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Posted by phil alvirez | Jul 30, 2018 @ 08:34 AM | 10,721 Views
when talking about what color provides the highest visibility, a fellow said that where he flies, the sky is dark blue.
and this made me think about it.
is it possible that the blue of the sky could be darker or lighter depending on the surroundings? i mean, during the day.
i remember when i lived in vancouver bc, that there was always a thin layer of mist, so the sky looked pale blue. but besides this, i dont recall seeing the sky dark or light when no clouds or mist is present.
so, what is your experience?
i started a thread here but became contaminated by non-sense so i had to close it:
Posted by phil alvirez | Jul 09, 2018 @ 10:32 AM | 8,999 Views
today at dawn it was clear sky, no wind, no turbulence. sometimes is like this at dawn, when i fly.
i flew 2 of my light gliders to 200 meters for several flights. pleasant flights.
then i launched my 2 meters radian sailplane that flies good too.
this time i decided to climb to 300 meters (some 1,000ft). as the sun was low at the east, i made a large turn starting from the north and ended up at the southeast. but then the plane didnt glide towards me. even began to move backwards, so i put it on a gentle glide to penetrate the wind. took me a long time to bring it back! at 100 meters began to move forward by itself, but with some turbulence.
i have faced high winds before, with some wind down here, but this time i didnt have any clue of a strong wind up there (clear sky), whilst down here there was no wind at all. zero. zilch. next flight launched facing the wind and kept the plane upwind, so there were no problems.
so, dont think that no wind down here means no wind-or some but not much-up there. but this never happened to me
Posted by phil alvirez | Jul 08, 2018 @ 10:44 AM | 9,694 Views
i learned about it when searching and ended up buying it.
i have an index on it here:
my opinion:
1-plane is a great flyer. stable but responsive. stays long time up there. havent been able to fly it on weather that has thermals, but from my experience with gliders, it should be great. and the comments at the forum confirm this.
2-there are some problems that the maker did not solve: 1 of them is that the screws that are intended to hold the wing in place are not long enough. the solution is to use the 1 from the front, at the rear and buy a longer (36mm). so you can not fly the plane as is
3-the way the wing is attached is not the best: pushing the wires for the ailerons is a chorus. not much space in there either. and the fixtures are not strong. in a hard landing they may become detached and is difficult to repair.
4-the idea of just 1 servo to move both ailerons does not work> there is too much drag and ailerons dont return to neutral-and the stress may kill the servo in short time. it is necessary to install 1 servo per aileron.
5-likewise, running the pushrods through the boom is too draggy. a better way is installing servos for rudder and elevator at the tail by inserting them into the fin and stabilizer and running the wires on top of the boom
6-it is necessary to cut open the top of the fuselage between the wing and the hatch (...Continue Reading