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I hope I can start really soon with this Tamiya TNX/TGM-02 Brushless Rebuild!
I have an 3670 motor with 120A ESC but I'm not sure is that's strong enough for a 1/8 scale Tamiya TNX/TGM!
Maybe an 4068 motor is better?

Let me know what you think?
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Had some fun at the beach again! I definitely need sand tires to get on top! The sand is really though on the ZD-Racing Thunder (ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106) and also the 3S lipo I guess, so this time I broke it! I will have to take it apart and fix it! (next vid!)
I really like the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106! I think it's a good beginners car, cheap, quite fast and strong!

If you like it buy it here:

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#rccars #banggood

ZD-Racing Thunder (ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106) on 3S lipo! Can we get on top? (14 min 20 sec)

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Rewound a motor with 20 turns of 26 AWG. The trick is the wire gauge has to be reduced while the turns count is reduced, in order to get an increase in kv. Merely reducing the turns count with the same wire gauge won't do anything. That got 15mph on 12V with no load, on the sensorless ESC but the sensorless ESC can't go slow enough. The algorithm required for slow speeds continued to fail to reach such high speeds.

The new winding can't produce the maximum torque for sustained periods. There would have to be a timer limiting maximum torque.

The 2 leading theories are the digital hall effect sensors not updating fast enough & the angle sensor based on 2 hall effect sensors being too sloppy. A faster analog hall effect sensor might improve the angle measurement through averaging while increasing the update rate. The 2 hall effect sensor system still works well at low rpm.

The last resort is building a 3 hall effect sensor mount to use with a standard sensored ESC. That would require sensing flux lines from the motor magnets instead of a magnet holder. That would entail making custom, narrower tires which leave part of the motor exposed.
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Lions could imagine a number of daring scenarios where robots released ballast from the platform, strung new cables, or released tension from the existing cables to avert a collapse. It turns out all these minor tweeks were explored by the government already.

The mane problem is so much of the cable tension was just from the platform's structure, no amount of de tensioning or dropping of counterweights would have had any significant effect. Adding a new 1" thick cable would have done nothing. Making any difference would require rebuilding the entire 1963 cable system from scratch, probably out of reach for any automation.

The best lions can think of is quad copters laying down a completely new cable system above the existing cable system, 1 strand at a time. This would provide enough redundancy to allow humans to go in & replace the original cables.

Some more interesting points are that the original cables had strands popping since 2003 & they were never replaced due to lack of money. A large batch of strands popped in the 2014 earthquake which were repaired. There have undoubtedly been many popped strands since Nov 6.

What was done in 1963 can never be repeated, manely building a new telescope. It would cost many billions in today's money. China's much loved FAST telescope is manely a facade. It doesn't have a transmitter or any liquid cooling & it's limited to much lower frequencies. It would cost a few billion to upgrade it. The 1963 telescope was funded partly by the military & the government's job has moved a long way from military & science projects.
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Hi everyone! This is part one of my rebuild of a Tamiya Thunder Shot. it's in quite a good shape. In the next video's i will dissemble it and clean it. What i didn't mention in the video is the body for this car. It's also difficult to find but i found some maker in Canada i think, who makes re-releases of the thunder shot body, but these are quite expensive.

Please visit my website!

Tamiya Thunder Shot Rebuild (Part 1) (1 min 58 sec)

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I put all three motors on the test stand using 6x4 props for the Cobra and T-Motor, and both the 6x4 / 6.55 props on the Turnigy.
FPVWRA Spec Race Motor Shootout • [The Judge Ep. 17] (28 min 0 sec)

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This is part 2 of the ZD Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427S/9106) Rebuild. I'm still not sure what the problem is but I kind of think it could be the spur gear! It's a plastic gear and it's a bit damaged.
There are steel spur gears, so I'm think to order one of those!
Part 3 will be assembly!

If you like to buy the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427 - S / 9106) :

Please visit my website!

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ZD Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427S/9106) Rebuild part2 (8 min 25 sec)

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The spec wing motor hits hard for a small wing, so a little anti-torque roll mix is in order. There are so many different ways to do this. The video just shows one way. I realized during edit the logical switch isn't needed, but I kept it because I'll use the logical switch to trigger other actions like an audio track informing me the mix is active.

OpenTx Tutorial Dynamic Anti Torque Roll Mix • Radiomaster TX16s or Jumper T18 • [Advanced] (12 min 33 sec)

Posted by ShonanBeachRC | Yesterday @ 11:39 AM | 3,427 Views
In my last video my ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427 - S / 9106) lost the will to move So I have partially taken it apart! In this video a little update and possible upgrades I can do to make the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427 - S / 9106) more suitable for the beach! If you have any ideas let me know in the comments!

If you like to buy the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427 - S / 9106) :

Please visit my website!

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ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 (10427 - S / 9106) Rebuild! Update and planned Upgrades! Part 1 (2 min 37 sec)

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So, we pulled it off!

Once again, Larry McKenzie's brain child---"Black Fly Day" took place on Breezy Hill!

