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Posted by toothferry | Today @ 03:55 PM | 45 Views
Looking for airframe only orange and white
Posted by toothferry | Today @ 03:41 PM | 74 Views
I am looking for airframe only
Posted by rosik89 | Today @ 01:42 PM | 163 Views
We thought we make a combo housing for the diversity, in this case the 1,2/1,3GHz and the 5,8 receivers are permanently connected. But thats not a problem because while using the 5,8GHz modules the 1,3GHz modules are automatically turned off.
Here's a render of the 2 housings.

Link to main post here:


Posted by Old_Pilot | Today @ 10:10 AM | 315 Views
Another variant........27" WS x 43" OAL with a 90 mm fan and fabricated nacelle....Flew her about a week ago.....she's a bullet...need to turn the throws down and the expo up......video when the snow melts and it gets above freezing
Posted by DutchRC | Today @ 10:05 AM | 301 Views
Halloa people

yesss.. all them nice speedy brushless quads are great offcourse! Lot's of fun
However.. everybody has to start somewhere so I felt like reviewing something more entry-level this time..

And.. no real surprice: it's a brushed quad.. it IS a bit bigger then most of them though..

Link to this quad: XK X130-T brushed FPV quad WITH acro mode

And.. here is My review of it

DutchRC - THE beginner FPV Quadcopter?? The XK X130-T (32 min 6 sec)

framesize: 130mm
frame material: carbon fiber
frame thickness: 1.5mm
motors: 1020 brushed
propellors: 66mm (4 spares)
battery: 700mah 1S 25C
VTX: 5.8Ghz 25mW 32 channels
camera: 600tvl CMOS
Posted by AVGDAY | Today @ 08:13 AM | 409 Views
Here's an article I wrote in June 2012 for RC Pilot Magazine about my favorite transmitter layout...
Posted by Bill M - RC | Today @ 08:07 AM | 424 Views
Hi fellow pilots & rc enthusiasts

This Eachine E500 Mirage Vertical Wing review (VTOL) includes Frsky & Taranis Q X7 setup & flight test of this 3 mode vertical take-off wing that transforms into horizontal stabilized & manual flight modes.

Technically, this is a multirotor drone, hope you find this interesting.

You can get this here: https://goo.gl/HLAf9F

Eachine Mirage E500 Vertical Wing review (19 min 16 sec)

Posted by Shoveopoly | Today @ 07:49 AM | 409 Views
Canopy and GPS mount is here, radio still on the slow boat from China. Also have a Pixhawk set up on the way. Might as well do it the right way the first time. More wait time. With all the snow and cold outside, will be a while before I can fly it anyways. Will post more when closer to done.
Posted by iacei | Today @ 07:43 AM | 405 Views
Here some infos on my next Project:

I already have a My Twin Dream for long range FPV and so I wanted to make a small platform with easy transportation.

As I wanted to review the mini Split I thought that the new Nano Talon was a good candidate, so here is what's coming:

...Continue Reading
Posted by ariaAQ | Today @ 06:02 AM | 508 Views
Hello, here is my test:

Furibee TR-2213 1050kv - 3S 9050 & 1050 - Brushless Motor Thrust Test (7 min 20 sec)

Motor: TR-2213 1050kv, https://www.gearbest.com/motor-c_12218/?lkid=12708889

ESC: Racerstar Tattoo 35A, https://www.banggood.com/4X-Racersta...r_warehouse=CN

Battery: 1100mAh 3S 25C and 1500mAh 3S 30C,

- Multistar Carbon Fiber 9050
- Gemfan Carbon Nylon 1050, https://www.banggood.com/Gemfan-1050...r_warehouse=CN

HJ Digital Servo Tester, https://www.banggood.com/HJ-Digital-...r_warehouse=CN

- Good looking and finishing,
- Good and smooth bearings,
- Came with everything you need, (see my 3rd picture)
- For airplane and multicopter use,

- Short wires.
Posted by Yowoo Linda | Today @ 02:20 AM | 820 Views
HRB Power
Posted by TommyClancy | Today @ 12:53 AM | 882 Views
watch this video to see how I built my landing gear
How to make landing gear for rc planes! (4 min 56 sec)

Posted by cuavlindy | Today @ 12:32 AM | 857 Views
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Posted by RC Roundtable | Yesterday @ 11:02 PM | 905 Views
Episode 46: "According to Jim" is now live!

In this episode, we are joined by Jim Bourke, founder of RC Groups and owner of Knife Edge Software (makers of the Real Flight RC simulators). We talk about:
- Hobbico's bankruptcy announcement
- How Jim got started in RC
- The genesis of RC Groups
- Working at Knife Edge Software
- Full-scale aerobatics
- The joys of owning a Russian airplane
- Jim's airplane wishlist
- That famous one-wing landing
- Our 2018 event plans

You can visit our website at RCRoundtable.com to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, our facebook page, or email: contact@rcroundtable.com.
Posted by old4570 | Yesterday @ 10:41 PM | 915 Views
Stuff has happened and stuff has arrived !

My solar power bank has been re-paneled and is outside laying in the sun catching rays .
Got stuff for the DLG , so hopefully get that CG where it needs to be .
2s balance charging board is here ...
Those magnifying bits of plastic are here .

F3 flight board .. its 1s and 2s .. I wonder if I will need higher voltage motors ?
Oh well , I will be doing some Multi meter readings and hopefully wont kill the board ...

So looks like I need a ROUND " To It "

Just working on a FuriBee H801 review at the moment ....
Posted by Ultra3DP | Yesterday @ 09:11 PM | 971 Views
Here are some pictures of a couple of our recent TPU prints!
These designs are all available here: https://www.ultra3dprinting.com/drones
Posted by akkteck | Yesterday @ 08:06 PM | 1,038 Views
Hi, I have a hot thread discussing all the FPV products of akktek.com, i appreciate that if you can leave your comments on that topic.
AKK Tech hot thread

Review: AKK Tek FX2 FX3 MMCX VTX Flight review!!! (12.21.2017):
Review: AKK Tek FX2 FX3 MMCX VTX Flight review!!! (12.21.2017) (6 min 34 sec)