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Posted by Kilroy96 | Aug 19, 2013 @ 08:54 AM | 8,480 Views
so im in the midst of building a 50cc slick and i had some jr servos however i really like hitec's service and their stuff and i have hitec 7955TG servos in my extra 330 sc and they are AMAZING. i am in the midst of looking for some right now but by far, servo city has the best price. im not talking by like 5$ a servo but whereas these things go for 120, servo city sells them for 93$! for 333oz of torque and a speed like .16 per sec at 6.0V a servo for 93$ is a STEAL. it also can be run directly off of a 2 cell lipo giving it a speed of about .19 in/sec and a torque of about 400 oz. overall an amazing servo for an amazing price! go servo city!!!!
Posted by Kilroy96 | Jul 31, 2013 @ 09:51 AM | 6,185 Views
sorry for the late updates, i just came back from a month of flying fun and sun in phoenix AZ. i have been flying with the sun valley flyers in phoenix and i really need to say what a great club that is. the people are kind, the facility is top notch and is without doubt one of the best flying feilds out there. i unfortunately couln't bring any of my big stuff out there however i was able to fly a parkzone t-28, generously lent to me by a club member and a dear friend jim whitney. it was only after 2 weeks of flying that i realized i should put a camera in it. i stuck my ipod in it and got some cool videos and nice pictures. now that i am back i am gearing up for flying events and looking forward to NEAT, hopefully i will be doing a demo there so keep a lookout for the remnants of an extra 330sc being picked up off the field. until then happy flying and soft landings.

here are some of the pictures from the plane as well as a video link:
onboard footage of my parkzone t28 (5 min 16 sec)

Posted by Kilroy96 | Jun 30, 2013 @ 10:57 AM | 6,071 Views
well, needless to say, this morning of flying was action packed. i got everything squared away on my yak and she took off beautifully. about 200 ft out though i experienced something strange. at first i thought it was nothing but a rouge gust of wind but as i went into a turn i realized that there was something wrong. its at this point the video cuts off (my dad got scared and hit stop for some reason), however the planes esc went into failsafe and i began loosing thrust. as the radio came back i was heading twoards the ground about 100 feet out and gunned it into a vertical line, i spun her around quick and put her into a soft landing (landing gear actually held up this time) and i got her back in perfect shape. needless to say i was a little shaken up and will be taking this up with horizon. i was flying spektrum but it was dsm2 so i think i will be switching to dsmx. i had however been having a problem which maybe someone could have an answer too. when i turn on my transmitter and then my receiver the light on the rx and sat is a solid orange. however if i turn it off without turning my transmitter off and then turn it back on, the satelite will blink. i don't know what that's about but i think its why the interference occurred. well that's about it, hopefully i will fly her again before i leave for Arizon (about a week and a half) and have better results. as always good luck and happy flying


here is the video on you tube:

QQ yak 54 second flight (0 min 43 sec)

Posted by Kilroy96 | Jun 22, 2013 @ 08:46 PM | 6,140 Views
hey guys, unfortunately i didn't get a video of my yak however i had a great maiden. i was able to taxi around quite nicely with the large wheels however the 20x8 prop had about only an inch of ground clearance so i was a little wary of prop strike. as i powered her up i pulled into a nice shallow ascent and had a really nice solid 1st turn. the plane flew extraordinarily well, unfortunately i didn't get to do anything too crazy but i did a few rolls and she handled them very well. i did a loop and she did fall out a little, possibly due to her nose heavy tendencies but nonetheless the rest of the flight was relaxing and the plane flew really true and was really slippery. it was then time to come in for a landing. i didn't realize however that she had such a glide rate and afraid that i was going to land in the high weeds at the end of my runway, forced her down. the gear broke off and fortunately didn't go through the wing, however the prop did hit the ground and bent the motor mount a bit. by the time i have uploaded this i will have probably finished the repairs and hopefully i will be able to put a video up for the second flight. until then, see ya i will try to put up some pix of the repair also
Posted by Kilroy96 | Jun 20, 2013 @ 07:22 PM | 7,246 Views
hey guys, so i picked up a 73 inch somenzini yak54 at the WRAM show with my prize money (i won best in junior category) and i finally finished her! i got a deal on the airframe which was a little beat up but for 125$ it was a great deal! i did a little cosmetic work, restored the wheel pants, cleaned the cowl out and strengthened a couple of areas but overall she was in good shape. the only major problem that i came across was that the guy had bent the landing gear a crazy amount. one wing was sitting 6 inches higher than the other off the ground because of the bend in the gear. i straightened it out and stuck the wheel pants on with a setup of a screw and zipties acting as wheel collars. also i had to completely overhaul the tail wheel, it had a strange overly complex setup that i had to rip out and take the strut and re bend it i then replaced the wheel ( it was more of an oval than a circle) and she tracked straight as an arrow. finally to spruce her up i did some decal work and since i couldn't find the somenzini decals i just used the great planes ones, Finally after the airframe was to my liking i started with electronics. after haggling i ended up with an axi 5330/18 with a jeti opto 90 amp speed controller. the next issue cam in at about this point, the great planes large motor mount that i purchased did not have the same bolt pattern as the axi motors, i ended up just drilling out the motor mount and enlarging the holes allowing the motor to fit in perfectly. with...Continue Reading