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Posted by Stenz28 | Jun 23, 2012 @ 03:52 PM | 4,162 Views

Since my heli's are just gathering dust I decided to try some R/C trucks.

My first purchase was a $40 Maisto Rock Crawler, 1/18 size. Fun but no proportional steering or throttle.

Second step-up to an $80 Exceed Rock Crawler, 1/18 size. 2.4ghz, proportional steering/throttle, 7.2v nicad rechargeable. This is a fun, functional, affordable, hobby-grade, Losi copy. It is slower than molasses but wants to crawl right up a wall! FUN!

Then the addiction hit and I bought a $339 Exceed Monster Truck, 1/8 size. This is also a mostly copied HPI Savage, though I've already found that while the bumpers are exchangeable, the skid plates are not. At 100% throttle expo it will do a standing back-flip!

Then I bought another body and then decided to put lights on it!

Now I've just bought a $100 Tiger tank, 1/24 scale. Infrared with battle system vs airsoft, but I like it. Treads are plastic, but have separate links instead of one piece. It uses a bunch of batteries so I'll need to convert to lipo sometime.

I'll have to do some reviews on these when I can, and more pics.

Maisto Rock Crawler:

Exceed Rock Crawler:

Exceed MadBeast:

LED Lights:


Pics: Later today
Posted by Stenz28 | Feb 17, 2012 @ 12:14 AM | 3,577 Views
Hi all!

{update 6-23-12} So now she's 15 months old and I still have no time! haha So I've updated my don't have time to play list! Cheers

So I have a daughter, now 10 months old. When she came along I didn't think she would hamper my ability to do what I like doing: Playing games; watching movies; RC helis; auto racing, etc.


I have about 3 hours a day that I can call my own... During which I have duties to perform such as: dog doo pick-up; garbage detail; oil changes; etc.

So I'm going to list all the movies/games/toys that I have that I have not had time to play or finished for about 10 months now!

Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed II
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Assassin's Creed Bloodlines
Mass Effect
Mass Effect II
Grand Theft Auto IV
Rock Band 1,2,3
Metal Gear IV
The Witcher
DCS: Blackshark
Sports Champions
Dirt 1, 2

John Carter

My Camaro!
Quark SRB
Walkera 400D
Mini Titan e325
Gaui 550
Swift 16
Exceed 1/18 Rock Crawler
Exceed 1/8 MadBeast

So I feel much better now!

Thanks RC Groups!
Posted by Stenz28 | Mar 05, 2010 @ 10:25 PM | 4,326 Views
Helis by order of purchase/flight/crash:

1. MCX (just spins around, probably the 5in1)
2. CX3 (under repair)
4. Blade 400 (Scale building here)
5. Gaui 550 WORKING!
6. Mini Titan E325 (PTSD accident, picked up and smashed on table, dead)
7. Axe 400 (crashed during checkflight for sale, head/feathering shaft, dead)
8. 4G3 (too squirrly for me to fly, TRADED)
9. Ember2 - always seems to be too windy, have got it stuck in a tree twice!
10. Walkera 400d - WORKING!
11. SRB Quark - Nice heli... probably what I should have bought after the MSR and saved a few $K
12. Walkera UFLYs - New, flys ok with new gyro.

About Me:

Retired Soldier (Linguiust, Army), Mechanic for "real world".