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As I add more blog entries, it becomes harder to quickly browse to a specific post if I can't remember the date, so I thought I'd create a blog directory to help me find stuff quicker.


April 6 - First balsa plane: Phoenix
April 28 - Will the Phoenix rise from the ashes?
May 11 - RC Disc
May 24 - SFO (Slow Flying Object)
May 27 - Phoenix rises from the ashes
June 1 - Zagi through a soccer goal
June 14 - Flying General Lee car
June 23 -- F-22 Raptor
July 18 - Sumo 3D foamie
July 21 - Greatest American Hero Fastcat
August 23 - Air to Air footage of Jeremy's combat wing
September 30 - Night Flying Slow Stick
October 11 - Flying Wicked Witch Biplane
October 27 - Cross-country Slow Stick
November 8 - Up, up, and away -- with a flying video camera
November 22 - Two Slow Sticks night flying
November 25 - LED "Light Emitting Disc"
December 3 - First Glostik
December 7 - Night flying with two Slow Sticks
December 13- Delta wing out of flat foam
December 19 - How to solder LED lights
December 29 - Katana Mini


January 3 - PVC plane rack
January 19 - New 48-inch combat wing
January 24 - Slow Stick night flying on floats
January 29 - Quick change slot for floats
January 31 - Katana Mini flight
February 1 - DIY low voltage alarm
February 9 - Transparent roof winter flying hut
February 15 - DeLight programmable lights
February 16 - Packable Slow Stick
February 20 - Packable Slow Stick maiden video
March 1 - Water flying
March 1 - Fall through the...Continue Reading
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Hello im kinda new here and have been into rcs for a long time. I just purchased a Picooz and it flies well not as good as i thought. I didnt expect much from this little guy but i at least expected it to have control like in the videos. I cant get mine to hover without spinning, i cant get it to stay at one altitude its either up or down, i cant go right even on full right throttle and when i turn left it spins in a circle. Im really regretting buying this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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It takes 15 minutes to walk from dumpy apartment to the daytime flying area. Had 20mph gusts, a calm day for Rain Ramon and the reason we don't normally fly during the day. Just needed to see the Coptershyna logo in daylight and measure flight times. Lots of sideways hovering.

Coptershyna stays in the air 18 minutes on the 4Ah and 17 min on the 3.3Ah with LEDs and all electronics on. So far the PIC is stable. Mistakenly thought her PIC was lost again and wasted 30 minutes to find out her motherboard was unplugged.

Stopped bothering with blade tracking because it's real sloppy on the Corona, but her blade tracking is pretty awful. Once again failed to get a first recording. Looks like a strange behavior of JFFS2.

Magnetometer results for the 4 cardinal coordinates, in flight:

Nose facing North: 179 1546 -1950
Nose facing East: -360 348 -1854
Nose facing South: -143 -1879 -1882
Nose facing West: 411 -766 -1941
Rotor facing North: -2 3408 1069
Rotor facing South: 75 3247 -880

Earth's magnetic field is alive and well, but column 0 has marginal results. There is no documentation on the mag signs.

Lost to cybersquatters but that won't happen with Coptershyna. $10 gone.

Coptershyna improved spirits on the flight deck, for the moment. You can estimate how long you to have to fall in love with R.H. II from a historical average.

Bencivenni: 2 years
Softmore Sanders: 3 years
Softmore Franck: 6 months
Ego Monger: 1 year
Egbert: 1 year
Russian Heroine I: 1 year
Hardware Heroine: 6 months
Russian Heroine II: (2 + 3 + .5 + 1 + 1 + 1 + .5) / 7 = 1.29 years
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Flew up Grant Creek in variable winds. The F-80 likes the 12oz I glued in it. Unfortunately I forgot the elevator servo was stripped. I guess it needs surgery. The Weasel and XR flew great. Had some interesting Weasel/Bee/M60 combat with Jerry and Ronnie.

I finally got all the lights in my Bee. What a royal PITA. I had to spackle it smooth.
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So we live on 200 wild acres of mountain, most of it up & down, lots of
brush, madrone, pines, rocks, some rattlers & chipmunks, quail.
It's undeveloped, accessible by 4-wheel only, 30 minutes from major metropolitan Santa Rosa.
A friend has gotten into rc cars, ran his up here on the flats, we bought a truck,
have talked to a fellow who can't find a place to do his off roading.
We think this wild place would be Great. Now we need to design a sensible
venue for off roaders. It's 90 % Not flat, but there are decent amounts of open dirt.
What do you off roaders crave? What would you do if you had this kind of ground to work/play with?
This is from the ground up, so all your wild ideas would be cool.
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Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
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Some stats on a recent motor.

