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Fly, crash, repair and crash again, that all happens

As result I crashed one more QAV210 clone frame and thought, what if ?

I cut damaged front side and back side, then reduced height of standoffs from 35 to 30mm and moved battery down. Here is what I got
I called that QAV210 X- Hot Rod Edition Frame is rigid, small and looks good.

What you think?
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New to the forums, located in Jacksonville, NC.
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New video with my FPV adventures, in this case in my traditional spots and new racing tracks. Freestyle and racing days with my FPV mates @el_verde_fpv, @elgalloninjafpv, @julius_lt_fpv y @theflyingshoes

FPV Advantures VOL.5 - Freestyle and racing FPV - vic_man_fpv (3 min 55 sec)

My configuration:
TC-R 220 (QUAV-R clone)
Emax Racing Edition RS2205S - 2300 KV
ESC T-Motor F30
EFAW F4 Integration Flight Controller 3-6S PDB OSD BEC
4S Tattu 1300 75C
Dalprops 5045
VTX Foxeer TM600 FPV Mini 5.8G 40CH 600mW
Foxeer HS1177
HD Camera: Foxeer Legend 2
Frsky Taranis X7
X4R Sbus

My social networks:
twitter: @vic_man_fpv
instagram: @vic_man_fpv
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Maiden flight of my scratch built FT (Flitetest) Simple Storch. It didn't go quite as expected. Here's the video:

FT Simple Storch maiden flight...and crash!! (4 min 14 sec)

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Just sharing a pic I took over the weekend after doing a maiden flight.
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Getting to Know The EACHINE EX120 Brushed FPV Racing Hexacopter

Getting to Know the EACHINE EX120 Brushed FPV Hexacopter (16 min 10 sec)

Features and foibles of the EACHINE EX120 2S Brushed FPV Hexacopter.

EX120 Hexacopter provided by Banggood for review; available here:

EX120 PNF/BNF $64.99-$72.99

EACHINE EX120 WS2812 LED/Buzzer LightBar $3.80 at BG

Charsoon 2S/450mAH LiPo for EX120 with D-Ring Strap $6.99 at BG

Charsoon 2S/450mAH LiPo 5-pack for EX120 with D-Ring Strap $29.99 at BG

Overall it's an excellent little brushed FPV 'copter; with good power, good speed, and excellent agility thanks to the SPR F3 Evo family brushed FC and some shiny bling lighting standard. It is available in PNF and in BNF Versions compatible with Spektrum, FRSky, and FlySky.

Weaknesses include less than zero degrees camera angle, not preloaded with ßetaƒlight as advertised, and should have a D-ring battery strap included.

Binding FRSKY Version EACHINE EX120 to Taranis Transmitter (3 min 18 sec)
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I'm testing a custom frame design by a friend of mine. Goes by WoooSaaaW here on the Groups. It's a stretched X design and so far I'm really liking it. Check it out and please subscribe if you enjoy the content

Hydra 220 / custom frame / maiden flights (4 min 2 sec)

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This foam pad is manufactured by Skyzone for Skyzone 3D goggles, but it seems that more people use it on the Fatsharks.

* Pictures from the internet, credit to the foam pad users.
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For anyone who may be interested. Enjoy!

BeeCore - Tiny Whoop And Micro RC Car FPV Chase! (BANGGOOD) (2 min 45 sec)

Tis better to FPV and crash, than never to FPV at all!
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DroneClash is a competition to be held on December 4th in a hangar at Valkenburg airfield in the Netherlands. Teams try to destroy each others’ quadcopters, navigate through a “Hallway of Doom, Death, and Destruction”, and finally enter a final phase of the game where they try to defend their queen drone while taking out those of their opponents. It’s being sponsored by the Technical University of Delft’s Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) lab. The goal is to enable a future of responsible drone use by having the ability to take them out if necessary.
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I will never forget how much my first 4 channel airplane cost 20 years ago because it was half of all the money I made that summer. My hand built trainer airplane cost more than $500. At that time, I thought it was great that a 15 year old kid could make his own plane. This is why I remain simply amazed that a person can buy a full function 4 channel quadcopter with a camera for less than $50. The changes have happened so quickly, some stand out more than others.

