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AGFRC 5g metal gear version B05CLS is available now, fully upgrade from plastic gear, perfect for 1/28 RC Cars, Robot, EPP E3P Airplane Indoors, Mini RC Drone Aircraft Helicopter.
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The C05CLS is our hot selling products, and we got requirements that if we can make C05CLS at metal gear version.
Here it comes, the 5g metal gear micro servo for the small RC hobbies.
It will be stronger and more durable!

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High performance coreless motor
Fast and accurate Digital servo
Compact size and light weight
Reliable and strong metal gears

Specification of B05CLS

Operating Voltage: 3.6-6.5 V

Operating speed:
0.085sec/60° @ 4.8V
0.075sec/60° @ 6.0V

Stall Torque:
0.9 kg-cm (12.5 oz-in) @ 4.8V
1.0 kg-cm (13.9 oz-in) @ 6.0V 

Motor type: Coreless
Gear type: Copper
Size: 21.3*11.5*17.6mm (0.84 x 0.45 x 0.69 in)
Weight: 8g 
Connector Wire: JR 150 mm 28AWG

More Product info, please check here

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For a long time, I had been flying my Blade 150S every morning before work, and quite a lot of crash damage had built up. Eventually, I drove the heli into the grass tail first, which snapped the tail fin and chewed up the tail rotor. Surprisingly, the 150S was still flyable though it was no fun to do so. Meanwhile, my backup 150S had at least a bent feathering shaft, maybe more. So, yeah, it was time for some repairs!

After having gone through quite a few stock tail fins and tail rotors, and a pile of stock shafts, I decided to give a Microheli tail unit a try. I also threw a hardened steel feathering shaft into my backup 150S. I have some titanium main shafts ready to go, but I was surprised to find neither of my main shafts were bent ... this time. In the following video, I maiden these parts and briefly discuss my impressions. These parts are available through Microheli and NextRC at the links below.

A Navigator2011 Review - Blade 150S with a Microheli Tail (7 min 26 sec)

Aluminum Carbon Fiber Tail Motor Mount w/ Fin set

Plastic 3 Blade Propeller 65mm Tail Blade (ORANGE)

Hardened Steel Feathering Shaft

Solid Titanium Main Shaft/Collar set
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In this video I took my HBX Hailstorm (18858) out to the park for a speed run and some bashing! The HBX rc cars are amazingly strong and I really like them!
The top speed was a bit disappointing in comparison to my speed run last year!

Please visit my website!


GOTECK GS-9025MG 9g MG90 Metal Gear Servo:
RC 2435 KV4800/4500/3300 4P Sensorless Brushless Motor with 25A Brushless ESC for 1/16 1/18 RC Car Off Road Truck

Hobbywing QuicRun WP-16BL30 Brushless Speed Controller 30A RC Car ESC + 2435 4500kv motor+ programe card

SHOCKS: (make sure you get 4 of the same length)
Hydraulic Metal Front Rear Shock:

HBX 18858 1886 18857 Drive Shaft Metal:


HBX Hailstorm (18858) brushless upgrade, speed run and bash! (9 min 28 sec)

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Video from this weekend's slope event at Hermanus, South Africa. Thank you Peter for putting the video together.

L39's PE Airforce (4 min 52 sec)

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Hi! I am TOTALY NEW to RC and Electronics AND BLOGGING!!!
I am disabled and can't mow grass any longer and have seen Radio Controlled Mowers, but cannot figure out how to build one because I know Nothing about electronics!
I am looking for a parts list and how to wire it together to make the lawnmower work with me setting using the RC.
I am Mechanically Inclined, so I can put the parts together, just not electronic savvy!
If anyone can give parts list and how to wire, I would be very appreciative!
Disabled Mower
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Instructor over ride instructions

From page 227 of iX12 manual but applies to any talking DX transmitter.

Tips: fly the model with the student’s transmitter first. Trim her out so the first flight can be easy with hands off whether it be SAFE On or Off. Land and export the student’s settings on to an SD card so that the Instructor transmitter has the same settings. Import the settings into the Instructor transmitter. Insert an IP after the model name (to designate which is master) and proceed to System Setup.....Trainer..... and Wireless Trainer. Push on the Inhibit box so that it flashes and roll once to the right. You will see the box “Programmable Master” flashing. Press once to stop the flashing and scroll down to the box labeled Switch I. Now switch I is the old fashion 1980 method. Your finger will get tired of pushing the button all the time and a dent will be put into your finger pad. Use the technology! Press on the I switch box so it blinks and toggle a switch. I use the A switch because it is a two position switch that is easy to locate (at the top left corner). The audio will be set up automatically “Instructor has control” or “Student has control”. However if you use a 3 position switch (position C2 for example) you will not hear anything. You can leave this as mystery to figure out inflight or spend about 5 minutes going into the Digital Switch menu to change the numbers and then going into Custom Voice Events and finding the phrase in...Continue Reading
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3" Micro FPV build (Pygmy Rattler frame) with hydro dipped snakeskin
17:40 minute flight times (on a LiPo not a Li Ion)!