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Today did my first indoor Flips with the PZ
Went well albeit there seems to be a problem with too much pitch i loose cyclic travel (hence the abortet forward flips).

All in all great fun, need to ballance a bit better therfore the tail wagging.

See Video here
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Reviewing the PID loop, it doesn't look like it should work at all. They didn't integrate attitude error. There's no lead compensation. They just react to instantaneous error directly.

So after 8 hours of heartbreak, blade terrorism, and dead batteries, synthetic tail gyro on Coptershyna proved a monster problem. It puts you in your place to not be able to solve a problem Chinese solve for $35.

The best algorithm used a quadratic equation to compute the servo feedback for an integrated yaw error, at a rate of at least 20Hz. That kept the oscillation under 15' and could actually be flown. At a rate of 10Hz, the oscillation grew to 90' and was unflyable.

A linear equation caused exponentially growing oscillation. An instantaneous yaw error instead of an integrated yaw error caused stubborn pirouetting.

Also found we can't depend on a valid radio signal to generate servo commands. Previously the the Gumstix didn't generate servo commands if there was no radio signal. With a synthetic tail gyro, that caused frequent, uncontrollable yaw.

Now the Gumstix writes servo inputs continuously and the PIC tests the radio valid bit in addition to Gumstix operation before driving the throttle.

Unfortunately, we did pay $35 for a GWS, time is being lost on the data acquisition flight, he Kalman filter may eventually have a solution, and we're desperate to see Coptershyna's short mane in the air, so synthetic gyro is going away and...Continue Reading
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Getting Started in Radio Control #1

Getting Started in RC

Welcome to my blog. All of the posts in this blog cover different topics for new flyers. I have tried to add links to take you to more detailed information and videos to inspire you. I have been updating this information base since May 6, 2006.

As one of the local RC club trainers I get asked the same questions by most every new flyer. I started writing them down and have been putting the answers here.

I spent hundreds of dollars I wouldn't have spent if I had received better advice when I started building and flying radio control airplanes. I wrecked 7 planes learning to fly. I got frustrated with planes that were too fragile and didn't protect my radio. I had to send my radio in several times for repair of damage from accidents I had. Hopefully I can help you avoid the same expenses.

My sons each learned to fly on their first plane which was an EPP flying wing. In fact all of their trainers are still flying. Why did we choose this design?

I kept dreaming of a plane that was bulletproof but didn't know where to look. I finally saw a video that changed the way I teach new fliers to fly. The video was of a RC flier intentionally hitting a fence with an EPP flying wing over and over and over and the plane kept on flying. If you don't know anything about EPP foam it is so tough it is used in car bumpers. It doesn't crush so even when it is smashed or tears it maintains it's...Continue Reading
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Well, a lot of has happened since my last blog entry. The MX/ESKY Hybrid is still flying great. It will go for upgrades next week (extended boom/belt, GY-401). Also the 400DH is out and the Align 430LF (3550) is in + 2100mah batteries.

Yesterday the "Hybrid" TREX completed flight testing without any issues. After my last crash (dumb thumbs while fliping in high winds ) I decided to make an experiment and see if the head of an Dragonus SA Intruder would fit. It works!! No issues whatsoever. Also modified the DII landing gear to fit the STK superframe.

You probably wondering why go thru all these "experiments" of making hybrids of perfectly good machines. Well, it keeps me busy "thinkering" and I also like taking the best of 2 machines to make my own unique heli. Here's some pictures of my "Hybrids"

If you ever want to do a conversion, please feel free to ask any questions
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Go read the build threads, they are much more interesting....

Springer Tug Boat summation...

For boat fitting photos,...
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My current and ongoing project is making my zagi Razor go faster than any other plane in the area. its powered by a TP 2150 15c pack on a CC Phoenix 45. The motor is a MicroDAN 2505 SPEED with a 5x5 prop. So far im guessing its toping out at about 110-120 MPH in level flight. so far i have tested it with 2 types of verticle stabilizers: stock and 4mm coroplast. the stock are nice but make the plane unstable. the coro seem to make it more stable. the next think to test is pod covers. stock one broke in a crash( no motor, lost signal due to an onboard camera) now im trying a pod cover from a 400x. the 400x pod cover seems to have a less draggy egg hope is that the shape will reduce turbulence. this pod also has larger holes for cooling.
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slope over, time for heli.
Raptor 50 titan + kasama head build in progress

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