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Posted by ddruck | Aug 09, 2015 @ 07:18 AM | 8,604 Views
Ok more testing of ALES glider motor power.
Flying ALES/F5J gliders requires motor to get the glider 200m high in 30 sec or less. This makes very high demand on motor/battery combo and very different than average power system in RC airplane. My glider achieves that goal, 24sec to 200m, but I am always trying to find more efficient ways of doing it. My Euphoria is 4m, 2130g glider which turns out to be quite hard to push to 200m in 30 sec. I have lots of bench tests but am curious as to what happens in the actual 30sec climb. We climb at a steep angle for the entire time so my assumption was that the prop will not really unload much from bench test except for the actual flight speed. There is also no flight data available out there that I could find.

I strapped my Eagle Tree E-logger3 to the outside of the fuse for these tests and took it for a ride.

So test one is 15x8 Aeronaut prop with Thunder power 1300 3S 70C lipo
2 climbs back to back on same pack. Comparison 1 is result of that test. The curves are similar on bench and in air as soon as climb speed is established. The consumption is less by 5 amps overall with increase in rpm. On this battery there is a slight decrease in power on climb2.
Test 2 was 15x8 Aeronaut prop with Hyperion 1100 3S 45-90C lipo. Comparison 2 similar results except when this battery heated up on climb 1 it had better performance in climb 2 by producing more rpm so on this battery, having it warmer, does increase its power potential.
Posted by ddruck | Jul 31, 2015 @ 01:26 PM | 9,417 Views
On this test I went for bigger load prop 16x8 Aeronaut. I tested 2 Hobby King Lipos the 1300ma 3S 45-90C Nano-tech and the 1800ma 3S 65-130C A-SPEC and 1100ma 3S 45-90C. Again Nano-techs proved to be quite surprisingly good, again equaling the ridiculously expensive Thunder powers. On this test the motor got quite hot after shutoff and so did some of the Lipos, especially the small 850TP as expected.
Posted by ddruck | Jul 31, 2015 @ 01:13 PM | 9,305 Views
I have several lipos I use in my ALES planes and I know there is some difference in performance. I came to couple of conclusion, all manufacturers exaggerate the C rating of their batteries and price does not always mean performance. I tested 2 Thunder power lipos 1300ma and 850ma both 3S 70C packs the G8 variety, that I use in competition. Then I tested 2 Hobby King Lipos the 1300ma 3S 45-90C Nano-tech and the 1800ma 3S 65-130C A-SPEC. Lastly I have some 1100ma 3S 45-90C that I use in practice sessions quite a bit. All these were purchased since November of last year, Nano's are new . Nano-techs proved to be quite surprisingly good, equaling the ridiculously expensive Thunder powers. The A_SPEC are year old and still perform great as I found out when I got them, wish they made them a bit smaller size. I did have some 850 size Nano-tech but their performance was dismal right from start so I did not even bother with them.
All these were tested on 15x8 Aeronaut prop, on my Z3019-14 motor which makes it to 200m in 26 sec on this prop in my 4m 2130g Euphoria.
I created a Watt measure diagram with all batteries side by side to make comparison easier plus my usual individual tests.
Posted by ddruck | Jul 29, 2015 @ 01:48 PM | 9,220 Views
Had a chance to test 4 props from the new range of Vitaprops available from
RC Aerohobby Canada http://soarerf3j.wix.com/aerohobbycanada

These are beautifully made folding props, very smooth running, very stiff.
I have tested 4 of them on My Hyperion HP-Z3019-14 motor for now, all tests were done with fresh charged Thunder power 1300 3S
I have 14x9.5, 15x8, 15x9.5 and 15x9.5 wide. You can compare the results from my previous tests of Aeronaut and do your own comparison.
Posted by ddruck | Jul 25, 2015 @ 02:10 PM | 10,430 Views
Next motor test is very good direct drive Hyperion motor that matches closely the geared Hyperion 2221-3000 with 4;1 gearbox previously tested, unfortunately it has been discontinued, pity.
HP-Z3019-14 specs: 800kv, 400w (30sec 600w no problem), 142g, 2-4S, 5mm shaft
11 props tested here.
All props are Aeronaut unless noted, measured thrust on the bottom of each graph, the high pitch prop thrust, over 10" pitch in this case, is not reliable on bench tests....Continue Reading
Posted by ddruck | Jul 23, 2015 @ 09:42 PM | 9,302 Views
The first retest is of Hyperion HS2221-3000 motor mated to Great Planes 4.3:1 planetary gearbox. In depth discussion on this combo is here in this thread
Great motor combination
Motor specs 79g weight, 3000kv, 3-4S, 600watt, 3.17 shaft, 5mm output shaft
Total weight with gearbox 137g
I have tested 9 props with Thunder Power 1300 3S 70c Lipo
one with 1100 3S 45-90c Hyperion Lipo
Props are Aeronaut props, marked different are Graupner or Hobby King or E-Flite
Posted by ddruck | Jul 23, 2015 @ 08:48 PM | 9,129 Views
Well guys I have updated my test bench with the Turnigy Thrust stand to get complete measurements. Spent time calibrating it and is accurate to 50g between 2kg to 4kg range is what I am interested in for my use. I have added Eagle tree E-logger3 and with live mode directly hooked up to my laptop, I can measure Amps, Volts, Watts, Rpm ( now calibrated for this motor combo) and get a graph of the whole session, don't have to guess at results after 30 sec plus now I have thrust measurement. I must say I do not find thrust measurement particularly useful, too many variables effect it but it gives a ballpark.
I am going to run tests and some retests on the motors I have since this bench upgrade to have some consistent data. I am going to keep all different motor tests or copies together, here in my blog, to keep it all in one place.
All tests are in form of a graph showing voltage, Amps and rpm across 30 sec interval or so, the usual time for ALES or F3J glider launch. On each graph I have added the thrust measurement at the start and at the end of each run. I would also try to run some battery comparisons under same load to sort out the differences.

This is a picture of the original test rig I made, worked and the new model with thrust stand added.

Posted by ddruck | Aug 16, 2014 @ 04:45 PM | 9,798 Views
I have been working on different power units for my 3m and larger gliders.
Here is my latest, even though I prefer direct drive for reliability.

Maxon 4.4:1 gearbox mated to Heli Turnigy L2822
3700kv, 420watt
here is the link:

Looks promising for a lighter glider, did not get very warm at 44A 30sec. It may take more, it is rated at45A max.
Here is my test data so far:
weight 133g, 4mm shaft ( Actual motor only 82g, 3mm shaft)
3S 3300 test lipo
14x8 E-Flight folder: 44A, 440watt, 7800rpm
13x8 Hobby king Carbon: 44A, 440watt, 7700rpm
13x7 Graupner folder: 39A, 390Watt, 8000rpm
next will try 15x6 Aeronaut and may be 15x8 but I think that may be too much.
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