Lots of sunshine, but with cold wind and turbulence breaking over Breezy Hill. Still, that didn't stop the Flyers from using the WHOLE day on "Black Fly Day".

Our one "casualty" was Billy's new Piper Cub which either had a radio problem, or got caught in one of the many rotors that were rolling across the field.

The Control Liners stood their ground in the wind, and it seemed that the Flite Streaks and Shoestrings...and one lonely Bi-Slob...kept on flying when not taking breaks to allow the R/C's to take a turn. At this point, the Crop Circle is intersected by the R/C runway, but plans are underway to move it toward the east a bit to give everybody some elbow room.

I had my Sig Kadet Senior Sport out among the Electron Herders, making sure the R/C runway got a good dose of castor oil. The "Big Bunny", Stan Fronabarger's stunt-flapped Flite Streak, got some flying time, though we're gonna have to try it again when things are calmer.

Special Guest, Allen Bagg, drove the 60 miles or so from down south with his collection of Flite Streaks, and had a big time smoking the Crop Circle.

Flyer Brian had his Control Line Shoestring, whose aft CG gave him some considerable entertainment in the rough air.

A great time, and full day, as confirmed this morning by my aching feet and stiff back!

Still more great stuff to come....Continue Reading
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I went to the beach again with my ZD-Racing Thunder (ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106) on 3S lipo, this time to conquer the great wall of sand! In the end I broke it, guess the electronics are not that waterproof! I really like the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106! I think it's a good beginners car cheap, quite fast and strong!

If you like it buy it here:

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#rccars #banggood

ZD-Racing ZMT-10 / 10427 - S / 9106 VS. The great wall of sand on 3S lipo (can he make it?) (6 min 26 sec)

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Out of the box I really do like the HBX Protector (12815)! This is my second HBX and both of them are above expectation! They are reasonable cheap and amazingly strong! So far I only broke the servo arm after I hit a wall. It’s not the fastest car, but it’s also not needed that much I guess. BUT…. I like a bit more power, so I’m upgrading it with an brush-less motor. I’m using an 2845 3930KV Sensor-less Brushless Motor with an 35A ESC. I think this is the maximum motor size that fits. The servo is not a standard size servo, it’s a bit smaller. Therefor i used the Feiyue FY-S3 2.8KG Servo which has metal gears!

HBX Protector (12815) Buy it here!
or here!

Feiyue FY-S3 Servo Buy it here!

2845 motor Buy it here!
or Here!

Please visit my website!


HBX Protector (12815) Brushless Upgrade on 2S lipo! (4 min 9 sec)

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I personally really like rc kits! That’s why I bought this HSP 94111(Brontosaurus) kit! I bought it already quite some time ago but never used it after assembly. These HSP kits are quite cheap, about 80~90 dollars. Except for the motor, ESC, Servo, body and battery everything is included in the kit. In this video a small impression of the HSP 94111 because the ESC kept quitting!

I personally enjoyed assembling it, so if you like it, Buy it here!
HSP 94111 kit
or if you want a RTR buy it HERE!

3650 Motor and ESC!

Please visit my website!


HSP 94111 (Brontosaurus) RC Kit Any Good? (3 min 44 sec)

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of extreme flights release of the Turbo Raven. I think they got all the dimensions and construction on this release dead on! The one minor disagreement is on the power setup, they recommend 6s and I have to say that for me and my thumbs it’s more of an 8s ship. I originally had set my very first one up per the manual and felt that i was having to use the high end of the throttle way to much throughout the flight to fly high alpha and most of the low and slow stuff. It just felt like it was on the cusp of being underpowered and the power system being overworked. So after my first raven met it untimely demise 8 flights in to owning it i decided to go for 8 cell and a slightly larger motor
on the new one. WOW! was my expression when i got to flying my current 2nd Raven! It now seems perfect! Just the right amount of over powering! Now i can fly mostly at just over half the entire flight of my high alpha maneuvers and the plane still has tremendous amounts of thrust and throttle in reserve for those holy shoot moments! Which for me happens all too often lol.

So the setup I’ve decided on is as follows:

Motor- Dualsky GA2000 (Stock they call for the GA1500)

ESC- Hobbywing 120 Fly Fun V5

Prop- I go back and fourth on this depending on what type of flying i mostly intend to do that day.
So its between a Falcon CF V2 Comp 17x8 Wide and a Foxtech Supreme CF 18X6.5 (quad prop). I had done some experimenting and found this Foxtech prop...Continue Reading
Posted by Tazkiller85 | Yesterday @ 06:06 AM | 4,355 Views
Yep Les Amis,
WAOUH !!! Reçu depuis seulement quelques jours, je n'ai pas pu attendre plus longtemps pour tester le nouveau WIND5 LITE de HGLRC ! La conception et les matériaux du châssis lui confère une excellente résistance aux chocs pour un poids mini, son électronique est performant et fiable (Zeus, Eolus, Foxeer), et sa puissance INDENIABLE ! Bravo HGLRC pour cette évolution du WIND5. Les seuls petits reproches que je pourrais faire c'est que la sangle me parait peut être un peu légère pour une telle puissance, on aurait aimé du Kevlar, et le VTX qui ne développe que 350mW ne sera certainement pas assez efficace sur de longues distances mais largement suffisant dans les 500m.
Sinon, vous l'aurez compris, ce petit monstre de puissance a tout pour plaire aux amateurs de sensations fortes en 6S et ravira les débutants en 3 et 4S par sa fiabilité et sa résistance aux crashs ! ... Bon Film et merci à tous pour votre soutien .

