take it to a whole new level with a purpose build aerobatic plane. I have 2 problems with this plane so far.
1. The SFG (Side Force Generators) were a pain to put on. There are holes already in the structure to allow for the SFG brackets to mount threw and little dots that tell you where they are. The dots were in the wrong place it the brackets took forever to put in.
2. The EC3 plug. This is actually my issue because I knew they came with the plug but I am strictly a Deans plug person and Im out and cant swap them out. So tomorrow I have to pick up another set so I can swap the EC3 plug out. Because of this I couldn't set up the plane, I put it together but couldn't set it up.
I know I said there was 2 but I have to add one more.
3. The battery. Another personal problem but I dont have the right size battery. Every plane I have has either a battery that is too large or too small. So I hit up hobbyking and ordered 3 batteries RUSHED! I cant have a nice new airplane sitting around and not be able to fly it

Other then those few things, so far so good. I will post a mini review when I get it up in the air and try a few things with my limited aerobatic skill.