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Posted by alpea 41 | Jul 09, 2016 @ 02:36 PM | 23,251 Views
Those of you that missed it please don't jump off that freeway bridge. It finished yesterday and ran for about 3 weeks. I was fortunate in that a club mate works there part time. So he announced it at our club blog and at prices on most of their kits of any where from 70 to 90 % off, I made a glutton of myself.
All the sale kits were white un-powered EPS foam and for us locals ( the warehouse is in Upland about 5 mi. from me)there were 4 pallets stacked 6 ft. high of incomplete kits for $5. ea.
Those I really took advantage of , what the hey GWS u poor , foam safe contact cement is worth $5. a tube. And although the warehouse'es plan was to sell them sight un-seen because of my bud they let me open the boxes and pick the most complete kits. YEE HAW It was Xmas in June and July. So all together in 3 separate trips to the Land of Zanadu I figure I ended up with 38 kits. Not all of them for me mind you. I hope my wife never reads this but I got them for a measly $365. Less than $10 ea.
They were also closing out a RTF 64mm EDF jet called a Fox Hawk that was manufactured almost 10 years ago so its motor is a 4300 Kv inrunner powered with a 1800 ma 3s 16 c li po. It originally was priced at about $200. they were selling them for $25. So I got 3 of them. One for a friend and the one I'm currently flying I burnt up the motor on 4 s so I swapped it out for a 4000Kv out runner and a EDO 5 blade fan and now it flys decently.
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