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All our lives we are receiving and sending out information. Mix-ups occur frequently - Basic Linguistics for Secondary Schools [Brian N Ball] ..

◄► "Wahr" comes from latin (verus), néerlandais waar (« vrai »), from whence came (Wahrheit and bewähren) .. Swedish : bewaare ? .. The introduction of the new sense of "bewahren" meaning (guard, retain, preserve, حافَظَ, bewahren, protect, sorgen dafür, veiller sur, surveiller), might have been introduced by Trade? .. .. Preservation, Bewahrung (الحفاظ or حفظ) of Goods traded between Arabs and German Traders in Medieval Europe .. We can imagine that some Medieval merchants understood that (بضاعة) means (Goods) .. .. with (ض) correspond to (w) .. (ع) correspond to (r) .. And it is possible that they shortened (بضاعة) to (ضاعة pronounced: Ware) by removing (be / ب) .. And we can imagine that some other Merchants misunderstood (بضاعة) for (bewahre) meaning (preserve sth. حافَظَ) .. ..
La mère possédait un gros coffre de chêne, qu'elle ne permettait à personne d'ouvrir. Elle y gardait (حافَظَ), toutes les choses qu'elle avait héritées de sa propre mère et aux-quelles elle tenait beaucoup .. Mutter besaß eine große,...Continue Reading