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Posted by Peter Mack | Mar 15, 2012 @ 06:46 PM | 9,889 Views
My Recycler Seaplane started life many years ago as a twin with wheels, very light wing loading, and powered by two N 20 motors controlled by a Bitcharger Rx/Tx with motor and rudder control, the latter via a self-wound actuator coil. It sat sad and neglected up in the roof space until, in frustration after an ambitious attempt to construct a flying boat that flew but never "rose off water", I decided to refit it as a float plane. It now has a HK 9 gram motor, orange Rx, 6 gram Esc, 2s 200mah cells and two 3.7 gram servos, although the video shows it flying with a HK 5 gram motor. The floats are simply made from block foam with bamboo skewer spreaders. It is yet to ROW as the 'arrival" shown in the video knocked everything askew. A nice calm morning at the lake is keenly anticipated.
Floatplane flight.MOV (1 min 8 sec)