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If you're fan of Tundra/Bush plane/STOL scale flying, you may be wondering about various tire/wheel sizing & weight. What follows is a summary of some of the tires that I've tested to date.

For context, here are the full scale Alaskan Bushwheel options and the corresponding scale measurements

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In today's "FRIDAY FLASHBACK" RC aerobatics legend Seth Arnold dials in a newly installed Aura 8 AFCS in George Valverde's gorgeous ESM Grumman F7F Tigercat at the Southeast Electric Flight Festival (SEFF) back in 2018 :
ESM F7F Tigercat - FRIDAY FLASHBACK! Seth Arnold dials in the Aura 8 AFCS; SEFF 2018 (5 min 58 sec)

Have a safe and happy Independence Day to all my Yank brethren !

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If you enjoy flying brushed whoops, then by all means grab one of these NewBeeDrone DSM Honey Pots before they're all gone. For $20 plus shipping you get everything needed to put together a complete DSMX/DSM2 BNF Whoop. You will receive a BeeBrain V2 Betaflight FC with 25mw vTX, and BeeEye camera, a Cockroach frame, a set of BDR Black Edition motors, and a set of Azi props. Just build, bind, set up Betaflight, and fly! No soldering required.

Here's a couple pics of my build. DVR footage coming soon.
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Flying the E-flite Twin Otter off of a paved runway in pre-Covid times...:
E-flite Twin Otter 1.2m BNF - Paved runway operations (8 min 51 sec)

What a sweet flying little twin !

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I'm honored to join friends Fitz, Lee and Terry on the RC Roundtable Live broadcast tomorrow at 7pm CST.

We will be discussing my 1/2A foamy conversions and other related topics. Join the conversation as we celebrate and promote 1/2A model aviation.
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Tomahawk PZL Wilga 35 is a full fiberglass kit, constructed in fiberglass and carbon fiber vacuum-sandwich technology with servo mounts molded in. I ordered the 3.7m wing version with all available accessory parts (scale tailwheel with shock, scale cockpit, lighting system and protective bags). Also picked up the additional components including GfK fuel tank, servo linkages, tow release and scale pilot.

Should be a nice, slow, STOL, all weather big fun plane to fly!

The design is fully scale and is highly detailed - all rivets, hinged panels, panel lines and corrugated sheets are molded in glass fiber technology. Even the slats along the entire length of the span are reproduced exactly as the original - super scale :-)

- wingspan 3.7M (12' 2")
- length 2.7M (8' 10")
- weight (~45 lbs)
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In this, the first of several "FRIDAY FLASHBACKS" on my YouTube channel, I'm featuring videos that for whatever reason, never got uploaded. Sometimes they're long forgotten on some crowded hard drive, and sometimes life just gets in the way...

With some free time as of late, I've gone through several storage drives, and have found some REAL GEMS !

First up is a rarely seen, gorgeous model of a de Havilland D.H.86 Express by master modeler Dan Johnson :
de Havilland DH-86 Express by Dan Johnson - FRIDAY FLASHBACK! St George Utah, 2016 (5 min 8 sec)

Please enjoy watching this beauty cruise gracefully over St. George Utah during the 2016 St. George Electric Festival !

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I really like this Freewing Su-35, and completely understand now it's popularity among EDF Flyers. here are some shots of mine...and have now passed the 100th flight barrier with EDF powered model aircraft.

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Flying the UMX Turbo Timber at historic Barstow High School prior to the official arrival of the Covid...
E-flite UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic - Fast Times at Barstow High (9 min 1 sec)

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The remote USB port deiced to let go on my Mavic 2 remote.
In this video I walk though repairing the RC by stripping it and soldering the port back on

DJI Mavic 2 Remote USB Repair - How To (17 min 14 sec)

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A few months ago someone sent me two FMS 50mm 11 blade edf motors with housing and fans. Don’t know who sent them, just someone named Lucy, no company name on the return address. I gave one to a friend and decided to keep the other in case I wanted to try building/flying a jet. I looked around for jet kits that came without motors, and Pocupine RC had several to choose from, but since about the time the pandemic started, all of their planes are listed as out of stock. Multiple searches left me with only one option – the Value Hobby Zeta Dolphin – a 55mm edf jet kit for $45US. There are 50mm edf kits at Aliexpress but shipping starts at $60 and goes up over $100.