Such is the case with Eachine’s new E55 offered by Banggood.

There are several features that make this new little quad stand out.

- Portability – With folding arms, this quad will tuck right into your pocket.
- WIFI – This quad can fly with either a controller or your phone.
- FPV – Through wifi connection, this quad can send a video signal right to your phone.
- Price – This unique quad will cost less than $50.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on this little quad and testing if the performance matches all the promises. Stay tuned to see my impressions of this feature packed little drone.
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Putting together my very first skywalker! I have gotten to installing the tail servos, and i did not ke the idea of glueing them into the airframe. Came up th this little idea, hopefully it holds true! Screws are 2-56 3/4" length. Bored out the standard servo screw holes. The rear cover is from the bin of servo parts as the blue plastic back cover shattered into pieces after it was removed. Wood is jusp popsicle stick.
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Complete! Might switch the prop out to a 3 blade 22x12 carbon fiber when I find one and a spinner.

Eflite power 360 running 12s
Xoar 22x10
Castle edge 160HV
Hitec HS-5585mh high voltage on ailerons and elevators
Savox SB-2231sg on rudder
Lots of time :-)
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Historical Footage:
Schneider Trophy: Canada 1930 (1 min 7 sec)

Jupiter shrimp will be a free download plan soon.
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just to keep tack of the custom build here is the boat as stock in some pics
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Eachine E55mini selfie drone (courtesy of (7 min 25 sec)

Fun flyer, but definitely get the RTF version instead of the BNF
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Lol, I used to hate that guy... Then I saw how steady his hands are when he soldered his esc's. Now he's The Professor. Someday my wall will be awesome.
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Taranis: A Volume Control That Doesn't Take Up Any Pots or Switches
for OpenTX version 2.1.9

Like my other scripts so far, volume.lua is implemented like a telemetry script but doesn't actually provide telemetry. (But in this case it could with modification.) What it does is provide a way to adjust volume and store the setting without using any of the switches, knobs, or sliders that are otherwise used to control your model. Instead, the buttons next to the display are used.

The script needs one global variable ("GV"), which you can name "Volume." It can be any one of the nine global variables in each of your model memories and can even be a different GV for each model, although that would require multiple copies of volume.lua with minor changes to each copy and different filenames. I'm using GV1 in my radio and in the examples that follow.

There are installation instructions embedded in the script but I'll post more detailed instructions here.
  • Download volume.txt from the link below, edit it as needed, rename it to volume.lua, and store it in SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY on your SD card. A follow-up post will display the script so that you can copy and paste it into a text editor if you wish.
  • The GV that you use for volume control needs to be set to "Flight mode 0 value" in flight modes FM1 through FM8.

  • On the Inputs page, create an input to read the volume global variable. In this example I use [I7]:
    [I7]Vol MAX Weight(GV1)
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Mini Skywalker with Micro APM, I made this to carry it on vacations with my family.

Interesting thing, I didn't glued it... it is just wrapped with fiber glass tape. Since all electronics inside are quite complex, just in case something arise, I let the possibility to open the plane whenever I want.

Mini Skywalker 840mm wing span
4 x HXT500 servos
Micro HKPilot (FC + GPS + OSD + 915Mhz Telemetry)
FRSKY Taranis
Separated 5V BEC to supply Micro Minim OSD
Mobius Cam Lens B
180Deg Pan Servo TGY-R5180MG
Video TX TS5828L Micro 5.8G 600mW
FatShark Attitude
Homemade CloverLeaf antennas
Lipo 11.1Volt 1500mA/h
Total Weight 502gr

Playas Doradas - Rio Negro - Argentina - FPV - Mini Skywalker over the clouds (3 min 16 sec)