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Posted by grouchy1 | May 21, 2006 @ 02:51 PM | 4,263 Views
D'oh! This is a screw up My complete blog is here
Posted by grouchy1 | May 21, 2006 @ 09:05 AM | 4,030 Views
They call me the "Grouchy1", Grrr. I started flying nitro planes about 1990/91. Started the change to electric about 7 years ago with a PicoTiger Moth and PicoStick, and now I'm all electric.
I test flew my new Cox micro P-47 today. it flew pretty good. It's all stock except for a 450mAh, 2 cell lipo. My currant fleet consists of the micro warbird P-47,an Electrify miniSlinger; a GWS Formosa, Zero, C-47(4sale); Mr Lin Magician, here's a video, ; a Red's Hobbies Miss Hanger1 flying hydro, a HL flat foam Yak, a BP 32" Extra flat foamy, a miniSuper Sportster, a Potensky Cobra; working on converting a wet, .30 size Gee Bee to electric; ! Here's a photo of the back of my car on a recent trip to the field.

Here's a photo of my slinger in flight.