Unique V912

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Hi chaps,
Thought you might be interested in seeing my 'one off' v912.
Done a few mods that have saved me s and could save you money too.
First, the landing skids, which break quite easily, especially in cold weather, on any type of hard landing. Just heat the 'legs' (using a lighter) be carefull not to melt them, and splay them outwards slightly. This gives them more 'spring' and IMO, looks better.
More later,
Take care,
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A windy day rip with the Tundra!

Hobbyking Durafly Tundra windy day flying! (4 min 36 sec)

Posted by scousethief | Jul 05, 2016 @ 02:16 PM | 13,134 Views
Some new motors from Racerstar for you favorite multicopter :P

1103-8000Kv 1cell for 100-120 class multirotor

1104-4000Kv for 100-120 class multirotor

1306-3100Kv 1-2cell for 150-180-200 class multirotor.

1804-2480Kv 1-3cell for 200 class multirotor.

1806-2280Kv 1-3cell for 200-250 class multirotor.

2204-2300Kv 2-3cell for 250-260-280 class multirotor

2205-2300Kv 2-4cell for 250-260-280 class multirotor

2206-2200Kv 2-4cell for 250-260-280 class multirotor

2403 -2300kv 2-4cell for 250-260-280 class multirotor

Further information in links provided....Continue Reading
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Check out the new SYMA X8HG with it's new 1080p Camera. The best option about this drone is it is compatible with GoPro Hero 3 Cams, and it has a new isolated gimbal mount. Much less jello in this video than previous hard mounted Syma cams. It has all the features you would expect: Headless Mode, Auto-Level, 3D flips, Beginner and Expert flight modes.

REVIEW and Flight Test for you guys. Some details and my opinion on what
is good and bad about the Soma X8HG.

I got this one from GearBest .

Drone Camps Rating: 4.5 Stars
-5 Star for brushed motors. Still great quad for the price!

Drone Camps PROS vs CONS:

- Affordable GoPro ready drone for $100
- Great looking new red shell!
- Cheap parts if you lose a motor or esc
- Perfect trainer drone for a beginner
- Syma is very moddable ( check the forums )
- Altitude Hold & Auto-Level
- 3D flips
- 1080p HD Camera with nice isolated camera mount.
- 8MP Photos!
- Decent video less jello in video than previous Syma models
- 8-10 Min flight time
- Headless mode ( for video pans )
- Full size transmitter
- Flies fast in Expert mode
- 2S 2000mah Battery
- Bright LEDs
- Charger included
- Good range
- Easy to fly
- Nice upgrade from previous SYMA quadcopters

- No Fpv
- Controller buttons not labeled
- Camera mount could be better. but improved from last models.
- Brushed motors kinda of weak.

Brand: Syma
Item No.: X8HG
Color: Red
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Gyro:...Continue Reading
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The first are Speedtreads Robber that have been on pavement once. The second ar dBoots Sidewinder which are good for an all around tire on and offroad. The dBoots have never been ran.

I will ship all 8 for $40
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Eachine E5C 2MP Camera, Headless mode and One Key Return


Everyone knows that i love new toys to throw at the other kids , Today a nice bloke in a DHL uniform tried to beat my door into submission, upon opening it he headlocked me and forced me to sign my name, well, a big X , and gave me a nice box to open. Inside was a very nice quadcopter in blue and black called the Eachine E5C.

Hidden amongst the goodies was a schnazzy pair of sun glasses just right for those topgun moments.

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My largest ESC is a 45A Turnigy Trust that I use in my Funcub. Most electronic speed controllers that I have used are enclosed in heat shrink tubing. The tubing protects the printed circuit board from conductive elements but it also prevents heat from escaping the circuit during operation.

The typical ESC is comprised of a small printed circuit board that is mounted on an aluminum heat sink. There's a lot of heat generated when the controller components are doing their thing, providing variable power to the brushless motor and the job of the heat sink is to dissipate that heat. Normally, a properly applied heat sink is exposed and residing in a stream of forced airflow so as to shed heat generated by the components mounted to the sink. I've always thought it counterproductive when I see shrink tubing tight around the heat sink on an ESC.

