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Posted by old4570 | Aug 27, 2019 @ 10:05 PM | 1,327 Views

This motor is small !
Really small ...
1103 1-3 cell

I was ho humming about the 2nd 450x wing , and whilst doing so my finger slipped on the buy button and I ordered a 1103 .
Hmmm , originally I was thinking WL toys F959 flight board and motor / folding prop - Combo ( Which I have ready to rock and or stroll )

Hmmm , 2s Brushed , or 2s brushless ... ( Too many choices man ! )

The 450x needs to be a little heavier and 2s would be the way to go .
That 8520 has killed one battery already .
And I can only assume 2s will be more gentle on the battery ..
Will have to test this little / tiny / minuscule motor as soon as possible .

Update :

Looks like the motor is faulty ..
Will post a video shortly ...

1103 motor does not work (0 min 27 sec)

I am soooo Peeved right now !
Spent all that time soldering the motor to a 6A esc only for it to run like a bag full of Oranges .
Then I soldered on some connectors , and plugged the motor into one of my motor test ESC's . ( Video )
And still wont run ..
I had a Ducted fan motor do this to me and it fried ( puff the magic dragon ) the ESC ..
ESC's look to be ok ( probably as it's such a small motor ) , but PArking Lot ! I hate getting rubbish ! ...

2019 might be the year of junk from China ( for me ) , just too many faulty products .
Come on China , implement some QC .
Posted by old4570 | Aug 26, 2019 @ 07:23 AM | 1,210 Views
Quelima SQ12 on my WLToys F959 (4 min 23 sec)

Got up around 7am , loaded the car and headed out to fly .

It was cold , my hands were freezing !

1) WL Toys F959
2) Ezio
3) 450x
4) Firstar 200
5) FMS Vtail

I think the cold effected the models a little harsh .
Flight times were down , power was down . Brrrrr !

F959 .. Flies reasonably well . Not sure how effective the cam is , but a cheap cam on a cheap plane ( see video )
Ezio .. Wow the new battery was good ( 79% left when I got home and checked )
450x Looks like the 450x has become a Nonotech killer , my battery of choice Nano 260mAh 1s puffed up about 100%
Firstar 200 , flies really well . I was actually doing rolls
FMS Vtail - Down on power , that prop bites . ( Same as original Ezio ) I will have to look at a new prop for the FMS .. Might also need a new ESC if the new prop loads the motor too much . I like the way it flies , but I hate the prop . In the cold this morning , even 100% throttle felt weak . On the other hand the Ezio was flying with very little throttle .

Oh well ! Was a day out ( little wind ) . These days be few and far between .
Oh and ...... The grumpy old man was there of course ! And he walked out into the field when I was flying without warning .
And yelling something about ( dont you know the rules ? )

Being some what curious , I was wondering what rule he was implying ?

So after he finished I asked him ..

Seems he was upset some one was flying on...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Aug 23, 2019 @ 08:35 AM | 1,687 Views
Got me another budget motor from Banggood ..
Wont bother with a link since no one is interested in anyway ...

The only prop I had on hand to try was a 8045 ( 8 x 4.5 ) Electric Prop ..

2s Battery ( 2200mAh )

7100 RPM @ 9.6 amp

3s Battery ( 2200mAh )

9150 RPM @ 15.5 amp

Even though there was not a huge RPM difference between the 2s and 3s , one really could feel the thrust difference . I cant help but feel that this motor would wind out some once the motor was in a plane and moving forward . On the 2s battery the motor remained completely cool to the touch and on the 3s battery it became lukewarm . So the motor did notice the load under the 3s battery , but not overly so . Especially considering that the recommended prop is a 8 x 4 on 3s .

I would say that this motor would be very happy on a 2s battery and a 8045 prop ( I like the peak current draw ) . I would be very tempted to even try a 9x4 prop with a 2s battery to see how the motor handles it .

Soldering Day :

Lots of things needed soldering , and with the wind blowing rather hard outside the soldering iron got a work out .
The R4 needs a Rx , so I had to solder the pins to one of the FS2A Rx I keep handy . Also needed to do a battery lead .
Also have several projects that need doing ..

GT Power Tachometer

Goodness me ! I love and hate these !
I love that they do multi blades , the Tach is relatively cheap .
Butt! , I really hate the button batteries .
These tacho's have parasitic drain . And the batteries are always flat when I need the tacho .
So I will be doing a AAA mod shortly and run it on some rechargeable AAA batteries in a external cradle .
Might have to do a thing on the mod !

