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Posted by flyncrazy | Nov 16, 2015 @ 12:29 PM | 26,531 Views
hello, I been in this hobby 36 yrs, I taught myself to fly RC aircraft, before that I flew CL from 6 yrs old until I was 17, I got my first RC airplane used, he took me up one time, I never seen him again. I crashed that. I built a Balsa USA Swizzle Stick and wound up putting ailerons on it. I taught myself to fly that. I loved that time and would not change any of it if I could. I flew prop planes until 1983 and got into Nitro Ducted Fan Jets. that was and still is the thing I love the most. I flew DF Jets from 1983 until 1991 with 50/50 success rate, but I loved it so much and still do! I'm trying my best to get back into that and have accumulated a lot of Nitro DF jet stuff, what your seeing in my blog is 99% my wish list, the engines/ fans/pipes are pretty easy to come by, but the Jets are hard to come by because they are very expensive. and my Friends the Jets I been taking about for the longest, I'm not going to get them. but I got the fellow to agree to give me half my money back. so I grateful about that! happy flying all my RC friends and family! and glow DF Jets are all ill ever do from here on out!!!!! my YT channel name is> Gary Flymore

the pictures of the Rossi 53 on the Turbax 1 I modified the center body mount and made it fit. the whole unit is new except the spinner! the engine has not been ran!

here's my fantastic K-B 82 DF engine running after I did a little modification on it. please watch this one>

Dynam Turbojet flying in Gun Barrell
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