Parts List:
Frame: TMac FPV Pygmy Rattler 3" Hybrid Frame
Flight Controller/ESC: BetaFPV Toothpick F4 20A V3
AirbladeUAV 1404 2500 Kv Motors (high-efficiency for extended flight times and/or long range)
GPS Module: Matek SAM M8Q
Receiver: TBS Crossfire Nano with TBS Immortal T Antenna
Video Transmitter: Flywoo Nano VTX (25, 50, 100, 200, 450 mW)
VTX Antenna: Lumenier AxII 2 (UFL)
FPV Camera: Caddx Baby Ratel Camera
Buzzer: Lucky Box Buzzer, self-powered, programmable for alarm up to 12 hours
Battery GNB 4S 1100 mah 50C LiPo
39-second build video
Micro FPV Drone Build (LESS THAN 60 SECONDS!) #shorts (0 min 40 sec)

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Well its been a long long journey and so many people have contributed to this model with information, private Pms and just friendly RCG support.
The late John Martin was always there in the thread just saying hello, providing support and as always great advice, God Rest His Soul !
To recap.
A buddy mine Paladen ( Joe ) allowed me to buy this model from him at a great deal !
He was flying it with a G62 and some major nose weight, every typical of the short nose WW2 birds, FW190, Zero ect.
‘Knowing I was planning to fly this on epower I knew I had a long journey to conversion and due to the models size, I also asked on RCG if I should even consider the bash.
The comments were a resounding yes, so I took on the project.
Simple recap
First the demolition.
Remove the airtanks, gas engine box, original servos in the tail, non -functioning retracts, and center support stock ply wood.
Removed all the 2/25 rods, replaced with 4/40 steel rods.

Repairs /bash -wings
First the cowl was patched with Fliteskin-, +an epoxy mix , sanded and repainted.
Rebuilt the wheel well, added RC Skyite struts, Williams brother wheels and gear door legs.
Fiberglassed the retract supports and base, scratch built the retract doors with clearance for a grass field.
Added 4-40 Steel pushrods + HD balllinks to all the servos.
Moved the flap servos ahead /on the CG with 4/40 rods and HD ball links, scratch built a new servo box are for both flap servos.
Added panel lines, rivets and...Continue Reading
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I have always been a fan of the GeeBee and have built and flown a 48" span version of the R1. I am also a big fan of the fantasy GeeBee R3. With credit to Mirco Pecorari, the Italian designer and artist who created the original drawing of the GeeBee R3 - I decided to create a 3D printed version of the airplane. Back in the 80's I did make a park flyer version of the R3, but that plane is long gone. This version will be a static model, about 10" long, printed in PLA. I have most of the CAD work done and have printed a few test parts. As far as I know the only original art is a side view, so wing shape and a lot of the details are left to the imagination. I decided to go with something like the Spitfire elliptical wing and tail surfaces generally shaped like the original GeeBee.

If it all works out I will probably upload the STL files to Thingiverse.

I will update the blog once I get a bit farther along with printing, painting and assembly.

The Thingiverse location is:

I have printed all of the parts and everything looks pretty good. I thought that the wing span looked a bit big when test fitting the pieces together - but - the original GeeBee R was 17'8" long with a wing span of 25'. That makes the ratio about 1.41. My R3 model is about 9.6" long and using the same ratio the desired span would be about 13.5". My current is 14", which is pretty close - maybe a tad long but not terrible. I have now adjusted my model to shorten the span down to 13.5".
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New motor windings & analog hall effect sensors did the trick. It roughly matched the sensorless ESC in RPM & power, 15mph, 300mA, 12V. The sample rate can be hundreds of khz while the SI721x were limited to 1khz. Dual hall effect sensors & dual magnets were vindicated after a long fight. The next step is testing the speed under full load, with 2 motors.

The lion kingdom's 15 year old stash of A1321's were much less sensitive than the modern SI721x, but the magnets had to be much farther away to avoid deadbands. It may be because the A1321's have a larger sensor area or because the sensor area was closer to the shaft than the SI721x.
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Want to see what FPV looks like in an 80mph Race Wing?

Take a Ride in a Race Wing! • Defiant Spec Wing FPV Practice (9 min 50 sec)

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XK A430 is almost there (6 min 14 sec)

I am giving the clevis another twist off up ! After this flight . ( Done )
Now I can think about setting up 3D ..
I will work with the 2 position switch that is used to switch from 6G to 3D ..
I only got 7 seconds of 3D before braking the Xk A430's neck .

