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Posted by phil alvirez | Aug 25, 2010 @ 02:16 PM | 15,588 Views
My New ELF
backyard trainer/sport, 18" wingspan, champ or 6400 brick, sukhoi motor/prop/mount, 80 sq in wing area, 36.7 grams auw, for calm weather or indoor. more details on the thread at indoor and micro models. and it flies like an Elf: i mean, like my other elves. i call it 'radio assisted free flight'.
the orange/blue is the prototype (motor/prop same as sukhoi), and the yellow/orange/green is the standard as shown on the plans (motor/prop same as p51), just longer fuselage than the prototype. the idea is to let the cell be at the cg so it can be replaced with other sizes without altering the balance.

dec 23: the plans CAD full size and letter tiled PDF are at the thread at indoor and micro models, post 28: