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Posted by aben71 | Jan 29, 2018 @ 10:36 AM | 1,476 Views
Finally had a break in the weather this winter to go outside for some fpv flying.Here Ihave my MJX Bugs 3 that I set up with a RunCam Swift mini fpv camera.Great flight ,I had a blast,a little more fine tuning on my camera setup and this will be awesome !

MJX Bugs 3 With RunCam Swift Mini Camera FPV Flight (9 min 57 sec)
Posted by vwbsean | Jan 29, 2018 @ 07:40 AM | 1,547 Views
New 3blade prop, balance point and a gremlin combat plane I picked up
Posted by hawadlu | Jan 29, 2018 @ 02:45 AM | 1,472 Views
Hi there. I just got an Arkbird OSD a few days ago and have been testing out the RTH feature. So far each time i have deployed it pitches over and tries to roll. Any ideas /setups?
Posted by lyxlens | Jan 29, 2018 @ 02:41 AM | 1,528 Views
Amazing super-wide angle lens with no 'fisheye' distortion. This lens is light weight at 6g and super sharp with 16MP optics. Special optics make this lens 'rectilinear' so there is no fisheye distortion at all. Excellent edge to edge sharpness. Perfect for drone and gimbal use and great for general shooting.


EFL: 3.65mm
BFL: 5.1mm
FBL: 4.26mm
F No: 2.8mm
FOV: D 94
Sensor Size: 1/2.3"
Relative Illumination: ≥ 90%
TV Distortion: 1%
IR Cut: T=50% @ 650 10nm
Construction: 6 Element + IR Cut

LINK: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/3-65...851076744.html
Posted by old4570 | Jan 29, 2018 @ 01:58 AM | 2,467 Views
https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...ol-transmitter ( Part A )

Now at issue is the failure of the gimbals to return to zero ..
And the fault lies entirely with the little sensor pots that fit the gimbals assembly .
In effect they are a poor / or slop fit . ( See first picture )
In a nutshell ! > The cure is to gently crush the shaft that enters the gimbals tube till its a press fit .. ( Crush the widest part , )

The 2nd thing to do is tape the outside of the sensor pot ( See 2nd picture ) to take out the slop @ the outside of the pot ..
Tape both sides ..

Tricky bit is obviously pulling the gimbals apart .

Its all relatively easy till you get to the last sensor .. The gimbals housing has a cover ...
Look for the release tabs .. Turn the gimbals assembly so the stick is down .. Gently press the stick against something and then release the tabs ( push in ) .
With the cover off you can remove the last sensor ......Continue Reading
Posted by Scottyflyhigh | Jan 29, 2018 @ 01:21 AM | 1,369 Views
Hi.....im trying to flip start a 33cc gas engine.
I have fuel spark. It fires for a bit but won't start. Will it be better to use an electric.
Any advice would be great.
Posted by lyxlens | Jan 29, 2018 @ 01:05 AM | 1,396 Views
The 2.97mm is our newest 4K lens designed for the GoPro Hero 4/3, DJI Phantom 4/3, DJI Inspire X3 and Yuneec Typhoon H CGO3+ camera lines. With its 87 degree HFOV 16MP sharp 7 glass (4G+3MO) non-fisheye optics this lens captures the entire image sensor.


Model: LYX2.97
Image size: 1/2.3inch φ8mm
Focal length: 2.97mm5%
Aperture: 2.8mm5%
Designed for 1/2.3″ GoPro sensor.
Aperture: f2.8
FOV: 87 Horizontal
Weight: 5g
IR-Cut Filter: Yes
Posted by cuavlindy | Jan 28, 2018 @ 11:14 PM | 1,514 Views
CUAV Pixhack V3C Flight Controller with M8N GPS + LED Board + PPM Encoder + TF Card for Drone free shipping

