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Posted by old4570 | Apr 24, 2013 @ 09:37 PM | 8,023 Views
I got myself the Orange 3 axis gyro receiver ( spectrum ) as it really is relatively cheap , and as can be seen , its not overly large for a Rx with a built in Gyro .

Now from what I have seen ( youtube ) these sort of work well , and ver1 and ver2 did show some promise , so when ver3 became available , I thought it time to put my money down and get one ..

Now my main goal is to see if it will work ( receiver ) in a 450 helicopter ..
Since these receiver / gyro's were meant for planks ( RC Aircraft ) I want to test it in a flybar 450 , and see if the 3 axis gyro has anything to offer ..

Certainly be interesting to say the least ..

I will see if the Orange Rx/Gyro can hold the tail first ( looks like it will work with a regular Gyro ) , and then with a regular HH Gyro ..

And then see how much Elev/Ail can be dialed in on the Gyro

Oh well , something interesting to do in anyway ..