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Land SnaiL 930 e-board:

1. Especial snap-on for the motor and wheel, easy assembly and easy replace.

2. Whole sealing hub motor and lock shaft to mount, sand prevention and long service life.

3. NSK waterproof bearing, which are dedicated for heavy load motor and maintenance-free for its lifetime.

WhatsApp/Skype: +86 13670131260

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hello folks,

i have or had a nice Top Flite P-47D Thunderbolt ARF .60-.91,63" that had a mechanical failure and went nose down I am looking for a wing, or any parts available for this plane, it can be flying again if i can locate a wing or the plans for the wing to repair the damage done . anyone out there have any parts for this plane?
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Hello Everyone ,

This is Catherine from Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd.

This is the QS9L-M to AS150 Charge Cable customized by our customer. Are you interested in?

We also welcome you to customize it!

Best Regards,

QS Dongguan QS Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd
M 86 134 80010457 P 86 (0) 769 84750417 Skype chenmin19911 Email [email protected]
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The XLF F16 is a Ready To Run (RTR) 1:14 scale 4WD off road Radio-controlled racing buggy. It notably includes a very large 550 sized brushless motor and a number of 'upgrade' metal components including suspension arms and knuckles. The brushed version as reviewed here retails for around $100 and has options with one or 2 batteries.

Here is my in-depth review and comparison to the highly regarded WL Toys 144001 with which it competes:

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After 2 separate flying days and watching a fellow club member tweak and fly this plane, I had to order it Tower Hobbies. I also; ordered the same power system as he did saving a good amount of dollars, should be under $200.

I will put up a "Build Log because there are a few things that should be identified since it's been available for for some time now. I'll start by saying that at the time of starting this post, I purchased the UPROAR V2 for $99 and went elsewhere for the Power System.

My Build Thread is HERE
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Out to the hill today with a forecast of 12 to 13 mph and a 2 hour window of the correct wind direction .
On the way up I was greeted by 2 pairs of Red Tail Hawks cruising the slope and screeching theirs songs -a Good sign !
Once on top I was greeted with 15 gusting to around 20 -Yea !

Lately I have been on a mission to complete old projects and get my shop and bench cleared for some new ones, with today's the milder wind prediction I elected to bring out a little ship that had been collecting dust for way to long - A scratch built "Limit Ex " that I built in 2011 ...way Too long

The Limit went out first -it needed some up trim , and the aileron throws were "Very aggressive " she is a nimble little beastie
after about 5 minutes I brought her back in and programmed dual rates and a bit of expo - back out she still had a blinding roll with 60% throw but now comfortable .
Tooled around some more and brought her back in to move the battery back about 1/4 "
spot on - she flew flat in the gusts and the lulls ,flew for another 25 minutes , what neat little bird

After a brief rest I put the 1M Epee out - no surprises here ,I could elevator her up and out of sight or rip back and forth across the face of the hill
After 2hr's I was content to pack up and head back down the hill
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Just finished this build today. Used this frame available on Armattan. 1-2s BetaFPV F4 FC, 0802 22,000kv ball bearing motors, NewBeeDrone AZI quad blade props, and a NewBeeDrone Goober canopy with an Inductrix AIO camera mounted in it.. This thing is a little ripper and handles great! Immediately became my favorite new micro for backyard and indoor flying.
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I've seen several methods to enable and disable the throttle output. Here's my current one. This works for me; make sure whatever you implement works for you. Be safe: Test thoroughly, and never trust an idle prop when the battery is connected!

  • When you select the model in the transmitter, the throttle is initially disabled even if you skip the built-in startup throttle warning and leave the throttle stick raised. "Throttle disabled" is announced at startup, and "Thr Disabl" is displayed on the screen.
  • You enable the throttle by pressing the ThrTrim up with the throttle stick at idle. The throttle will not enable with the stick raised.
  • You disable the throttle by pressing the ThrTrim down. This works with any throttle stick position.
  • "Throttle active" is announced and "Thr Active" is displayed as a confirmation when it is enabled.
  • "Throttle active" is periodically announced when the enabled throttle stick is at idle. You could add haptic (vibration) feedback as well. This serves as a warning / reminder when the stick is live but you can't tell it from looking at the plane.
  • "Throttle disabled" is announced and "Thr Disabl" is displayed every time it is disabled.
  • [Optional - see below] "Throttle disabled" is announced as a reminder if the disabled throttle stick is raised.



  • Check the Throttle Warning box. This enables a startup warning if the
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Master Modeler and Pilot Brent "Corsairnut" Hecht WRINGS OUT the Freewing MiG-29 at Rabbit Dry Lake recently :
Freewing MiG-29 Fulcrum Twin 80mm EDF Jet PNP - Flight at Rabbit Dry Lake! (7 min 35 sec)

Brent really shows off this model's SUPERB slow flight capability - BOTH right-side up, and UPSIDE DOWN !

(Along with some super-slippery greased landings....!)