Pixhack V3 is a new UAV control system, by cuav to build a new, can run Px4 and APM environment. Support includes: fixed wing, multi rotor (3-8 rotor), helicopter, VTOL VTOL UAV, unmanned vehicles, unmanned boat.
- Processor: 2
- Main processor: STM32F427 V3
- Coprocessor: STM32F1
- Support remote control signal: PPM/SBUS/DSM
- Power supply redundancy: Support 3 channels redundancy
- 6* 3 groups of IMU
- Support fixed wing/multirotor 3-8 axis/helicopter/car/boat
- Support PX4/APM software

- L3GD20 3-axis Accelerometer
- LS303D Accelerometer+Magnetic meter
- Ms5611 Barometer
- MPU600 gyroscope+ Accelerometer
- MPU9250 Accelerometer+gyroscope+Magnetic meter
- Ms5611 Barometer

- Weight: 70g
- Shell material: CNC aluminum alloy
- Size: 68*44*15
- Working temperature: -10~55 degree C
- PWM output IO: 13
- Mavlink seriel port: 2
- Support GPS:2
- Debug interface: 1
- I2C interface*2
- CAN interface*1
- Support smart battery
- HackLink : Support
- Built in shock proof

and M8N GPS, Now have big disount , come and buy here

Posted by CCxRC | Jan 28, 2018 @ 10:46 PM | 1,359 Views
SCX10 R/C Mud Truck Makes A Splash (2 min 33 sec)

The CCxRC Snakebite custom SCX10 R/C Mud Truck makes its first splash. My boys and I spent the past week digging a mud pit course in the backyard and keeping it soaked and soupy (yes...my wife is amazing). The 3S Venom Power to the brushless system in this truck was way more than enough to power through the sticky mud that had trapped my boys' boots moments earlier. .

Got some help driving from my 8-year-old son, Dino. He's the one who helped me build the custom truck. It was a fun bonding moment between the two of us.

Hope you enjoy the video.

Watch the longer version that explains more about the truck:
CCxRC SNAKEBITE Mud Truck First Run...MESSY FAIL!!! (9 min 18 sec)
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Posted by kydawg1 | Jan 28, 2018 @ 10:19 PM | 1,519 Views
No real change...still a couple functions that do not work well.

Overall a nice stable foldable quad, great for beginners.

I also added a new charge lead to the battery so I could charge with an alternative charger. Now I can get max flight time with a peaked battery.

Gearbest DM95 Visitor - REVIEW PART 2 (5 min 15 sec)

Posted by 1Ironhorse | Jan 28, 2018 @ 09:47 PM | 1,406 Views
As an Engineer, I am probably going way overboard (pun intended) with my design and documentation. However, this is part of my paying job, so it is second nature to me to do so.

Therefore, let us begin:


This report is to document the design and construction of a 1:12 scale model of the US NAVY Torpedo Patrol Boat PT-615. Since no commercially available parts are available for a model of this scale and design, I have engineered and produced all of the boat specific parts and components. Some components such as electric motors, batteries, lights, bearings, couplers, and hardware are purchased parts.


The design concept of this model was to create a 1:12 scale remotely controlled, accurately detailed model of a US NAVY 1945 PT103 series ELCO (Note 1) 80 Ft. Torpedo Patrol Boat. PT-615 was chosen as the prototype . Although PT-615 was not deployed during WWII, it was completed and put into active duty before the end of the war. It represents the last configuration of the ELCO 80’ PT-boat design. Note that the last boat completed by ELCO was PT-624 as the war had ended and the contract for PT’s from ELCO was cancelled.

As designed, the PT103 Series 80’ boats were equipped with Packard Marine engines of increasing horsepower, the first boats having engines with 1200 hp rating and the later boats 1500 hp each. The majority of the boats were equipped with the center engine having direct drive, and the two wing...Continue Reading
Posted by ydzf110 | Jan 28, 2018 @ 09:46 PM | 1,434 Views
Feather SX-220 is a light and durable frame made of Japanese 3K carbon fiber. It features an easily removable camera housing mount that allows the user to access the interior of the frame to preform basic maintenance on electronic components. The side panel camera mounts for your FPV camera can be adjusted from 10-60 degrees to allow for a camera angle that can suit both beginner and experienced pilots. The camera protection housing also works double duty and can be used as a 30 degree mount for you HD action cameras.

