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Posted by pjdog350 | Jul 10, 2015 @ 06:54 PM | 10,063 Views
While searching the net looking for a E-Flite Fokker DVII 250 slow flier I came across a S.E. 5a. I've been looking for one of these also but really wanted the Fokker D VII more. Anyway the price was just $ 65.00 so I bought it. However the Shipping was really way high. $ 34.00. Total price was $ 99.00 which is about right! It was there last one. Normally when I find something like this they always come back and say they don't have it but they will order one. when I tell them they are out of production they say sorry?????

I emailed them first to be sure they had it. I found this plane in Canada, I guess that's the reason for the high shipping cost!

I sure hope this plane will fly like the Nieuport 17 which is superb!

07/17/2015 update:

The S.E. 5a arrived today. Box was really beat up badly. I thought there would surely be damaged parts. However, there was no damage. I think that maybe when the plane was packaged at the factory that they damaged the tail skid as it was broken and laid over 90 degrees to the fuselage. A little foam safe CA fixed that.

I did an inventory of the contents and all was there. Started looking through the manual and to my surprise pages 15, 16, 17 & 18 where missing? I went to Horizon and looked for the manual on line. Found it and printed out the pages. I thought that was best as it's where you line if the bottom wing & the cabane struts.

I have been building RC models for a long time and really could have gotten along...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog350 | Jun 24, 2015 @ 08:54 AM | 9,495 Views
I finally got the E-Flite Nieuport 17 250 Slow Fly in the air today. I tried to fly it the other day and the motor came out of the Carbon Fiber tube it was glued in. I used CA glue and the instructions said to use RTV Silicone. I should have followed the instructions because I never did find the motor. I have several extra motors (T2211-2300) so I installed another one using the correct glue.

Charged up a couple of new batteries and went off to the park. At first the trim was off. I had to add several clicks of up elevator and 6 to 8 clicks of right (Port) trim. She does not turn to the right (Port) very well. I have to put full right in her to get her to go right? I'll have to look into that.

But after the corrections she flies great. Very slow and gentle. A great plane to a day with NO wind!

Third maiden flight:

E-Flite Neiuport 17 250 maiden again (Part 1) (6 min 46 sec)

Second flight:

E-Flite Neiuport 17 250 second flight (7 min 56 sec)
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Posted by pjdog350 | Jun 14, 2015 @ 10:59 AM | 9,390 Views
I've had the F4F for a long time. 4 maybe 5 years. It's just been hanging in the garage (Man Cave). I even warped the rudder and horizontal stabilizer from the heat in the garage. But away - last night I used my wife hair dryer on the stabilizer and it worked. I've tried allot of things but as the last resort I tried the hair dryer. This morning early I checked the stabilizer and it was still straight. I called my friend last night and told him after all this years I was going to give the F4F a shot at a maiden flight.

I've been flying RC sense 1972 but the last 10 years it been all UM & UMX war birds. I normally fly at home using the street as a runway. But the F4F is too big to fly at home. So I went up to the Local Civic Center where they have three soccer fields side by side. They have Baseball fields and tennis courts but the soccer fields are they only suitable fields I can use. I've been flying off & on for over a year there and never had any problems. Of course I fly at first light so there is almost never anyone there except the maintenance folks.

Well - I friend has only been at the RC thing for a month. He has a new Champ and a DX6I we fly at the civic center. So I was a little worried about his hand launch. But he assured me he was up to it. He did a great job. Now here in Hudson Florida there are big Marsh Hawks. They have never bothered me when flying at the park. At first I was nervous about them but lost that as they seem to leave my RC Planes...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog350 | Jun 03, 2015 @ 02:49 PM | 9,932 Views
Today (06/03/2015) the Easy Sky B-17G showed up. Real well packed.. A well built RC plane.

I unboxed it and for a change read the instructions. plugged in the rudder. Balanced it to 55MM front the inside leading edge of the wing as the manual said.
Oiled the pinion end of the motors & bound the B-17 to the DX6 TX.

I had to correct the rudder a smidgen as it had left in it.

All I need now is to charge up some batteries. I had a bunch of batteries for this plane!.