Enjoy the show
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This is a build log for my newest project, a partially solar-powered, extended X-UAV talon controlled via 4G. The idea is to increase wingspan while lowering weight, carrying fewer batteries. Thus, the rough technical outline of the project is as follows:
  • X-UAV Talon with dual wing extensionw, 2.3m wingspan. Laminated wings to provide the needed stiffness.
  • Controlled using Arduplane, via a Pixhawk and a Rasperry Pi connected to a 4G modem, running UAVCast Pro
  • Powered by a 4S6P Li-Ion pack (21Ah) and Sunpower C60 solar cells

Note that this is NOT a fully solar powered plane, as that would require a different airframe. However, since basically no solar RC plane can fly longer than a full day either, I think the talon should come pretty close to staying airborne for a ~10h day.

The solar setup is as follows:
  • 16 Sunpower C60 panels per wing, and 6.5 on the body, for a total of 38.5 panels, providing ~23V power
  • Genasun GV-10 4S Li-Ion MPPT Solar Charge controller
This power setup should, theoretically, provide a maximum of ~135W of power under ideal conditions. This would equate to ~9A at 14.8V, which is more than enough to keep this plane airborne. However, since real-world conditions will never allow for that level of power, the talon will most likely never fly from solar power only. Thus, we add a large Li-Ion battery that would on its own be sufficient for a couple hours of flight.

Current status:
  • Assemble, tune and test fly talon with dual wing extensions (DONE)
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I replaced circuit board on my h502s, ive binded the transmitter to the copter all ok but its saying check gyro sensors, if you move the drone it ask to calibrate but you can't, any answers please
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Continued Crazyness Out In the Shop:

The Little Tom Tom is pretty much through it's construction phase...just getting clear coats 'till it's masked off for color.

So now, it's sibling "The Scout" is up for the bench, and getting it's parts punched out and trimmed.
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Traxxas has discontinued all the OBA (On-Board Audio) Slash trucks and I was able to locate one of each (2wd, 4X4 & 4X4-Ultimate) from different locations! I plan on keeping one for myself (probably the 4X4) and flip the other one by parting it out and selling it after maybe waiting a little longer for them to become more rare. I haven't bought the Ultimate OBA yet but I'm thinking about this one too, so I might end up buying an Ultimate tomorrow, we'll see. Here is the breakdown of what I paid for the two vehicles I bought tonight...

Total paid was...

$269.95 (Slash 2wd w/OBA - White)
N/A (Shipping)
N/A (Tax)

$439.95 (Slash 4X4 w/OBA - Color TBD)
N/A (Shipping)
N/A (Tax)
$709.90 (Grand Total)

I've always liked the OBA sound and I use to own a Slash 2wd Robby Gordon edition that I ended up converting to OBA myself back in 2016 and documented it here...) I really enjoyed that truck but I was able to sell it and parted out some it (i.e., Robby Gordon orange body) along with other stuff and made a very decent profit so I'm hoping I can do the same again!

I'll update this blog with anything else I end up doing which is why I love this blog btw! I get to keep track of my RC escapades over the years!

Here are some stock pics from Traxxas...

2WD OBA...

4X4 OBA...
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Motor test of Land SnaiL 930 E-Board.

- CNC Trucks, 0.01mm tolerance, accurate without any play.
- The wheel with quick replaceable design, much easier replace.

WhatsApp/Skype: +86 13670131260

Test the Skateboard Motor, Land SnaiL 930 E-Skateboard (0 min 38 sec)

#BrotherHobby #LandSnaiL #ESkateboard #LandSnaiL930 #electricskateboard #esk8 #eboard #eboarding #electricskateboarding #skateboard #skate #electricscooter
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Do you like this new 5 blades? Gemfan new 2.5'' cinewhoop as asked coming!!
D63-5👉Higher efficiency, lower noise, and perfect performance on low kv quad.

Get them free by our Giveaway with Beta FPV
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What would you say about 1:12 (maybe 1:10) scale Northrop P61 Black Widow? A plane I have always dreamed about. I finally started drafting first pieces.

1.7m span
Estinated weight 2 - 3kg
Retracts and flaps included. I am not sure about spolireons that may be hard to print and operate. But we will see.
Carbon fiber reinforced - as usual
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Hawker Tempest Mk-1 Foamie

I got the airframe cut out this morning, with the exception of the firewall and servo/battery tray...won't take long....but I did something different this time...instead of cutting formers and bending/gluing the slabs onto them, I cut longitudinal sections that are keyed on both ends...then I'll make templates for the taper of both the fore and aft sections of the fuselage, and cut the tapers with a hot wire.

Plans are for a Cobra 2820/14 840 kV motor, 60 Amp ESC 2600mah 60C 4S

Fuselage is 1/2" rigid insulation....Wings and feathers are 3/16" Elmers board

This build is in preparation for a 60" - 66" balsa version with retracts....just want to make sure it'll fly before I start cutting balsa