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Posted by phil alvirez | Jun 20, 2011 @ 08:51 AM | 8,459 Views
testing motors on my elfs
july 20: now that it is not cold, when there is no wind am able to fly from dawn to sunrise, and am learning more about how different motors do with my elfs. for details see snowflake, elf 20, 22, and 24 threads.

single cells
july 20: so far with the turnigy 160 i get about 5 minutes flights; with the nano 160 about 7 minutes. my flights are: take-off (or hand launch), climb to level flight, cruise, power off, land (or catch), then up again.

brake on 6400?
july 11: when flying on grass, i like to catch my planes. for that reason, i need brake. i have noticed that, with some of the 6400s, the prop stops when throttling back, whilst with others it doesn't. i don't know why, but that's a fact. therefore, when using a brushed motor (as with the 8.5's), if i notice that 1 of them doesn't stop, i add an extra esc. the 1 i use is the cirrus (micro joule S5A1, No. 443434 from global hobby), that, once trimming wires and replacing connectors, weighs only 1 gram. if using a brushless motor, like the 1015, i need an extra esc anyway, and i use the HK XP 3A 1S from hk, that weighs 2 grams with new connectors on.

motors:now that the weather is good to my cells, am able to perform field tests. bench tests are good to provide an idea, but there is nothing like flying to reach more accurate conclusions. please consider that i rarely go beyond 70% throttle (and that for a few seconds).
these are my perceptions:

brushed motors:
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