HGLRC Wind5 Lite - Review Test Démo - Un petit Monstre de PUISSANCE ! (39 min 29 sec)

NOTATAZ : 19/20 Un TOP !!!

Les + : Léger, Très résistant, Bonne autonomie, Caméra Excellente, VTX efficace, Grosse puissance Très compact ...
Les - : VTX seulement 350mW max (mais efficace), Une sangle Kevlar aurait été judicieux ...

Présentation/unboxing : 00:15
Vol à vue : 12:06
Vol FPV 4S : 15:06
Vol FPV 5S : 21:24
Vol FPV 6S : 27:05
Conclusion : 31:59
Mon Bétaflight : 38:45

Chez HGLRC :
- HGLRC Wind5 Lite (Predator 5) : ...Continue Reading
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Pretty disappointing RPM's with the large 70 turn motors. Built up a new board to allow direct control of all the enable pins, which got it up to 272rpm on 10V. It would need 35V to hit the required speed with no load, 40V for margin. The next step would be reducing the turns to 20 & increasing the current.

Trying the motors with a sensorless ESC got them up to a slightly faster RPM but much less torque. Standard ESC's can barely get them started on 12V but use the current a lot more efficiently. The size of the motor drastically increased the required voltage for a given number of turns by virtue of the resistance.

Over the years, lions have avoided cleaning flux whenever possible. It's manely necessary for adjustable regulators. It otherwise might improve water resistance.
Posted by PittSpecial | Nov 27, 2020 @ 10:30 PM | 8,468 Views
UPDATE: RE: Carl Goldberg Tiger-2 (Glow-To-Electric Conversion)

Earlier Post on same subject at:

Well, I finally got it right!

As some that have posted warned me, this heavy model just could not fly "or" in other words, I have to thank a higher power for giving me the common sense of NOT horsing this great looking model UP in the air with the weak AXi 2826/10 power system and just 3-Cells! That maiden attempt resulted in some slow speed taxi runs!

Replaced the Electric Power System to the SUPPO 3520/6 (840Kv) and swinging the APC 12 X 8 E propeller while using the 4-Cells, 4,000mAH, 35C, Lithium Polymer Batteries.

I must declare that I was very pleasantly surprised in the manner this model handles itself up in the air. That Long FUSE Boom really allows this model to perform some wicked aerobatics should you decide at the controls. This made it worth while after struggling in trying to get the model's Center-Of-Gravity close to where it needed to be. Again, this model in it's early life flew with the Thunder Tiger .46 Glow Engine and it tipped the digital scale at over 16 ounces. This made things pretty challenging as there was really not enough selections of a Motor with this weight and having respectable (KV) parameters (Revaluations per Volt) to keep the Cell count low.

I decided NOT to remove the Impact Socket underneath the bottom end of the FUSE (Frontal) as it allowed a very good mid-point Center of Gravity with the new power system at 11+ ounces (Including ESC). It is amazing how much weight was required up front to balance this model out. I would say this Carl Goldberg Tiger-2 is very well constructed to say the least.

Okay, here's the Video and if you like to see a LOW Fast Pass then, FAST FORWARD to 6:25 Time Hack! Make sure you select High Resolution !
Carl Goldberg Tiger2 Maiden Flight 11 27 2020 (8 min 30 sec)

Posted by jmxp69 | Nov 27, 2020 @ 06:32 PM | 5,241 Views
FPVWRA Racing Wing Maiden Flight with GPS Top Speed Recorded!
FPVWRA Racing • Defiant Spec Wing Maiden Flight • PLUS GPS Speed Recorded (15 min 4 sec)

Posted by Akram07 | Nov 27, 2020 @ 05:13 PM | 5,293 Views
Selling this radio with 2 receivers one has 3 axes gyro. Like new only 4 flights. Has charger and original box.
Asking 170.00 buyer pays shipping.
Posted by Late99 | Nov 27, 2020 @ 05:08 PM | 5,306 Views
I had noted a long time ago that Arm1s Extra seemed to be easy build and at least on paper looked as a good flier. As I had sold my 38" Skywing Edge last winter I was short of smaller plane to fly on the nearby farm field (using asphalt walkway as runway there). And as weather get worse and worse, I decided to build a replacement from all the parts I had laying around.

I'm still waiting for the maiden, so can't comment yet on the flight performance, but the build was quite fun & rewarding. Check full 1m MiniExtra story!