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Posted by flieslikeabeagle | Aug 17, 2007 @ 05:41 PM | 35,107 Views
Hi folks, thought I'd move the current WebOCalc thread here as it will help me keep the discussion on topic and maintain a friendly, courteous, and cooperative atmosphere on this thread.

The previous WebOCalc thread was here:

To get this ball rolling and (re) introduce WebOCalc, here is part of my first post from the previous thread:
Hi everyone, some of you may have run across WebOCalc before. It's a little Javascript program I wrote to help design ones own planes, and this forum seems like the right place to introduce the newest version.

WebOCalc was written from the start with three goals in mind: it had to be very easy to use, it had to work on your computer whether you use Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS, or Windows, and it had to be Free as in freedom (Free software, like Linux or Firefox). It also works whether you live in the USA and are stuck with imperial units, or whether you live elsewhere in the world and use metric units.

If you enter a few numbers into WebOCalc (things like wingspan and chord, the weight of your model, the battery voltage, and the desired current draw), the program will tell you how the model will fly, in simple English. It will also suggest some propellers that will work with the model, and appropriate gear ratios matching each propeller. For direct-drive, pick the propeller(s) with a gear ratio near 1.0.

All this means you will know before you build
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