Let the fun begin.

Maiden B-17G flight

Maiden flight of Easy Sky B-17G (4 min 28 sec)

Second flight

Second flight Easy Sky B-17G Part2 (2 min 46 sec)
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Posted by pjdog350 | May 27, 2015 @ 10:08 AM | 10,361 Views
I thought I ordered a UMX B-17G from A-Main hobbies but turns out I ordered a P-38. I already have the Fly Zone P-38 so I was not going to get the HK model. But when I showed up it's looks good and is painted different so I'll keep it.

I did the phone order for the HK B-17G. I don't know what happened but it does look like I screwed up. You can't have to many planes so what the hell.

This morning after allot of rain yesterday evening and night I was sitting out in the man cave with the morning coffee. There was no wind and not a cloud in the sky.

All my little UM's & UMX's where all lined up looking good. There was the new P-38 on the bench. I had a charged 250 E-Flite battery ready to go along with a couple 150's. I checked the DX6. It was good. Put the battery in the HK P-38. checked the balance. It was right on. 38mm from the leading edge of the wing.
checked the controls where correct. went to the street and gave it a go.. All went well. She's a good little flier. Maybe a little under powered But as long as you keep the motor a full she's good. I may add a little movement in the elevator.

She's a keeper.

HK UMX P-38 maiden flight (6 min 12 sec)

HK P-38 video
Posted by pjdog350 | May 18, 2015 @ 11:59 AM | 11,033 Views
I've had this UMX ParkZone Mosquito for a long time. I never got around to giving it a try until today. I had already put a smidgen of lead in the nose as I see on the forum that they tend to be tail heavy. I was real surprised that she's still tail heavy. I added ore lead to the nose and added some down trim then tried a couple of flights but it's still tail heavy. I guess the next step will be a flight with the Horizon Hobbies B-17G 500mha batteries in order to get more weight in the nose.

ParkZone Mosquito UMX maiden flight (8 min 37 sec)

I really don't like this plane at all. Everyone else on RCGroups forum Mosquito thread say how much they love this plane and wish it was still available. I can't get mine to fly level. Always wanting to climb. I've added lead to the nose. twice. Put in a bigger 500mha battery to replace the 250mha. But the Mosquito still wants to fly. What am I missing.

I will say it lands real nice? And it's real quick!

PS: the manual says the CG should be 38mm from the leading edge of the wing. That leading edge would be between the motor nacelle and the fuselage. My Mosquito is balanced at 36mm? I'm kinda stuck for a solution here? It's a little to windy for a test today. I'm not good enough to fly a poorly balanced plane when it's windy. Not a UMX anyway!
Posted by pjdog350 | Apr 11, 2015 @ 09:25 AM | 11,273 Views
I ordered this little plane. Expected delivered some time in May. Looking forward to it!

The PT-17 thread had a picture of a Wiley Coyote as a pilot. I really liked it. I believe I'll find one for my PT-17.

Horizon Hobby sent me a email saying the PT-17 has been shipped.

A new expected delivery is today (05/05/2015).

Sure enough. My E-Flite PT-17 showed up today. Got here about 11:00.

I was real surprised at the condition of the shipping carton. It was perfect. Most folks complain at how beat up the shipping carton is. But this one is perfect. Almost looks like it was not used to get here in Sunny Florida. Down side is at 11:00 the wind is always blowing. So the maiden flight will be in the morning I hope. I have five batteries already charged.

This little UMX is real nice. I had to adjust the elevator. It had some up in it. The ailerons have a little down on the left side. The other side is perfect.. At this time I'm not going to open up the fuselage to make the correction.

I over sleep this morning and missed the opportunity to get a maiden flight on the PT-17. Nuts. maybe to night about dark I can squeeze in a flight?
Posted by pjdog350 | Mar 06, 2015 @ 05:47 PM | 12,929 Views
I started another little quad. While getting motors for almost nothing I came across a little quad frame for $ 13.00. I'm putting the A2212-930KV motors on it.
I just bought another KK2 board. It's auctioned as being in the USA but I got a notice from HobbyKing that they had shipped it today??? I searched EBay so I could find a KK2 that was already in the States so I would not have to wait for delivery. So much for that! I'm going to use a $ 4.00 receiver I got many years ago from Target Hobby.com. It's a clone of a AR6100E Spektrum receiver. I've used this receiver before to fly a fixed wing and it works fine.