The first kit I bought from Value Hobby was the 550mm F4U Corsair. After around 30 hours of work, I have it flying well, even after breaking the fuselage in a crash. I have a Value Hobby 550mm P40 kit I built and a Dynam 900mm Spitfire that I have not successfully flown yet, but the wind has been so bad for the last few weeks I have only flown twice. I needed something to work on. So since I have the edf, servos, an rx, and batteries I could use with the Zeta Dolphin, I ordered a 40amp esc from Banggood USA warehouse a few days ago. Then last weekend I got ready to order the Dolphin, but when I saw the $39.36 shipping charge, I balked. On June 16, 2020, with the wind still blowing at 20mph, I decided to bite the bullet and pay the high...Continue Reading
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Brent Hecht's classic old SIG Kadet powered by an old O.S. FS-52 out a Rabbit dry lake :
SIG Kadet LT-40 with O.S. FS-52 4 stroke engine - Is this the BEST RC trainer of all time? (3 min 19 sec)

I was given this plane by a local hobby shop who in turn was given it by a widow who had no idea what to do with it. I gave it to Brent who then recovered the fuse (it was in pretty bad shape), but kept the original skin on the wing and tail surfaces as it really tells the story of the plane, with the original SIG markings on the tail, and the mHz frequency on the main wing!

Question: is the SIG Kadet the greatest RC trainer of all time

Let me know what you think...
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I decided to do a build log for the rebuild of my JW48UL.
The original build can be found here.
It's an ultralight kit that I built out to 16oz with colored tape and only a few pieces of strapping tape.
It flew pretty well but we rarely get light enough wind at Weldon so I thought I would make it stronger and hopefully keep it's aerobatic abilities.

JW48UL kit from
Standard single top spar .240" carbon with thin walled aluminum joiner.
Bottom spar is one piece of .080 carbon rod.
Sub-TE spar is 1x6mm flat carbon from Aloft Hobbies.
The fuse gets 4 longerons of .080" FG.
MKS 6100 servos
Lemon rec'r (gyro optional)
4 cell AAA Eneloop battery in nose.
bagged balsa fin
gooped fuse.
Two layers of 3" bidi strapping tape.
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Scratch built Crossbow model airplane.

Motorized version of the Crossbow slope glider , with simplified fuselage , and a KFM4 wing (symmetric top and bottom steps) , 36" wingspan. Dollar Tree Foam covered with doculam, aka "the new stuff".

2204 brushless motor , 25g , 2300 RPM/V . Four Stick motor mount.

5x4.5 propeller 10A ESC, 3S

800 mAh LiPo battery,

2x 9g servos

motor and prop were salvaged from a donated drone "corpse".

original Crossbow thread :

Crossbow - Movie (2 min 48 sec)

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Now I'm making micro RC plane "Sopwith Camel" more tiny than a Gillow's one, wing span 380mm, 15 inches.
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Here's another Whoop build. Can never have too many Whoops! This one is a bit of a Franken Whoop. It has a Blade Inductrix FPV Plus flight controller, and camera combo mounted in a NewBeeDrone Cockroach frame and Goober canopy. Props are NBD Azi, and motors are Tiny Whoop Special Sauce.

This little Whoop is an excellent flier, and has become one of my go to Whoops for buzzing around the house and ripping around the backyard. Here's a few pics. Video, and DVR footage coming soon.

EDIT 6/23/2020 FPV Maiden Flight

BumbleWhoopDuctrix Franken Whoop Build FPV Maiden (1 min 22 sec)

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Last fall I was able to meet and spend some time with RC legend Brian O'Meara while he was at the Las Vegas Warbird and Classics Scale Event. He was flying many of his giant-scale beauties, including this outstanding and rarely modeled Republic F-84F Thunderstreak. This was made from a Phantasy in Blue kit imported from Holland and is powered by a JetCat 200 turbine engine.

Unfortunately, she experienced a flameout and with his longtime crewchief and spotter Wayne coaching along the way, Brian calmly and successfully brought his model in for a perfect deadstick landing !
Republic F-84G Thunderstreak by Brian O'Meara - FLAMEOUT! (Deadstick Landing) (5 min 41 sec)

What a treat to watch an experienced pilot and spotter bring in a stricken ship...!

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Well, I am closing in on my 100th flight with EDF type model aircraft. Never thought I would get the hang of it, but I have become confident enough now that I would allow the rating to be awarded if that sort of thing took place in model aviation. Be kinda cool if it did. Guess it would be a bit of a nightmare for the AMA to track, but it could be done at the club level, without to much difficulty. This barrier was a little tougher for me than the tail dragger one. But they don't move quite as fast, and you have a bit more time to make decisions and fly the airplane. I actually flew a Spitfire the other day, and that was the first propeller driven model I had flown in over 6 months. This EDF Challenge thing started after I destroyed a Freewing MiG-21, by getting very slow with full flaps during my turn to final. It was a little windy, I traveled well past where I should have been and selected full flaps well before I should have. In a descending right turn, well behind on the power and speed I could not recover what I needed, traveled to far, lost sight of the airplane below the horizon and caught the top of the farmers fence for the grazing pasture, You have to see our field to get a better idea, but if I had been a foot higher, I might have cleared the fence. Not long after that I crashed a Freewing Su-35 in a landing accident where once again, I was not carrying enough power or speed. It was my second flight of the airplane, but my first landing. Not really what I...Continue Reading