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Hello Everyone,

Nowadays,i buy a Feelworld 7" fpv monitors that built in battery and with DVR record function,but we do not know how to set DVR,is anyone use Feelworld fpv monitors before?
Pls help me.

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Watch "lets bridge/liftrc race x prototype/Drone/freestyle" on YouTube
lets bridge/liftrc race x prototype/Drone/freestyle (1 min 54 sec)

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Hello RC fans!

So I have been away from home doing some training and haven't been able to fly. I did however bring my transmitter with me so I could do a little sim work while I was away. Being a Mac guy means there are not a lot of choices for me when it comes to using an RC simulator. In fact the only choice is Aerofly 7. I don't want to put windows on my laptop because I already have a limited amount of space on my solid state drive. Anyways I thought I would give a little mini review on AF7 in hopes that it helps someone decide on whether it is worth it or not.

AeroFly 7 is no purchases directly from the App Store. This is pretty nice because you don't have to wait for a DVD/CD to be sent to your house and if you decide to upgrade you can do it over the internet. My first major gripe with this program is if you purchase the standard version for $39.99 plus tax it is 6.6 Gigabytes worth of data! It took a LONG time to download and I have a reasonably fast connection. If you were on DSL forget about it, just download it before you get to bed and when you get back home from work the next day it would be ready to instal. The reason the download is so big is because they send you EVERYTHING right off the bat. All the sceneries, all the aircraft, and all of the "special features." With the standard version though you only get 30 aircraft and 5 sceneries. Initially this was perfect for me because one of the included sceneries is Bennet Field, my local flying...Continue Reading
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Afternoon flight fix with my Tarantula X6
Tarantula X6 Afternoon Flight Fix (3 min 15 sec)

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Was having a blast with my Runner 250,till the darn tree got me
Walker Runner 250 Hits Trees (2 min 13 sec)

more props on order,multiple sets this time
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Some photos from this afternoon flying my Walkera Runner and Tarantula X6,had a great time till I came in to fast and caught some tree branches with the Runner and broke three props at least thats all that broke.X6 is unharmed,smooth uneventful flight I have some video of the fun and carnage to post shortly ...Continue Reading
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New York Drone Film Festival aims to win the public acceptance. The festival showcases the remarkable creative possibilities of aerial cinematography.
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What is the order of color plugs to be plugged into x8r transmitter? I can not find anything online. I have a abusemark rev6 breakout cable. Naze32 rev6 acro board.
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So in order to promote my channel, I've decided to run a little contest. The idea is simple. I've arranged 16 clips taken from videos where I fly 4 different quads. The winner is the one that matches the correct quad to each of the 16 clips. The prize? A new in bag Flyduino KissFC! Check the description of the video for more information!

I'm really happy with how this flight controller handles all my acro quads. They all run different configurations and needed just the minimum amount of tuning to fly smoothly. The feel of the FC is quite different than beta/cleanflight. It's smooth and locked in near center stick, but has a nice snappiness on more extreme movements. It also seems to know when you want to snap stop a roll or loop and does so smoothly. I really feel like this FC has the potential to kick my flying up a notch.

This means the contest isn't easy! It will require a bit of detective work and some careful observation. But it's about the only way to get one these days so maybe it's worth the effort!

Best of luck!
Four quads, one awesome FC. (5 min 5 sec)

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It took 30 + years to finish this plane but It's done and beautiful. This kit was given to me by John Bayshore Sr and John Jr.. I held on to this kit for about 25 years before I started building it. This was the plane that got me back into the hobby. I have got this plane back, it took me over 5 months and a small claims court case but I got it back. It is hard to figure people out and why they do what they do. It's sad that someone you thought was a friend turns into an enemy. Life is too short for negative people. I am looking to blue skies and good times....Continue Reading
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Howdy boys & girls

I got me another (small) car to have a look at for you And HBX again.. This time it's a 1/18th scale exo-cage buggy.. Quite nice looking (IMHO)

Here is a link to this car: HBX Ratchet Buggy

And let's first have a look what that all looks & feels like

DutchRC - HBX Ratchet - 1/18 Sand Buggy - Show & Tell :) - (From (11 min 16 sec)

Vehicle Length: 250mm
Vehicle Width: 143mm
Vehicle Height: 80mm
Diameter of tyre: 50mm
Width of tyre: 20mm
Battery: 650mah 2S lipo
Radio: 2.4Ghz trigger style (takes 2 AA's)
Run time: 25-35 minutes (according to the supplier)
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FMS Butterfly unboxing, flight video coming soon! Weather isnt cooperating for us!