In the assembly process I'm to the place where I need the spider for the esc's to plug into. So now I have to start soldering the plugs together. Then I'm ready for the KK2 board..

I really enjoy putting these little multi rotor copters together and setting them up. But then I'm pretty much done with them. I gave two quads away to my grand sons for Christmas along with DX6I's. I also gave them both a 450 size single rotor. This summer they will be getting another quad each. They are 5 & 16 years of age. They are the next generation of RC'ers. Both are great kids.

I guess HK has a location inside the USA. The KK2 I bought on EBay has already showed up. Yesterday the USPS man put it in my mail box. So now I'm good to go with the finishing setup. I had complained about thinking I was in for a long wait after finding a KK2 with a USA location. Then got...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog350 | Feb 06, 2015 @ 01:01 PM | 12,341 Views
Today I got the H500 V3 hexcopter I ordered from Hobby King a few weeks ago.
One thing I really liked was that the kit contained the screws to attach the motors. First time this has happened to me. I've been get T2212 930Kv motors on Ebay for only $ 11.00 to $14.00 for four (4) motors. That's what they normally charge for one motor? I'm not real happy with the prop holder on these new t2212 930KV motors but I'll work around that.

The first T2212 930KV's I got from Hobby King. They came with a good prop holders and with the 3.5 mm brass fittings for the motors & Esc's. These new motors don't have the 3.5 mm brass fittings with them. I had to order them separate. They where a little pricy and they charge for shipping was higher than I thought it should be. But the savings on the motors made it worth it!

Started the assembly today. I'm still short two (2) motors. They are in the mail. I also need ESC's and a KK2 board!

UPDATE: I just got 6 40A ESC's with 6 extended legs for the hexcopter. Got them all for just $ 44.90 plus one dollar shipping on EBay. User
id is Fatboy05. That's just $ 7.00 each for a 40A esc.

The Gold plated connectors showed up today. I got them soldered to the motor ends.

The 30A ESC's showed up today along with the extended legs!

Got the KK2 board today (2/24/2015) along with 4 more T2212 930KV motors.

I have tried to calibrate the motors twice. But they do not come on together? Seems like I always have trouble calibrating...Continue Reading
Posted by pjdog350 | Jan 20, 2015 @ 11:17 AM | 11,640 Views
As luck would have it. I saw a real B-17G fly over my house in Florida at about 10:50 this morning. It looked like a g model as she had a chin turret and a red horizontal stabilizer.

I didn't have my camera. By the time I would have run inside and grab the camera she would have been to far away. The GoPro was just inside on the Kitchen table but the GoPro hero 3 does not have zoom!!!

What a great day for a WWII plane lover!


B-17G video at Brooksville airport 1 (1 min 6 sec)

B-17G video at brooksville airport #2 (0 min 56 sec)
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Posted by pjdog350 | Jan 16, 2015 @ 02:24 PM | 12,144 Views
It's really hard for me to believe that a person in 2015 that can read and write thinks it's OK to dispose of a battery (Any battery) by throwing it in the common trash. The EPA wants all batteries placed in a toxic disposal place. Here where I live we have several places to do this. One is at the local library the other is Radio Shack. They have a special place to put spent (Used) batteries. The Library then has their waste management people put the battery material in the proper waste facility. This is to insure that the water we drink is as free of toxic material as we can make it.

But - There are those people that still feel that if the battery has been made inert that it is then safe to put in the common trash. This is so upsetting. A person with the skill to read and write feels nothing for those that may be hurt with their toxic waste. Lipo batteries are very toxic. They can be reduced to a level that they will no longer explode if damage or if the leads should be crossed. To do this you just remove the leads, place the Lipo battery in a solution of salt water for a period of time. I soak them to four week to insure they are inert. Then get them to a toxic disposal facility. Do this for all batteries whether they are Lipoís, Alkaline, rechargeable Ni-cads, Lead acid automotive batteries. All batteries.

