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Posted by gbruce | Mar 01, 2014 @ 08:40 PM | 9,687 Views
Hi all!!

Got back into EDFs recently and am impressed by the latest fan developments!!

My latest creation,insert Evil Laugh , is a Scrathbuilt 1/9thscale FJ-4B Fury which I am in the middle of designing.

These are never quick so I am also getting my old Jepe fast foam Hawk out and have done a bunch of work on it as well...taking lots of build pics but will not post them until it has flown

Here's an old one and my selected color scheme...
Posted by gbruce | Feb 14, 2012 @ 02:46 PM | 9,836 Views
Hi There!!

I have never had a BLOG before but I noticed that many well respected builders/modellers were somewhat absent compared to years past..then I linked to Herbs Blog from the main Ezone page and voila..All the projects and activities that Herb is doing as of late..SWEET!!

I found alot of others doing the same here I am LOL

I got out of building for a bit to concentrate on building an old 1972 VW Bus for my son who originally wanted a Camaro... What a difference HA HA

To cold for that so I decided to clean up my hobby room and get my PZ Spitfire finished...It is ready for a maiden but the weather is not so I spent some time detailing and weathering it.

Hope you like the pics.