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Are these features of Detrum Smart DT9 you'd like ?🙂

*Voice broadcasting system
*Charge online
*Wireless Trainer system
*2 timers
*Store up to 250 models
*4096 high section precision sticks
*Vibration alert for alarm conditions and low battery
*Dual antenna diversity
*Flying Date back
*Set programming parameters of ESC online
*Set programming parameters of stabilized or Telemetry receiver
*SD card support ,upgrade and import/export data
*RTH easy with receiver SR86A-G or RXC9 with Z3

#SmartRadio #9ch #airplaneradio #telemetry #detrum

Detrum Blitz DT9 / Sr86A-G GPS receiver (23 min 4 sec)

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The free flight models use a de thermalizer system to stop the model from flying away. I wanted to do the same with the Elf and came up with a system that uses the flying stab to stop forward motion and bring the Elf vertically down. I programmed the elevator rate switch C2 to give full up that stalls the model but keeps the model level as it descends. If I release full up elevator the mode resumes flying. The Elf has to slow down gradually before applying full up elevator to get the correct level attitude before the descent starts. My low rate C0 switch postion is programmed for the Launch mode. I have elevator trim set for a high speed throw with about a 80 degree climb angle. At top of climb I can keep her in Launch mode for aerobatics or move the switch to C1 for Cruise Mode with a little more up elevator, or go into Thermal Mode C2 with more up elevator. I have the rates adjusted so that full up stick gives me the correct elevator angle for a vertical fuselage level descent. The Expo is adjusted so that normal elevator travel is available but full stick gives me full up elevator.

In flight adjustment is required to find the correct angle. An incorrect elevator angle will cause a porpoise descent or stall repetition. To prevent a nose down crash release full up elevator to recovery from the stall/crash manuever. Your CG will have an effect on the angle. My CG is slightly forward (2.9 inches) from what Vladimirs 2.9-3.3 inch range....Continue Reading
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After the 6 year old 250 mah 1S battery failure the crash broke the phenolic rudder horn and nylon stab fixture. I used thin CA and accelerator to re secure the nylon to CF boom bond. For the rudder horn I replaced it with aluminum that is bent 90 degrees for a stronger bond to the fiberglass rudder skin. I measured the music wire diameter and used some spare wire to drill a hole in the aluminum for a no slop fit. To fill the void around the rudder slot I used brown Gorilla Glue to expand and fill in the void. I have about 20 throws with no cracking or damage to the repair areas.
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I bought my Elf from Kennedy Composites in Jan 2014 and have about 35 hours indicated on my DX9 transmitter. She has an AR400 with out the case and Dymond D47 servos for elevator and rudder. I purchased the Shread-RC 240 mah 1S voltage booster/charger.

Last week on the 5th or 6th throw she lost power to the receiver and Elf impacted the soft ground hard enough to break the CA glue bond for the plastic stab fixture. I checked battery voltage and with 2 beeps this figures out to 3.5 + .2+= 3.7. However after cycling the rudder for about 20 seconds the red power LED extinguished. So with 6 years of use I figured it was time for some preventative maintenance.

I emailed [email protected] but with no response I purchased a 300 1S lipo from . The Shread-RC 250 battery weighs 6 gm and the RDQ 300 weighs 8 gm. It is longer than the 250 but fits on the boom between the servo and the boom nose. I cut the red and black wires and soldered them together then taped the battery and booster to the boom to locate the charging prongs and canopy opening. After finding the correct position I used Shoe Goo to secure the battery and booster to the boom. I recently got about 20 throws at the park with 10-12 winds and found no change in handling or CG.
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I had a mischief of a time unfolding the canopy for the Jetstream......I finally modeled the thing using 3D faces and unfolded each face using point-to-point projection.....I test cut the canopy out of heavy card stock, just to make sure
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The maiden was a little hairy. I slowed it down a little, reduced the FC gain, and tuned the radio. Very different flight the 2nd time:

ZOHD Dart 250g FPV Version • 3s Battery with 3 Blade Prop • Gain and Rates Info (17 min 29 sec)

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Our beloved RGB has died and Trump wants to replace her before the election. Trump picks his A-lister choice the GOP wants to rush it through, the Dems fight it but it gets pushed thru the confirmation hearings, in this dream, the choice refuses the post. Time runs out, the horn blows and its too late game over. The next President picks the judges. RIP RBG

In another dream
New game show idea called WHO WANTS TO BE AMERICAS NEXT PRESIDENT? Hosted by Alex Trebec with game show podiums, buzzers and insta-fact checking with automated scores revealing points deducted for each false fact or lie.
Final Round is called the dunk tank round. Contestants sit above a water tank filled from our very own Flint, Michigan and once the point level goes negative, so splashes the liar.

