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Posted by Jubz | Jan 05, 2018 @ 01:00 AM | 2,994 Views
Added a new bird to the quiver for the 2018 season, an Ultima Strong with an extra set of standard wingtips. Nice having carbon pushrods instead of the cable system.

Some weights, strong layup
Fuse: 148 g
Center panel: 432 g
Right tip - strong: 178 g
Right tip - standard: 152 g
Left tip - strong: 182 g
Left tip - standard: 154 g
Stab: 36 g
Rudder: 30 g

Assembled frame weight w/ strong tips: 1028 g (36.3 oz)
Assembled frame weight w/ standards tips: 976 g (34.4 oz)

My initial thought is to fly with the lighter standard wingtips, and when the wind picks up use the strong tips, along with ballast.

Thanks Ali @FlightComp!
Posted by Jubz | Jan 04, 2018 @ 05:14 PM | 7,400 Views
New Infinity NG F5J with the performance layup. Servos and LDS system factory installed; MKS 6110's for the ailerons and KST X10 Mini's for the flaps.

Some weights (performance layup)
Fuse: 180 g
Right wing: 430 g
Left wing: 434 g
Stab: 26 g
Rudder: 28 g
Weight w/ 3.5 degree carbon joiner (3.5 degrees, 50 g; 6 degrees, 58 g): 1150g (40.6 oz)

Most likely will install a HET 2W-4600KV WITH MICRO EDITION 5:1NL motor, running 3S with a 14x7 GM prop.
Thanks Ali @FlightComp!