I stated this in a post and have been notified by RCGroups that I've been a bad. Had to remove my post but I still feel the same. I don't want to cause anyone damage with my waste products and go out of my way to pass that information along.

We must respect our environment if we want our kids and grandkids to have as good a place to live as we have had.

The picture attached are all batteries waiting to go to the local Library battery waste basket! The Right thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The blog is not meant to offended anyone itís just what I feel is the correct way to handle batteries as to not
Destroy or bring toxic waste into the environment!
Posted by pjdog350 | Jan 10, 2015 @ 08:24 PM | 11,124 Views
My woody quad had a warped arm. I was afraid that the wood would warp but went ahead with the build anyway. Sure enough the rear left arm has a slight twisted in it. This causes me to have to put a smidgen right rudder in the woody while flying. I don't want to mess with it so I bought a new plastic kit from Xheli, I thought it was a 450 but as it turns out it's a 360? Oh well! I remove all my gear off the woody and placed it on the whirlwind 360. It's almost ready for a flight. Just need the Velcro, battery strap & the receiver taped down and we are ready. maybe in the morning?

Cold windy day with Whirlwind 360 (7 min 50 sec)

Did a night video with led lights. Kinda boring but I did it.
Whirlwind 360 quad night flight (6 min 44 sec)
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Posted by pjdog350 | Jan 03, 2015 @ 02:21 PM | 10,434 Views
I got my woody quad running today. My buddy in Portugal (Tom Bale) gave me some help last night. I flew it yesterday but she was way out of trim??? I knew using the trim tabs on the TX was not the way to go but I tried it anyway. Then I set the tabs back and using the KK2 board receiver test set all to zero '0'.

Then I went to the ACC and did another calibration. that did the trick. Now I have another quad.. Well really I only have one quad. The 'Woody" as I gave the other to to my grandsons. They love them.

here's a video of the maiden flight. It's super windy here today so I stayed close to the ground thinking a crash would be less effective. But then again I was fighting ground effects from the prop wash?

I think I'll charge up some 2200 mAh batteries for a night flight. The quad has lights on it?

Woody Maiden flight (3 min 24 sec)

Posted by pjdog350 | Dec 26, 2014 @ 08:48 AM | 10,798 Views
I got a new DX6 TX which meant that the DX6I's I has I didn't need. My grandsons wanted quads so I gave them two quads A built a few years ago. A HK X525 and an HK Whirlwind. The boys sure had fun with them. Made me happy that they were getting good out of my toys.

Some videos of there flying. First one was almost a big problem.

Nolans new quad (1 min 37 sec)

Bailys turn.
Baily's maiden (3 min 47 sec)
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Posted by pjdog350 | Dec 18, 2014 @ 11:54 AM | 10,896 Views
This is my P-51 UMX. I had trouble putting it in the other title below?

PZ P-51 Dawn Partol 2 (3 min 13 sec)

PZ P-51 (Meg) Dawn Patrol 1 (4 min 26 sec)
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Posted by pjdog350 | Dec 10, 2014 @ 11:28 AM | 10,771 Views
The maiden flight of the E-Flite B-17G with stock battery and 4 grams of unless lead in the nose. Still tail heavy. I was lucky to get her back.

E-Flite B17G maiden flight (2 min 17 sec)

Tried a roll with the B-17?

B-17G tries a roll (6 min 2 sec)
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Posted by pjdog350 | Nov 03, 2014 @ 01:18 PM | 11,795 Views
I have a little space left over from a table that I was using to run O-Gauge Lionel & MTH trains. I sold most of that off in favor of getting space to sit my UMX planes on for storage. That way if I want to fly a specific plane I just have to pick it up and do the preflight things. Before I had to get the ladder out and move the cars so I could get the plane I wanted down from hanging off the ceiling. Much easier.

I also provides me with a place to set up a new large RC Fixed wing for flight.

I'm having problems getting my GoPro hero3 sound to work. I can just almost hear it but not really?? I'm working on that!