Episode 4 an homage to Dr. Strangelove (all black and white) Gentlemen you cant fight in here, this is the war room
Or Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue where we return to the Dunk tank and the contestants have both been exposed to the waters of Flint. And in keeping with DJTs previous and unseemly association with the Miss America pageant Trump and Biden have to do a swim suit competition.

Plus the snarkiest of Republicans and Democrats make up a panel of 3 each to provide commentary on the competition. It will not be pretty, well some of them are pretty, the others are pretty awful.
Mitch McConnell VS Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Lindsay Graham VS Nancy Pelosi
Rush Limbaugh VS Rachel Maddow

Before all this happens Trumpy is asleep and dreaming he shows up for the debate and hes greeted like at a Trump rally. The scene looks like its staked and pitched in his favor. He has the best answers Man, Woman, Television.

So he wins the debate 100 to Zero. Then he wakes up and goes to the game show. At that point the nightmare begins
Evil laughterbwwhahhh-ha-ha-ha
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hello I have a arriss 280x long range Explorer with a taranas qx7 problem im having is i had the r9mm-0ta bound and i soldiered the signal wire back on and turned it on and both the red and green light stay on and solid it won't flash or bind its like its stuck i dont kniw can any one help me
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Episode 118: "Chickenhawk" is now live!

In this episode, the gang talks with prolific RC writer, and full-scale helicopter pilot, Greg Gimlick. They chat about:
-Spektrum NX radios (1:45)
-Greg's genesis (22:08)
-REAL choppers (45:22)
-Greg's projects (56:25)
-Fitz's Build-n-Fly event report (1:00:45)
-Shock Cub update (1:17:00)
-Fall SMALL (1:26:20)

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.
We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, on twitter, or via email: [email protected].

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us an email: [email protected].
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If you need faster servo for your 1/8 cars, the A81BHSW will be great choice for you.
Name: A81BHSW (1) (Traxxas Stampede).jpg
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It has [email protected] with hight torque [email protected]
Name: A81BHSW-官网手机.jpg
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If you wonder how to oder this great servo, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

The A81BHSW has solid construction with below features:
* high precision CNC case
*Long life brushless motor
*IP67 waterproof
*Magnetic sensor
*Heat Sink Fast Cooling Design
*Classic heat shrink outlook
*Programmable digital circuit
*Extra strong steel gears

The A81BHSW is ideal for 1/8, 1/10 scale on road , off road, truck, boat, airplane, helicopter, robot and engine.

Specification of A81BHSW

Operating Voltage: 4.8-8.4 V

Operating speed:
0.097sec/60 @ 6.0V
0.086sec/60 @ 7.4V
0.075sec/60 @ 8.4V

Stall Torque:
28 kg-cm (389 oz-in)@ 6.0V
31 kg-cm (431 oz-in)@ 7.4V
35 kg-cm (486 oz-in)@ 8.4V
Gear: Steel
Motor: BLS
Size: 40*20*37.2mm (1.57 x 0.78 x 1.46 in)

More product info please check here: Reading
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This was fun:

ZOHD Dart 250g Maiden Flight (10 min 34 sec)

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Side bar Shooting down boats is not on my Presidential Crazy Sound Bite Bingo Card
A communique was received today by the SLA which you may remember from the 1970s when Patty Hearst was kidnapped and turned. The conspiracy theory was that she arranged it all and it wasnt the Stockholm syndrome at all. Well go with that theory, that Barron was always a little just like his dad until opening his 3rd eye while in the company of the SLA Ayahuasca may have been involved and as you know, once youve seen it you cant unsee it.
Episode 3 He finally gets some intelligence even thought its artificial. In a Pigs Brain [cameo appearance by Elon Musk] Basically, DJT has a stroke or? Elon Musk convinces him to get a brain chip so that he has the best answers and the most real facts in his debates with Biden.
Whenever Elon Musk puts a chip in a pigs brain something goes kinda funny. The chip is made in Wauweh, China and has an exploitable back door access that Tik Tokers hack into periodically. They cant do it all the time but only under certain circumstances, at first they make him blurt out words like Turrets syndrome. Then later they add bursts of dance moves.
Pretty soon we see him saluting the flag while tap dancing like Shirley Temple, like dancing with the Stars (& Stripes) and soon there is a posse dance chorus line style of the entire cabinet, hangers on and cronies dancing in union.
The opinion of his base remains unchanged as they are impressed with his talent.
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