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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Today @ 04:38 PM | 22 Views
For the 1st time, an ESC blew up from getting wet. All 3 PFETs blew up. They had been flown in rain, flown from wet fields, but never blew up before. Dunking in puddles finally got one wet enough to do the job. Potted it in aquarium sealer. It's not reworkable anymore.
Posted by l shems | Today @ 02:49 PM | 72 Views

been looking into the heli stuff for the Taranis, as it is heavily underpresented on the net. One of the first things I wanted to get sorted out is to do a Swash setup without the special heli page.

Actually that is quite simple: just mix the signals from the servos on your swashplate so that the plate tilts forward on elevator down, sideways on ailerons, and moves completely up and down on the collective pitch, applied through the pitchcurve linked to throttle.

For a 120 degrees swash plate, we can't mess up to much, since three points always make a plane. Just realise that the ele servo (yeah, confusing name) is 100 % from the pitch axis, whereas the pitch and aileron servos are linked at 50% distance from the pitch axis.
So, in order to tilt the plate forward, without moving the entire plate up or down, you should mix 50% to the pitch and aileron servo.

Same goes for roll. In order not to roll faster then pitching, you should limit the pitch and aileron servos to 86.6% of roll input.
Only thing left is to mix the collective pitch into all three.

Name: swash_120.gif
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Size: 5.0 KB
Description: (pic from here)

See below the effective mixes I set up, named CYC1, CYC2 and CYC3, as on the special heli page.

CYC1 = 100% colPitch + 100% elevator
CYC2 = 100% colPitch + 86.6% aileron - 50% elevator
CYC3 = 100% colPitch - 86.6% aileron - 50% elevator

This is based on the assumption of minimal tilt of the swashring, neglecting all effects of the finite radius of the swashring.
Also, the non linear behaviour of the...Continue Reading
Posted by FPV.Model | Today @ 12:09 PM | 108 Views
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We now have a new batch have just arrived at our EU warehouse, and another batch will arrive at US warehouse in a few days.

Posted by Galox | Today @ 11:29 AM | 137 Views
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Posted by Bill M - RC | Today @ 08:59 AM | 174 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

JJRC X8 review. Better price, value & features than a Bugs B2W. This JJRC X8 GPS 5G WiFi FPV with 1080P HD Camera RTF Brushless RC Quadcopter Drone review includes unboxing, inspection, setup, app, features, flight & time tests. Flight action starts at 11:18 .

Get this great value JJRC X8 GPS 5G WiFi FPV with 1080P HD Camera RTF Brushless RC Quadcopter Drone here now:

JJRC X8 Review - GPS 5G WiFi FPV 1080p Brushless Quadcopter drone (24 min 45 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Today @ 02:05 AM | 294 Views

As reported a few pages back, I have noticed that the Left wing had what appeared to be Hangar Rash but, WAIT a Second...................a closer look yield an UGLY thing known as Retract Almost Punch Through syndrome Certainly, we all know that I am the 3rd owner so, who knows what happened before my ownership. ALL I KNOW "IS" I have been pretty gentle with this model and it lands like a docile Trainer but, yes these Retracts / Struts don't give so, the landings have to be picture perfect. Otherwise, the motor end of the Retract tends to bend into a THIN PIECE of foam and you will see it protrude on the top side of the wing!

Okay, finally had some time to do this and the only way was coming home from work and taking a lap for 2 hours and now I am refreshed and doing an ALL NIGHT-ER of sorts and I feel like a Freight Train and going to town with this model. I am pretty happy with my results and the ONLY MOD was to insert a 1/16th Basswood inside where the Left Retract goes and insert this piece at the deep end of the wing where there's sufficient foam (Strength) and using WHITE Glue to keep it stay! Additionally, using two small washers, I was able to lift the Motor End of the Retract some so, it will have a higher sitting and not tend to go directly and punch through so easily. I am hoping that the Basswood would keep it from punching through during a hard landing.

What I am amazed "IS" the rather THIN PIECE of FOAM in this area...Continue Reading
Posted by GroundControlRC | Today @ 12:16 AM | 298 Views
Tutorial - Repairing a Mistake with your Foam Board

Here is a link to the Video:

Well, it happens to all of us, sooner or later your going to make a mistake in your plans or you just cut in the wrong place.
I made a mistake in my plans with my servo placement and was faced with either losing my wing plate and starting over or repairing my wing plate.
I chose the latter, let's repair this wing plate and not lose all the work we have already put into it.

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

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Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 11:46 PM | 301 Views
To make the miles more interesting, the decision was made. Originally wanted to discard the ears & just use the antlers, but didn't have the stomach to tear it all apart, despite being $1. The intact antlers are easier to break down. The nose was an LED light bulb with a red LED replacing the white LEDs. The red LED needed a diffusing cover in the form of translucent heat shrink which is no longer made.
Posted by dsquad | Yesterday @ 10:36 PM | 323 Views
This video is a review for the H108 boat, it's a great boat for the price, excellent build quality... check the review and videos in action here:
H108 High Speed Racing Boat Review (9 min 39 sec)

Posted by julinator04 | Yesterday @ 07:23 PM | 396 Views
Ok I got it. You ordered the wrong cable. And you just realized it and now you are mad.

That's exactly what happened to me.

But dont worry. I got you. There's a way you're flying tonight and you don't have to wait for the next delivery

The difference between the Data and Simulator Cable is that the Simulator Cable got only two cables for Ground and PPM output and the Data cable got 3 cables for Ground TX and RX port.

So what you want to do is cut your USB side of the data cable and solder it up to a 3.5mm headphone jack. You will probably have to check yourself which cable goes where but these pictures of the PINs will probably help you.

