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Posted by yo8aiv | Oct 05, 2018 @ 02:38 PM | 5,161 Views
today just received my white ev200d's
order made 07.09 received 02.10

issues encountered already :
- hdmi image has an excessive pink-blue'ish (overexposed) tint wich i cannot get rid of SOLVED
- optics are bad positioned (al least for my eyes), probably need to order some diopter lens-but i can see pretty good like this (if i modify the angle i can see more clear) ... miss adjustment from ev100!!
- hot they get really hot.
- receivers seem to have some weird cutoff / black interruptions when receiving signal is weak - random behaviour not seen in dvr recording => must be DSP chip cutting off signal (stupid) should be fixed asap via firmware, receivers should be continuously connected
- red color/magenta needs adjustment (hdmi input suffering greatly)
- receivers must have some un-shielded side - in PIT mode i could receive (minor image glimpse) without antennas from 3m passing 2 walls

Positive things :
- receivers seem to be more sensitive than my ev100 and ev800 (in pit mode with a patch i have clear image through walls-not the case/difficult with other googles.)
- image is nice but it think shape is distorted / scaled probably
- comfortable - had to put the thick foam and still not enough.

Lipo provided :
- used for about an hour before beeping alarm started. i stopped dvr rec and alarm stopped.
- doesn't go more than 760mAh during charge .. so not more than 3.5 wh (kind of useless to ask for 2A usb port!! ) still to be tested by someone else.
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