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Posted by mathursharad | Nov 19, 2017 @ 09:58 PM | 4,278 Views
Real Flight 8 . This is my first RealFlight SW purchase. Now that they support third-party USB devices that made it more appealing for me.

I was on ClearView RC for years before this.

I was initially a bit disappointed since the improvement in physics over ClearView didn't seem enough to warrant an extra $100. I pretty much fly fixed wing 3D.

However after trying out the Sbach 32% and I more satisfied. That plane seems be way more realistic than the other stock 3D planes, off-the shelf tuning is better.

However I still find it too easy to hover in RF8.

ClearView while a bit quirky in the hovering space presented more of a challenge. Therefore anyone practicing hovering in ClearView would stand a better chance in real life. Expect that RealFlight supports torque rolls that ClearView does not do a great job with.

However I am failing to see a large difference between the other stock non-3D planes in RF8 and CV. In both sims the planes track as if they have a gyro....i.e. very well and fly pretty much the same.

I would say that anyone on a budget should still consider CV, it got me years of mileage and still learnt 3D on it. I can totally see a parent on a budget purchasing CV for their kid who wants to get into RC and needs a very decent simulator.

However for the $100, RF8 has tons more features (challenge, scenery creator, drones, VR support, easier plane model setup, better wind simulation) and the stock SBach 32% is more generally realistic on RF8 than the best 3D plane in CV.