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Posted by VicT | Jun 18, 2014 @ 11:46 AM | 5,709 Views
After seeing that the wing screws did not reduce the wing to fuselage sloppiness I replaced them with wood dowels. I chucked the dowel in my Dremel adjustable check and used a sanding board to make a taper. After sliding the wing in I pushed the tapered dowel down to have it seated I the fuse and wing plastic hole. I marked the dowel where it is flush with the battery compartment floor/ceiling and cut it there with a Zona saw/#11 Exacto blade. I drilled a hole using the Dremel and a .015" music wire piece and CA'd a 2" long thread in the end. The other end is CA'd into the other wood dowell. The middle of the thread is glued to the foam with a small U shaped wire from the .015" O.D. Music wire. Now the dowells stay with the fuse and you don't need a Philips screw driver to tighten the screws. The dowels are held in place by the battery. The battery stays in place using a .015" music wire torque spring .