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John Glezellis stopped into our friday indoor flying session last week and Scott Anderson asked him if he would check out the setup of his RA Cores Flat Foamie Series 32" Yak55. It is amazing in a couple of ways, first, it is a continuous clip, no edits for a 4+ minute flawless flight and second, the stuff he does starting seconds after launching an unknown plane on someone else's transmitter with unknown settings, simply amazing.

Of course, John won Freestyle at the 2007 Electric Tournament of Champions so it's no surprise. Check out the other video I posted in my indoor playlist of the show he put on with his personal plane with a reversible pitch prop the same day. Planes aren't supposed to do that. All footage used with permission. John is a really personable guy.
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I made the SKS Video Productions DVD for the 2011 NEAT Fair. Even got mentioned on the DVD Case! I got permission to use the footage so I have it up on YouTube to include in my website
SKS-NEAT-Fair-segment.m4v (4 min 47 sec)

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I built a 32" EPP Yak55 and installed HobbyKing LED light strips facing inward. The effect is impressive and the video really doesn't do it justice.
NightYak.m4v (2 min 43 sec)

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A demonstration video of my Mini Gremlin
MiniGremlin.m4v (10 min 47 sec)

The Mini Gremlin was introduced at the 2010 NEAT Fair and this is the model I flew there. As can be seen, I push it to the limits, even crashing while we were filming but I left it in since it shows the durability as the plane suffered no damage and continued to fly out the remainder of the battery. I really like this size as it is small enough to toss into the car or pack for a trip and then toss into the air at a local school field for some fun flying and yet it retains the great handling and maneuverability of the full sized Gremlin. Surprisingly it handles the wind quite well so it is a regular flier when I go out. As can be seen by the crumples in the wing tips, I'm not shy about flying it in wind or close to the ground. it has survived remarkably well considering the abuse I have given it over the past two seasons.

Pilot Jim Reith (me)
Cameraman Bob Barger Sr
Location Lawn Darts Field Sturbridge MA
Date Friday October 7, 2011
Covering Orange Ultracoat and Black Packing Tape on fuselage
Motor Emax 2812 Speed 400
Prop APC 7x5E
Battery 500mah 3s1p
ESC 18 amp
Servos 9 gram
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Added a new video of my GremTwin flying

GremTwin.m4v (10 min 21 sec)

A second video with a better camera as well as being more comfortable with the plane. The plane was introduced at the 2011 NEAT Fair September 15-18th and I have really been enjoying flying the GremTwin and playing around with the differential thrust. I've even used the plane as my open class entry in the most recent Gremlin contest. I spent some time explaining the plane setup before actually getting to the flight. I hope people can tell how stable the plane is and how it handles like it's on rails, just like it's original sibling. It should since it shares the same wing, elevons and fin configuration and comes out at about the same weight.

Pilot Jim Reith (me)
Cameraman Bob Barger Sr
Location Lawn Darts Field Sturbridge MA
Date Friday October 7, 2011
Covering Ultracoat
Motors Exceed Rocket 2215 1300KV
Props APC 8x6E
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Added a new Video of my open class Gremlin flying

Standard_Gremlin.m4v (8 min 4 sec)

This is my open class Gremlin that I have flown in the New England contests over the last three seasons. I love the .32 because it has such a great throttle response and with the 11x4 prop is has constant speed and unlimited vertical. I have really good visibility with the horizontal stripes on top and the diagonal ones on the bottom. See our website for how to cover with the tape and where to get it.

Pilot Jim Reith (me)
Cameraman Bob Barger Sr
Location Lawn Darts Field Sturbridge MA
Date Friday October 7, 2011
Covering 2" wide Colored packing tape
Motor OS .32 ABC
Prop APC 11x4
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I'm posting any videos I make on YouTube