Posted by old4570 | Aug 21, 2019 @ 01:58 AM | 1,342 Views
JOYSWAY INVADER = EP WING 720mm ( http://joysway-hobby.com/ )
Never heard of them before , if not for a youtube video !

Should be RTF .. Brushed / 2s / flying wing ...
I saw some video and thought how interesting / fun it looked .
So after a search I found one on FEE-Bay for $66 Ozzi Bananas ..
That's pretty much 2 packets of sig's here in Oz . ( Around $1 each death stick )
And I promised myself I would not buy more models ( Till Christmas )

Ok so after this , no more models till Christmas !

Depron DLG ( 700mm )
Or as I call it the R4 ...
Yes , the project is back on track .
Lessons learned from R1 - R2 and the R3 will be applied to the R4 .
Windy and more windy over here ATM .
Next week might offer some flying opportunity .
R4 should be ready by then and I should have the Invader by then as well .
+ really looking to re-visit several models with heavier batteries ( better CG ) ( Firstar and Ezio )
Posted by old4570 | Aug 16, 2019 @ 10:13 PM | 1,302 Views
450x @ the Football field (3 min 14 sec)

These little wings fly amazingly well ..
I have to say I am surprised ..
Just needed more power ..

Still tending to pull up , so more trimming needed .

Flies nice , turns nice , glides nice .
Weighs less than a box of tissues and is not overly expensive .
Battery was not fully charged , so flight is a little shorter .

450x Flying wing (+) WLtoys 949 flight board (+) 8520 /
Posted by old4570 | Aug 13, 2019 @ 09:42 PM | 1,397 Views
450x Wing with a new 8520 motor (3 min 22 sec)

450x Flying Wing
WLtoys 949 flight control board
8520 brushed motor
Nanotech 260mAh 1s Battery

Oh dear !

the 8520 motor has made a world of difference .....

Seriously ! I have more power @ 50% throttle with the 8520 than I had at 100% throttle with the 720 .
Heck , the 8520 actually melted the propeller hub on the first prop I tried ...
This 2nd prop has been glued to the motor output shaft ..

Most of the flight is 50% throttle , but near the end I crank the throttle to 100% ..
This little wing can fly fast ..

But that was what it needed from the start , MORE power !
Those early flights were simply seriously under powered ..

450x Flying wing (+) WLtoys 949 flight board (+) 8520 /

Oh yeah !

The camera angle was not good , but you can see the difference the 8520 makes .
This wing is a serious bit of kit now ...
Posted by old4570 | Aug 07, 2019 @ 02:36 AM | 1,783 Views
FMS 800 V tail maiden (8 min 32 sec)

FMS 800 V tail
Flying weight 156 grams
CG @ 40mm from L/E
Nanotech 370mAh 2s
FS2A micro Rx (4ch)

1) FMS 800 V tail
Flew off the board so to speak , no rates / no expo .
The model does need some down elevator trim , but I will take care of that next time with some sub trim .
Most of the flight was about 50% throttle .

2) CG
The CG ended up being about 40mm from the L/E . Instruction manual say's 35mm and I would say that was a fair call .
At 40mm it's not overly sensitive ( no rates - no expo ) . But the model does turn tight .

3) Nanotech 370 2s
This is the battery I chose , it was doing nothing !
8 and a half minutes of flight and my battery checker say's 40% battery left . ( Mostly 50% throttle )

4) Flying weight ( 156 grams )
Originally it was 154 grams , but I needed to stuff some weight up the models bee hive to get a better CG than 25mm from the L/E
Love the weight , it simply allows the FMS 800 V tail to fly really slow . Once the elevator is trimmed so that the model does not climb but rather holds straight and level . It will be a joy to fly slow .

5) Stability
Yes and no . It is very stable . But that straight wing does effect roll stability . So attention is needed , and no - it's not really a hands off model . No where as bad as say the MG800 , but not as good as say a Firstar 200 .

6) Propeller
Yeah , not the best - that's for sure !
Yes you can fly @ 50% throttle , but not much less than that as...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Aug 05, 2019 @ 07:37 PM | 1,997 Views

I have taken the FMS 800mm V-tail apart for some pictures .

