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Posted by vdubin64 | Oct 04, 2008 @ 12:14 AM | 5,892 Views
I've been flying since the age of 18, at least that was when I had my first whack at it.. I truthfully wasn't very good back in the day.. I was cracking them up left and right... Maxed my first credit card on R/C planes and related goods.. Damn, those were the days I must admit, I enjoyed spending also. There was no mortgage, wife, twins, and any other responsibility in the middle of my road.. Just my job and myself, what a way of life.. Well, now that were all grown up now, on my free time, I enjoy building mainly 40 sized stuff, helping others get into our wonderful hobby and drinking a beer from time to time. I took my first glance at the R/C thing in my buddies' garage just after graduating from high school. He had a Kadet LT 40 up in his rafters, I never asked him to get it down, nor did I think much more of the hobby until I met my other buddies' neighbor.. The master himself Greg J Holmes.. This guy had been building and perfecting model aircraft for probably over 20 years at that time. A true Master Builder.. We developed a very tight friendship and he steered me in the right direction, and believe me, I took the wheel.. This dude had enough inventory in his house to open his own shop for business. I could go on and on about Greg, I have to give full credit where it's due.. I seriously do not think that I would have the love, nor the passion for this wonderful hobby, if it weren't for Mr. Greg Holmes Thanks Greg... He totally took me under his wing, taught me my...Continue Reading
Posted by vdubin64 | Aug 31, 2008 @ 05:39 PM | 5,786 Views
Just a pic of myself over the old SIG SOMETHIN EXTRA