As a project, I'm moving my Funcub ESC to the tunnel under the battery holder to reduce clutter under the canopy and in the process, I have removed the tubing and taken steps to ensure the circuit board does not experience a short circuit as a result. I coated the board with an electrical insulating spray product. For further protection, I lightly glued a thin piece of insulating material to the PCB side of the ESC.

The modified ESC might have slightly decreased in height since the removal of the shrink tubing. It fits with no problem in the tunnel and should be cooled quite well from prop wash since the tunnel is open at the front and below the wing. I don't land on water and do not anticipate flying in the rain. Besides, I feel the circuit board is adequately insulated from any moisture that might enter the tunnel.
Stay tuned!
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Took out my Walkera Rodeo 150 and Eachine Falcon 250 out for some flying and fpv comparison,I know not really similar machines for sure but they are currently my fpv favorites.The Rodeo can certainly holds it's own for it's size ,also I like the camera better on the Rodeo 150 .The Falcon 250 clearly has more speed and would most likely smoke the Rodeo in a all out race..unless it was a tight small area,that's what I also like about the Rodeo,it's great in the small park that I flying in out back of my house.Don't get me wrong,I fly my Falcon here as well but truly is best taking it a larger field to open it up
Hot days,cool quadcopters,happy flying all
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Some pictures of my new Voodoo DLG (homemade model) :
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Boeing considers a larger 777X. The 777-10X model will hold about 450 seats in a standard configuration and it would still be a good deal. Maybe an Airbus A380 killer?
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This year I attended the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum & History of Flight Air Show held in Red Hook / Rhinebeck, New York, USA.

The Old Rhinebeck Museum has one of the largest collections of early aeroplanes in the world, as well as automobiles, motorcycles, early engines and memorabilia spanning the period from 1900-1939. The air shows run every weekend June through October, weather permitting.

Too many photos for one blog, so I decided to make it a 2 part blog:
Part I Museum Motorcycles, cars, engines & planes
Part II Air Show & cars

Before you see the pictures, see if you can answer this question
How did Charles Limburg see what was ahead of him in the Spirit of St. Louis?
I am still shaking my head in disbelief. The answer is at the end of the blog.

click on picture to view larger
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One of our club members has been stricken with cancer. Five us took time this weekend to build him a wheelchair ramp so he could come home between treatments. I was unable to do much myself as I'm currently fighting a screwed up back. My role was mostly moral support so I'm unable to take any credit for the work.

We thought it aproproate to support a guy that has supported the club through out the years.

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The 2016 "Crash In Fly In" at the Walter RC Park in Saranac Michigan. I had the honor to spend 3 days at the Walter RC Park... flying, camping and just enjoying the company of the other pilots. The weather was Great, a bit windy with the best day being Saturday. The day of flying was topped off with a Great Buffet that evening and a Fireworks show that rivaled some of the Big city ones. If you ever get in Central Michigan stop in and pay a visit to Dave Walter at the Walter RC Park.


CIFI 2016 (7 min 54 sec)

Jase Dusia cuttin up the sky at CIFI 2016 (1 min 11 sec)
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I don't want to make it seem like I'm cheaping out on this entry, but I'm going to let this short video clip speak for itself.

Keep in mind, I'm only pushing 25% of it's maximum output. It has tons of power.

FNRC Sneak Peek - The HCT-1800: Pre-flight Check. (0 min 55 sec)

Once the weather clears, a maiden is in order!


Be sure to watch for updates via Facebook & Instagram!
Let's not forget Twitter, and YouTube as well

Until next time!
To Be Continued...
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Here's my last attempt to make the 105 fly with an internal fan.
36" ws, 48" OAL, 90mm Freewing 6 bladed fan, 1850 Kv motor, 100 amp ESC, 9 gram servos, 54 oz AUW, 104 oz thrust, 86% efflux cone, Elmer's board, KFM-2 50%...Continue Reading
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  • I have a couple of diy micro-brushed fpv copter based on picnicquad frames and scisky32 with Betaflight. Thats how everything started in August 2015
  • Fanboy of
    • openTX
    • openLRS
    • mwosd on minimOSD
    • cheali-charger
    • 2G4 Video
    • cinemizer plus
  • I flown like 550 packs with the micros
  • I build two classic 210er race FPV Quads (until today ~500 3s 1500 packs)
  • FPV TekSumo with GPS and Naze32 (couple of times ~2km)
  • FPV Drifter Ultralight (couple of times ~2km)