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Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 17, 2017 @ 08:07 PM | 10,969 Views

For those who remember Neal Harris (former GravesRC Employee).

Neal Harris, 61, of Kissimmee was the pilot killed when his plane clipped power lines and plunged into the Suwannee River Saturday, the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office says.

It is with great sadness that confirmation has been acquired by news media that 61 year old Neal Harris (former GRAVES RC Employee) was the one who lost his life in a Plane Crash on Saturday (January 14th, 2017) at approximately 5:00pm on the Suwannee River in his Amphibian (Aeromarine Buccaneer).

I've enjoyed Neil's knowledge & help in years past while he was working at Graves. I also enjoyed flying models with him at a couple of out-door and indoor flying events.

Being a fact of life, our day too will come. My best hope is that I will go as Neal did, enjoying what I am passionate about til the very end.



Prayers and may he rest in peace.

Posted by PittSpecial | Jan 15, 2017 @ 06:49 PM | 10,549 Views

My Trainee, William finally had another Training Session with his Super Cub this morning.

He did pretty good considering..................................

Let me tell you what happened. I made a Pre-Flight Check and Elevator and Rudder was working perfect.

I commanded his Super Cub to take-off and climb at 100 feet and checked out the model by showing William a powered loop and non-powered loop. He listened and acknowledged quickly so, I gave William the control. About one minute later, I asked William to attempt a loop and told him it doesn't matter which (powered or non-powered) and some strange reaction from the model was observed.

I asked William to attempt a powered loop at 100 feet and instructed him to give it DOWN Elevator and this time I was watching his fingers and the control sticks. To my horror, I witnessed William give ample DOWN Elevator and the model still didn't want to nose down or dive? At this time I asked William to turn over the controls over to me and I witnessed the model not respond to DOWN Elevator?

I CUT-OFF the Power and allowed the model to glide for a smooth (Kiss-The-Ground) landing and when we retrieved the model it was my HORROR that the STOCK plastic Clevis and more like the Plastic Pin from the STOCK Clevis had broken-OFF!

Fortunately, I came with my Park Zone T-28D "Airforce" Trojan and I had out-fitted my Trojan with Dubro "White" Clevis with Metal Pins and I gave him that one from...Continue Reading