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I can still count a lot more activity (clicks) in my old archived gallery.

Posted by jbeckett | Mar 09, 2006 @ 11:56 AM | 2,705 Views
Flights to date: 14

Sun 12Mar: Sunrise. Wind apparently 6-10 mph (increasing as I went). I seem to have the CG problem licked. Seemed to have trouble getting a lot of altitude, but no difficulty running below about 100ft. This may simply be that was not recognizing how high it was at higher elevations. I'm doing a good job of keeping track of attitude, but have difficulty telling how far away the airplane is still.

1) Probably 4-5 minutes. Rudder trim needed to go left. Post-flight inspection showed that it was indeed a tad off-center. Long flight. Did a lot of tacking into the wind - slow up-wind, rocketing down-wind runs. Landed in the weeds because I did not account for the headwind reducing the length of the landing run.
2) Longer flight (6-8 minutes). After an abortive "cartwheel" launch (still got to lean to throw), got into the air. Did a double-loop. Am now calibrating diameter of loops somewhat, not just doing a yank of the stick. Did a stall at one point, recovered nicely. Wind is getting stronger, gusting. Bit of a hard landing - canopy popped off.
3) One more flight, about 2 minutes. Ended with a perfect landing. Time for breakfast.

Fri 10Mar06: Two flights. Other people there, had them throw. Both successful flights. First flight skimmed through a puddle as I l landed.

Wed 03Mar06: First thing in the day. Son did throws. 2 flights. CG appears too far back - porpoising some. Did a loop, found it went rather quickly. Wind was rising, especially at altitude so we quit early. Good landings - but it bounces (CG problem?)
Installed magnets in wing and cockpit cover.

Sun 26Feb06: 3 flights (son doing throws). Went for some duration and altitude this time. Had trouble getting "throw" to work myself, but son did just fine. Learned to push wings back in after a harsh landing.

Fri 24Feb06: 4 flights (wife timing), all about a minute long, maiden, first successes for myself. CG was too far forward at first, but moving it back got me in the air.
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Readied the thorn for DS, tossed it out over the frontside and... Yeehaa! Here is a picture just a few moments before launch at our excellent, nearly private DS site in Western Wisconsin.
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What is this Blog Thingy ?
Posted by ghoti | Mar 08, 2006 @ 10:56 PM | 5,449 Views
GH as in enough

O as in women

TI as in nation.

George Bernard Shaw, I think, thought that one up.
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Few pics of me and my best friend, DB.
Posted by Kill_A._Byte | Mar 08, 2006 @ 08:04 PM | 2,691 Views
OK, got sick of the weak mechanics of the DF2 so I started in on this.
...Continue Reading
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Hey, Hack - Thanks for the information. I had always been using the basic entry system, and I guess RCGroups likes to have you enter your www links in a different way.

Here's the link to the home page of my humble website...

Link to My Website
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I used to fly a Heli-Boy (60) many yrs ago when collective was even hard to find! However since it was (& still is!) in my blood I was thinking about buying maybe a "BLADE CX" from A & J hobbies here in Toronto. I know flite time is directly proportional to "stick movement" & other varying factors but cud someone maybe suggest "typical flite times"? Another important thing I feel is the imortance of having at least one or even 2 extra battery packs on site but since I have no idea of charging times or whether the "newer" packs are fast charge? Are most chargers now run from 12V. & is 110V.A.C. in also available in case ur close to a source?
I've never even seen, let along flown a Coaxial machine but I think I'd be ok since flying gas units (albeit) many moons ago! Think Noah had his Ark then!

I suppose there's a million more questions but the invaluable knowledge I've gained just from joining RC Groups is totally excellent & I'd also like to say to any other members that happen by: Many thanks to you all for your professionalism, invaluable and very informative postings etc.

Thanks again guys,

Paul 09
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My XL "footwarmers"
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Here's a pic and video of the Wattage Slow Jazz with a brushless motor.

Wattage Slow Jazz Video
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Here are some pictures of my Lord Nelson Victory Tug, EC-12 Sailboat, Canterbury J Sailboat and Garwood speedster.
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This will be the first in a weekly series of stereophotos. Most of you may know that I do aerial stereophotography, and there is a pretty large collection in the gallery

This feature will be ground-based stereophotography, and, most of the time, will have an aviation-related theme, but sometimes will feature other subjects.

This week, I have a photo from the Reagan Library of the exhibit of Air Force One, with Marine One visible under the wing. See aerial photos of the place in the following two threads:
and , taken by BrentLA.
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Sig Rascal 40 ARF - started Feb 16, 2006

Phoenix Sukhoi Su-31 46 ARF - started Sep 28, 2005.

My first plane design - CoroStar 40 - started Feb 07, 2005.
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no really it is... it's a blog entry... just try and deny it.