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LX B-25 idea

Posted by SFLCouch | May 12, 2017 @ 10:21 AM | 4,448 Views
Hey all (if anyone reads this)!

I just purchased the LX B-25 from Banana Hobby, and I have an idea to do something using a few cameras, that I don't think can be done correctly, but maybe someone already has. Haven't seen anything! My Dad and I took a flight in B-17 this past spring, and while building this B-25, I had an idea of putting those all-in-one FPV cameras in it. When we went on the flight, I was able to sit in the individual spots that the crew occupied and pretend to stand over the waist guns while in flight. Now my idea is to use an FPV all-in-one camera in each of the positions on the B-25. One for the pilot, nose gunner, waist gunners and tail gunner. Each camera will be inside the plane looking out the windows, waist, etc. In theory, I could have 5 guys with different goggles randomly picking which camera (position), they can look out of. And then change positions by changing channels. I might just be thinking way outside the box on this, but maybe someone else has tried it, or anyone with more FPV experience could help me think of a set up, if it can even work. I have gotten really involved with the Honor Flight group down here in Sfla and was thinking it be kind of cool if the WWII vets that come to our next gathering could throw on a pair of googles and could see out of the plane. Some of the guys actually flew the 25.

Just a crazy idea by someone with way to much time on my hands!!!! If anyone has any words of wisdom or words of criticism, please let me know!
Thanks for the help!

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