FMS Butterfly RTF Airplane Unboxing (7 min 15 sec)

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So I bought a 6"Alien Frame and little bee 30A ESC's with a Naze 32 Acro Board. I soldered everything and flashed the board and am going through all the testing, when I pitch the acft with my transmitter in Cleanflight, motors 2 and 4 speed up? I would expect 1 and 4 to speed up. I have Double checked motor #'s and each is assigned Properly. 1 is 1 2 is 2 ect... for the quad to pitch forward wouldn't the 2 aft motors speed up? how do I configure these settings in Cleanflight?

your comments are Appreciated!!
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Airblade Assault Maiden (3 min 46 sec)

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A scratchbuilt Arduino controlled Mitsubishi Zero.
This will be a longer entry than usual, to explain what on earth i've done

This project had its beginnings around Christmas, when a bargain $9.95 (free P+P) clearance purchase arrived of an Aircore Zero airframe. It proved difficult to fly, with my own electronics in it, or the factory spec Aircore ones. Very twitchy and, not wishing to ruin it through lack of expo abilities on my DX5e, decided to make a beater version. It may have been cheap, but certainly doesn't look it.
Then - why not use the full expectations of crashing badly, to fly it with self written code using Arduino's ? - perhaps I could bring in expo code, what could go wrong ? lol

Wingspan - 22" KFm2
ZMR 1804 motor
10A speed control
5.5x4.5 propeller
2x 3.7g micro servo''s
Self made servo links, using fiberglass rods from a Dollar Tree kite
Arduino Nano's, 1 each in the aircraft and the TX
nRF24L01, 1 each in the aircraft and TX
Battery - 2S 260mAh lipo
Weight - 4.9oz (compared to 4.6oz of the Aircore)
Previously 4.3oz without elevator and nose/wing strengthenings.

The coding in fact went well, nuggets of info about the Arduino libraries most certainly helping to move the project along. Little things, like the servo library also applying to an ESC, or how the map function works. All of it most certainly furthering confidence and abilities with C++ too...and making more profits for coffee manufacturers into the early hours !
Flyoff code was an...Continue Reading
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Hey guys, I always liked rc cars and had some toy store types of rc. My mini inferno was the first type of rc that can be upgraded and I want to go with a brushless motor. So, I know I need a brushless motor and maybe a lipo battery, but do I need a ESC or maybe a new transmitter?
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In Dave Thornburg’s book about the history of aero modeling he tells a story about Duke Fox handing out Berkley model kits at a Nats and promising a new Fox .35 to the first person to finish building their kit.

I’d never be in line to win the engine from Fox.

The completed Aquastar weighs a portly 11.7 ounces. The advertised weight is 19 ounces, but that was in the day of heavier radios and a Norvel .061 atop the pylon. I’ll have to wait for warmer weather to say whether it will ROW.

Next up…a Prairie Bird followed by a Sig Kadet Senior.
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Hello everybody,
I'd like to introduce new sound locator is named DroneKeeper Mini.

Drone is not lost any more

Can save time finding a drone in the grass

Can use all kinds of drone

Sound is the surest way to find lost drones within close proximity area

  • DroneKeeper Mini is the stand-alone audible sound locator to find lost drones with internal battery.
  • Can work without any connection with built-in Motion sensor.
  • Can use all kinds of drone.
  • Support 2 in 1 function (Locator + Low voltage alarm)
  • High quality, performance and lightweight(6g)
  • Very easy to use, just mount on the drone
  • Can work regardless of main battery status
  • Possible to recognize the beep sound in a noisy downtown area within a 50~60meter radius.

  • Missing alarm will ring if there is no any movement of drone at Wireless mode
  • Missing alarm will ring if a receiver loses signal or power at Wired mode
  • Supports 2 kinds of user mode (Wireless mode, Wired mode)
  • Built-in Motion sensor for Wireless mode
  • Supports Low battery voltage alarm for external battery (main battery of drone) and can be changed from 3.2V to 3.6V by user
  • Supports Low battery voltage alarm for internal battery
  • Wide input voltage range from 5V to 17V (LiPo 2S to 4S)
  • Power switch off detection alarm at Wired mode only
  • Automatic internal battery charging when external power is connected
  • Can also charge the internal battery via the PC USB port using a provided micro USB module
  • Reverse voltage protection

...Continue Reading


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I guess this is a blog now.