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Posted by mundo330 | Jan 25, 2015 @ 09:39 PM | 4,127 Views
My avitar photo is of Dargo who past away this spring. He was 15 years old and for anyone who knows pugs that is very old. He developed Lymphoma and although the steroids helped he finally succumbed. We originally found him in a Humane Society Shelter and he was in bad shape. They found him tied to the front door of the shelter that morning. No collar or leash, just a piece of rope. He was infested with fleas and mites, and had no fur on his hind quarters. He was covered in bruises and had cuts all over him. It turned out that he had been beaten so bad they had broke his back at his tail. We took him and nursed him back to health. He did well and became known as our Pug Warrior, but was very aloof for a pug. Until we got the pups, Pilot and Aeryn. Then he came out of his shell and started playing and being like a normal pug.
We will miss you Dargo!