Solder the grounds together (s-video ground is the ring around)
Solder one of each remaining cables of the S video to your 3.5mm jack left or right canal cable doesnt matter which.

Now we have working flysky data cable with headphone jack instead of usb.
Our right and left channel of the 3.5mm jack is going to the "TX" and "RX" output (see in the picture) of the Transmitter
But that's not what we wanted. To gain access to the "PPM" output of the TX we will have to short circuit two pins.

I did this by just putting a stiff cable into the "PPM" and "TX" ouput of the Transmitter. Now the S-video cable goes a little bit harder into the Transmitter but it's fine. I attached a picture showing how it looks now

Done !

How to get the Transmitter working in your Simulator (with SmartPropoPlus etc.) is shown in other Blogposts. Check these out for more information. This topic is more than saturated.

I couldnt find this help anywhere so I hope I could help you.
I'm happy to help if you got any questions.

Happy Flying !
Posted by JohnVH | Yesterday @ 06:44 PM | 476 Views
Having a blast with the trusty ol Tundra!
Durafly Tundra on Wiser Lake Washington (7 min 6 sec)

Get one here at HobbyKing!
Posted by Johnjules | Yesterday @ 06:34 PM | 397 Views
Hi everyone,
I have taken up my RC plane flying hobby again and need some help with this. (Have 5 incomplete planes and two ready to fly)
Some advise about all sorts.

I am in need of a Futaba FB-RFYM2-FM Charger + power pack.
Engine ungumming advice.
Glowplug Battery and charger.
Repair materials to repair wing and fuselage coverage.
Lots of little repair materials.
I have many spare servo's I could trade or sell.
Please message or even better call me at 07791853932
Posted by Border Lord | Yesterday @ 12:21 PM | 571 Views
Hi All

This will be an occasional (probably very) series on a build of a Blade 300CFX purchased as a bare airframe off e-bay.
Have to admit most of my fleet is either Align or clone. Got into E-Flite because a mate asked me to repair a couple of his models which turned out to be a Blade 400 fb and a 450X fbl.
Both of these are now fixed and flying well, but two things became apparent. First was I liked the layout and lightness of the models, second was the silly parts prices.
Anyway, searching for a main gear for a reasonable price someone pointed out that the 450X and the 300CFX shared the same gear. Even offered to lend me one of his spares to get me out of trouble, generous guy. Turned out I didn't need it, but I did a google search for the CFX and it turned out it had a couple of interesting features.
E-Bay search came up with a bare airframe for a reasonable price (£45) so the die was cast.
This was bought from an E-bay seller in this country, so the parcel arrived pretty quickly. In fact the day before it was expected.
Good news was, in addition to the airframe he also included a big bag of spares. Enough, in fact, to build another complete frame if I needed it:

Decided not to get into it until all my other projects were finished, but you know how these things suck you in.
So, first couple of items.
Model came without a canopy. Quick search revealed new canopies could cost £27 or so. That's more than half the complete airframe, so not for me.
Root...Continue Reading
Posted by TinkleWid | Yesterday @ 10:40 AM | 588 Views

Initial Review from flying with the TopSky Prime S1 Goggles after using a set of Eachine Goggles for 10 months.

Overall, a frustrating day but there is hope in sight once TopSky release a production version!

I have written to TopSky and am awaiting a response!!

TopSky Prime 1S FPV Goggles WARNING 🐢 Caddx Turtle V2 🕶️ VTX Issue 🕶️ Box Goggles Comparison (4 min 39 sec)

Equipment Used:
TopSky Prime S1 🕶️
Flying the Kwad Karl (Bando Racer 3) BR3 Frame
XJB 145 build and motors
Caddx Turtle v2
VRD2 Pro Goggle
Jumper T8SG
Gemfan 3052

Caddx Turtle Settings: 1080p 60FPS
Wide FoV
7 saturation
1 Sharpness
5 Contrast
5 Brightness
EV -0.3
WDR on

Go Pro Lens (if you have space in the frame)
caddx turtle v2 vs runcam split mini 2
Posted by Logan3Messi10 | Yesterday @ 09:40 AM | 627 Views
I'm looking for a good first tenth scale car, budget is 150 US Dollars. I keep looking and can't find anything that's actually a good price while being pretty good quality. I just can't pay over 200 for one really.
Posted by navigator2011 | Dec 13, 2018 @ 08:32 PM | 904 Views
I absolutely love my Trex 150X for flying around my front yard, practicing maneuvers. I've been putting 6-7 packs through the 150X every morning for nearly a year, now, and I love it! Perfect size for my front yard, and super quiet too! All I really hear is the blades ripping through the air. There's a lot of negativity about this heli, so I thought I'd post about my positive experience with my 150X and a few tips that may be helpful.

Although I have a few bigger helicopters, I like to use micro helicopters to migrate new skills from my simulator to the real world. Like many pilots, I have a mental barrier to trying something completely new with a larger, more expensive helicopter. And then there's the intimidation factor--it's enough to just freeze my hands! My solution to this gestalt was to buy a Blade Nano CPS and then convince myself that it's disposable and thus crash-able.

I made a lot of progress flipping and flying inverted with the Nano CPS, but I became increasingly frustrated with the behavior of the brushed motors, the twitches, and the tail blow-outs. I have arrived at a skill level where more crashes are caused by the helicopter's anemic power and tail authority than my dumb thumbs. So I pulled the trigger on the Trex 150X.

The 150X's performance is so much better than the Nano CPS, and also my Blade mCPS, particularly in the tail area. Continual tail blow-outs had been just killing my Blade helis! The 150X, on the other hand, has enough power and...Continue Reading