Man Cave UMX RC Planes (3 min 15 sec)

Posted by pjdog350 | Nov 02, 2014 @ 01:25 AM | 11,410 Views
Been getting colder here in Hudson Florida. We had a cold front come through here the last couple of days which of course brought allot of wind with it. Most my RC fixed wing is UMX stuff from Horizon Hobby. Wind and UMX planes do not get along very well.

I've been waiting for the new E-Flite B-17 UMX. I got two more 250 1S E-Flite batteries to add to my pile of those. Now I have 8. I also got a little thing from I forget who that allows me to use my AC6 Thunder battery charger so that I can charge 4 of these little 1S 250 mha batteries all at once.

Most the time I fly here at home. We have a new home in a development that's only got maybe 30 houses built. There's room for maybe 150 house's so with a little flight management I can fly the little UMX's around and not be any where near any ones home. But I do have a great park just a few blocks from the house to fly. There's one American football field and three soccer fields all side by side. The only problem are the very tall light poles. They are at the ends of the fields so it's real easy to keep away from them.

The B-17 is only 26 inch wing span but I think I keep flying it only at the park. That's where I normally fly the P-38 & Mosquito. Again I could to them here at home but sense they are bigger for safety I do fly them at the park and only very early in the morning. We use to be able to fly at the parks inside basket ball courts but the city planners decided that 3 hours a week of old timers to fly RC was just to much. They needed the facility 24/7 for kids. I guess that the price for being over 55 years of age.
Posted by pjdog350 | Oct 18, 2014 @ 07:27 PM | 11,432 Views
Oct. 18, 2014. Saturday, no wind, very sunny, I started flying my UMX's at 7:30 AM. I had six (6) 150 MHA 1S batteries ready and two (2) 250 MHA 1S batteries ready. First I flew the ASK-21. First flight was short and the motors stopped after a little over 2 minutes. Landing way out in a field. Had a long walk for it.

Next I flew the Spitfire twice. Always a good flier. Then the P-40 twice. Then the MSRX twice.. Put the 250 MHA on charge and 4 150 MHA on charge. When the 250 got ready I flew the ASK-21 again. This flight was almost 10 minutes and my DX6 keeps track of the flight time. Guess a fresh hot battery really makes a difference.

When the four 150 MHA's where ready I got out the Corsair. I can't tell you all what a great flier the Corsair is. Just before the first Corsair flight I replaced the stock wheels with my new standard HK wheels I always put on the UMX WarBirds. The Corsair really looks nice with the new wheel. On the first flight I noticed I was using allot more motor. I was surprised at first then realized that the new wheels are heavier and so with that weight up front that increased the frontal CG. Requires more motor. I didn't think you could make the Corsair fly better but it did. I really like it this way

All in all I had over twenty five flights today with the UMX's. Been here in Sunny Down Town Hudson Florida for over three years and this is the first day I can remember that it's been like this. It has been a great day to be alive if your a UMX pilot and have a garage full of E-Flite, Park Zone & FlyZone UMX model aircraft. Of course you got to have the DX6 and a TTX650 to enhance you models with.

I sure hope tomorrow is the same.
Posted by pjdog350 | Oct 04, 2014 @ 06:13 PM | 17,992 Views
I ordered my E-Flight B-17 today. Really looking forward to this one. Down side is the wife and I bought a new car ( 5.0 Red Mustang) we didn't need. Part of the deal was I would stop spending so much money on RC planes? When HH comes out with a 4 motored bomber?

I may need to move in with one of you guys?

At last. The E-Flite B-17G UMX is on it's way to me. Can't wait for this one.

I don't need another RC plane but I a sick person, very self centered, and I love toys. Currently I have over 20 RC planes and helicopters. Been like this all my life. If I had all the dollars I've spent on toys I'd be a rich man.

I had canceled the B-17G on a moment when I was feeling guilty for all my stuff. But then had a weak moment again and bought another one.

I'll be the only guy in my block to have a B-17G.

Update. 11/28/2-14 At 11:00 my B17G showed up. Delivered by FedX.