A) There are a lot of similarities to the Ezio 800 , HK may have taken liberties . Especially as the prop is exactly the same .
B) Servo leads are SHORT !
D) I think this model is intended as 2s around 350/450mAh
E) 2 servos take care of everything
F) V tail control rods were - WAY - Way - way out ( pre formed ) .. Not sure who was on the job that day - but I had to re do it , and it is tricky .
G) V tail is in 2 parts and needs gluing in place
H) Wing is held in place with a single screw . ( Philips head ) A hex screw would be better .
I) That prop !!!!! = Same as on the EZIO 800 , which was useless !

First thing I will do is check how much thrust the motor prop combo produces ( check current as well )
If thats ok , I will move onto soldering up a 4ch FS2A Rx .. and then assembling the FMS 800 V-tail trying for a decent CG ..
I have a small assortment of batteries to try ..


Current draw on a 2s = 4.7/4.8A to a peak of almost 5A
Thrust seems to be ok , looks like this motor might turn higher RPM on 2s
CG = No way ..
CG is sweet less Rx and battery ..
Will need weight in the tail or it will be nose heavy .
Just about to solder up a Rx now .


Rx is soldered and in place
Everything has been trimmed ready for CG Games ..

Seriously , the CG is perfect without a battery ...
Flying weight ATM with a Nonotech 370mAh 2s is 154 grams , but the CG is 25mm from the L/E
Power to weight . might be around 80%
There will be required weight in the tail for CG , which should probably be around 40 to 50mm from the L/E
Hmmm , what does the FMS manual say ? ( FMS say's 35mm from the L/E )

Posted by old4570 | Aug 03, 2019 @ 09:17 PM | 3,250 Views
My condolences and sadness for the events in Texas !

Happenings !

A battery came in the post = GN3 2s 450mAh 80 - 160C ( Thats crazy discharge )
Obviously a hot little quad battery . But will fit in the Ezio 800 no problems .
CG looks to be about the same as with the larger battery I used in my 2nd flight . ( Usable CG for the experienced )
Still might need a little dead weight in the nose though for a good CG .

DLG Launch Setting ( Rudder / Elevator ) (2 min 49 sec)

Quick and dirty video on DLG launch settings ( Rudder / Elevator )

It's not hard ..
I just picked the easiest switch to use , and set it up as my launch switch .
When I launch , I just wait for the DLG to level out and hit the switch and thats it .
Ok , might take a few launches to get your offsets in the sweet spot . But once it's done !
Posted by old4570 | Aug 02, 2019 @ 12:14 AM | 2,200 Views
There are quite a few flight control boards out there in the world .
I dare say most of the micro helicopter boards could be re-used in say a micro glider or something . ( as long as you have the transmitter )

If you have gone down the multi protocol road :

1) WL Toys V911 flight control board ( 2 servos built in ) Flysky protocol ( 9x )
This is a great board for projects . Has two built in servos and does not support more . You can solder in a brushed motor if you like .
Board is 1s or 4.2v with a charged battery . I love this board , easy to use and easy to mix . Was cheap a few years ago , but has recently gotten scarce and a little expensive . So if you know some one with a V911 heli that has become ? , might want to make it yours !

2) WL Toys F949 flight board ..
Much like the V911 board - 2 built in servos ( smaller ) , 4.2v operation , expandable to 3rd servo .
2 pin connector for a brushed motor , flysky protocol (9x) , 3pin connector for a micro servo

3) WL Toys F959 board .. 2s ( 8.4v )
2 inbuilt servos , has a 2 pin motor connector and what looks like a 4pin servo connector ( I have seen some 4 pin micro servos on Ebay )
Flysky Protocol ( 9x )

4) XK A800 flight control board ( 8.4v ) KN protocol .
This board is a PITA for projects .
Has flight stabilisation - 2 pin connector for a brushed motor and a 3 pin servo connector .
Cant do much with this board ( me ) as any attempt at mixing results in that servo / function no...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Jul 31, 2019 @ 09:34 PM | 2,676 Views
Yes , it is time for a dedicated Ezio 800 battery .
Some may know already that the Ezio 800 is battery challenged . ( Most batteries wont fit and those that do wont give you CG )
I ordered some batteries from HK ..
Took the plastic caps off ( Care needed as the tabs are fragile - hence the plastic cap )

Re solder the negative wire to the negative terminal on the second battery ..
Connect the negative and positive terminals on the two batteries so as to connect the batteries in series . ( 2s - 8.4v fully charged )

Glue , tape the cells together .. I needed weight so taped them .

Then I used hot glue to seal the terminals ( they be fragile ) , the hot glue should releave all stress and give the terminals strength .