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Sept. 24, 2001 Robbie and Dad build a Go Kart

Today is Monday the 24th of Sept. 2001, and we have agreed that Robbie will help in restoring my original go kart. We discussed it with Mom and he has decided that he wants to be involved in the entire restoration from the first nut and bolt all the way through to driving it away! ( I had wanted this all along and am very happy that he wants it too!). We loaded the frame and some misc. items and took off to Bug Eng. to ask Tommy Pierson if he remembers the frame, and if it’s one of his. He said it was “very close to the early Bug karts, but no, it’s not one of mine”. He DID say that the orig. steering wheel was one of his though.

Sept. 30,2001…..we found a good, rebuildable 5hp Briggs at Evans Lawnmower today. We haven’t decided on weather or not to use it or keep looking for a period correct McCulloch of some displacement. We have also decided that the kart will be green.

Oct. 7, 2001……Have decided to definitely build the Briggs motor. The block is back at Evans having the valves freshened and have ordered everthing else needed to freshen the rest of it. Upon dissaembling the block, we found all the specs to be WELL within limits. This is a koolbore engine with full bushings.
I made a deal with John Evans to repair two mopeds he has in his shop in exchange for the parts and labor in rebuilding the 5 horse. I also bought two new rear tires for it today. We haven’t started assembling anything on the chassis yet,...Continue Reading
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HP Wasp wing mount pics.....

Hi Bob, lemme know if you encounter any trouble...K?