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Posted by xtrmtrk | Mar 03, 2016 @ 02:43 PM | 4,264 Views
I recently posted this in the Vector Waypoints poll/thread but was accused of advertising (I'm not sure of what) so I removed it to avoid the wrath of the forum patrol. I honestly was not trying to "sell" anything, I'm always looking to BUY the best affordable autopilot! I do think PitLabs is a great alternative to the Vector for certain requirements. I put some time and effort into this posting so I'm reposting it here to avoid loosing my thoughts. I'd love to hear anyone's input.

In my opinion, "different horses for different courses." I've got 5 Vectors and they're really good for hands-on, very active flying. I think it does a fantastic job of connecting the pilot to the action and control of his plane. For this type of use, I personally think they have the best affordable system available. And like you said, the user-base is large so there are a lot of people to answer questions. The software seems to be stable and changes infrequently (for better or worse ) so you don't feel like you're always chasing new features and bug fixes (can you say Ardupilot? I knew you could!). And ET might be bad at new features, but they're very good with support from their trouble ticket system.

But IMHO, if you want more hands-off automated flying, the Vector really isn't what you want. If you're doing aerial mapping, higher-quality aerial photography, or very long BLOS flights, IMHO Pitlab is the best option out...Continue Reading