But I will start @ 50% rates on the Ailerons , they did seem very touchy .

Question ? Will I need elevator offset ? - Well as long as 6G is set up I have a safe place to go . ( 6G )
Would have been so sweet , if it had flown out of the box . ( Life should be that easy )
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Hello Good People!

My goodness, what have I been missing all these years!

Float Flying and this model has hooked me like something terrible!

Introducing my newly acquired (several Months Ago) at our RC Club FUN FLY raffle (I won the Raffle)!

Yes indeed, this Electrifly G-44 Widgeon is just an amazing model and very aerobatic if you like. The best, it comes in for a water landing like a Baby Doll.

Enjoy my Maiden Flight Video:
Electrifly G 44 Widgeon 51 inch wing span 3 Cells 2600mAH 35C Lipoly 11 29 2020 (5 min 33 sec)

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A couple of months ago, I had a bad day at the field with my Eflight F4U-4. Usually, this Corsair model will settle into a three-point better than any tail dragger I own. For whatever reason, on that day I brought it in fast and tried a wheel landing on a bumpy section of our grass field. Instead of rolling along and settling in, it rolled for about three feet and nosed over quickly, bending the vertical stab and the top of the rudder. Dismayed, I took off again and attempted to ameliorate my failed landing with a nice follow-up.

I brought it in under power, full flaps...settled down on the wheels and...FLOP! It instantly nosed, breaking off the top 3 cm of the stab and rudder. I guess it was just one of those days Needless to say, I shelved the model until I could either replace the fuselage or repair the tail.

I decided to make the repairs, rather than shelling out the cash for a replacement fuselage. I work out of a hobby room in my home, have kids and pets, so I don't use or sand potentially toxic materials unless I can do it outside. It's just too cold for that right now, so no sanding epoxy or autobody filler in the house.

- Replaced the stab tip with a scrap piece of foam.
- Glued the rudder tip back in place and knocked the ridges off the wrinkles.
- Attempted some light spackle...but it didn't work due to the hardness/rigidity difference and thinness of the coat.
- Used acrylic clear coat to smooth out the burs of the sanded foam.
- Mixed a color close to the model. I usually can mix a decent match, but the eFlight color is odd- not a usual Navy color. It has a gray cast to it.
- Hand-cut new letters from white vinyl.
- Coated with Polycrylic.

Not new, but will definitely better than the damaged tail.
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This is Wild Bill Flynn's E-flite Ultimate 3D Maiden Flight With Bonus Rocket Launch!

Wild Bill Flynn's E-flite Ultimate 3D Maiden Flight With Bonus Rocket Launch! (5 min 11 sec)

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Hey, I know this post could go straight to classifieds and forget discussion but I’d really like your opinions on selling this stuff. I recently bought over 500 sheets of Rohacell 51 at an estate sale from a professional model builder. Each sheet is 2’ x 4’ or 4’ x 5’ and vary in thickness from 4mm to 15mm (there are probably some thinner and thicker). It was more of an accidental purchase (happy accident) than anything else as I was going to use it for mounting posters, I had no idea what it really was until I started doing research and discovered it was a very specialized high density light weight foam (commonly used by model builders) and that each sheet cost approx $150. CAD. It is also hard to get a hold of as I could not find a local supplier anywhere.

I am happy to sell some sheets to the group very cheep so it gets used as it should. Using it to mount posters would be like using hundred dollar bills to start a fire.

That would still leave me with hundreds of sheets, I’m looking for anyones opinion about where else I could advertise. And yes I have considered Craigslist, eBay, Amazon but i’m looking for considerations beyond the obvious for such a unique product. I’m not looking to make a fortune I just want to get it into the hands of people who can use it and appreciate what it is. Thanks in advance.
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I hope I can start really soon with this Tamiya TNX/TGM-02 Brushless Rebuild!
I have an 3670 motor with 120A ESC but I'm not sure is that's strong enough for a 1/8 scale Tamiya TNX/TGM!
Maybe an 4068 motor is better?

Let me know what you think?

Please visit my website!
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Had some fun at the beach again! I definitely need sand tires to get on top! The sand is really though on the ZD-Racing Thunder (ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106) and also the 3S lipo I guess, so this time I broke it! I will have to take it apart and fix it! (next vid!)
I really like the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106! I think it's a good beginners car, cheap, quite fast and strong!

If you like it buy it here:

Please visit my website!

#rccars #banggood

ZD-Racing Thunder (ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106) on 3S lipo! Can we get on top? (14 min 20 sec)