The interior arm nuts are pressed into the carbon fiber by using pressed nuts were able to achieve a simplistic design that looks nice and has a use. The screws for the arm placement can easily be removed and allow for very easy arm removal in the event that one might need to be changed. Feather SX-220 weighs in at 86.5 grams. This includes all bolts, nuts, standoffs and the sma glass fiber antenna mount. Such a light weight will help you shave off plenty of grams in your racing build.

Feather SX-220 frame is also our first quad to be backed with a one year warranty against defects and broken parts. Please have a look at our 1 year replacement warranty that protects you from broken carbon fiber that may occur to your quad within its first year of use.

The SX-220 ARF comes with the powerful Dragonfly Hurricane 2207 2500KV brushless motors which are specially designed for FPV racing. The reputable Omnibus F4 ensures you to fly with the best possible
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Posted by siriusflier | Jan 28, 2018 @ 08:54 PM | 1,693 Views
Banggood sent me this VTX for reveiw. It was ordered January10, 2018, shipped on January 11, 2018, and arrived on January 24, 2018. Decent shipping time. The box was only slightly damaged, no damage to the contents.

First Impressions

It comes in a nice little box with an antenna and wires for hooking it up protcted by white foam insert. The VTX has clear heat shrink around it. There is an LED display on the bottom and it has one button. The wire plugs are different from any I have used and would not plug into any camera I am using, in this case I used the Caddx Turbo Micro F1. I had to cut all of the wires and resolder them to different plugs. I was replacing the EWRF e708TM3 5.8G 48CH 25mW/200mW/600mW, and the plug for the VTXs are also different. It would be nice if all one had to do was unplug one VTX and plug in the other, but that would mean standardizing the plugs on VTXs. The VTX alone weighs about 8 grams, so with wires and the pagoda antenna I am using it probably added around 20 grams to the the quad. The ad on Banggood lists the measurements as 31 x 21 x 5 mm, but I measured it at 32.0 x 22.5 x 8.0 mm.
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Posted by kydawg1 | Jan 28, 2018 @ 07:47 PM | 1,482 Views
See my review video.... nice unit. Performs well, just wish for higher resolution recording.

Get it here:


Link to my video here:

FPV MODEL Dragonfly BATTLE DIVERSITY DVR (6 min 20 sec)

Posted by GS AutoTech | Jan 28, 2018 @ 07:00 PM | 1,268 Views
Just got word that my son can join the RC Club & AMA free if I join & sponsor him as a member.
He has had several really good beginner quad flights without incident. So I'm proud & excited.
I'm about to offer him the parts to build his own quad. I want him to learn the satisfaction you get from learning new skills & completing your own creation.
Posted by Fourtech | Jan 28, 2018 @ 06:46 PM | 1,150 Views
Wanna have some fun ? look up RCG in the urban dictionary.
Posted by thebbqguy | Jan 28, 2018 @ 06:37 PM | 1,021 Views
For the past 8 years I have wanted to learn to fly RC planes. 6 years ago I bought a Phoenix Simulator and tried to learn to fly RC helicopters, which proved to very difficult.

In September 2017 I attended a local RC airshow and rekindled the urge to learn.

I'm close to buying a UMX Radian to finally get the learning process underway.

2nd plane: eFlite Valiant 1.3

3rd plane: Hangar 9 Valiant 10cc
Posted by gregoryd | Jan 28, 2018 @ 06:27 PM | 1,115 Views
Been buying engines and fixing them up this one I just cleaned the outside cause I don't know how to work on 4 strokes